10 Secrets to Beat Depression

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When you are depressed, the last thing you need is to have in front of you a list of expectations of different natures. Don’t force to fulfill those expectations! The only thing you must respect is the first point. After that, you may experience the others taking into consideration the way you feel and their nature.

1. Get into action and accept help!

Look for books on the internet, learn about the symptoms, and find out what you are dealing with. A lot of sites and even books have tests to find out if you have certain problems. Don’t hazard to cure yourself alone, sometimes it takes a lot of years with certain medication, counseling, and practicing many other methods. You don’t have to feel ashamed with your problem, but you shouldn’t also let it untreated.

2. Concentrate!

Usually, feelings of despair and lack of help dominate the life of a depressive person. Try the opposite, an attitude full of hope – it is compulsory, because everything is produced at a mental level. You shouldn’t let your mind worry and you shouldn’t fear anything.

Another way is to talk with yourself, saying good things about you (even if they are not always true). Focus your attention to positive things, preferably less material ones.

3. Be friendly!

If you are friendly and sociable, your moral will be incredibly raised. Avoid being alone. Depression evolves more during solitude. You will not feel sorry later on for trying even if you feel the need to be isolated.

4. Smile!

Find a way to smile, to be amused (humor sites, funny films, comedies, comic books, etc.), and if you can enjoy them laughing with your friends, it is even better. Be a clown sometimes, because it is better to make people laugh instead of making them cry. Find your weak spot, meaning the thing that makes you laugh and use it as much as you can.

5. Keep the pace!

Music makes you lose control of your legs and make you vibrate. It makes you want to sing. Singing and dancing send signals to your brain that you are happy. So, let these impulses free, do not block them, they represent something positive in your life.

6. Try to be busy all the time!

Get involved in every-day activities, more or less important, from volunteering (that helps you keep your mind away from your problems), to small things that you can do at home.

7. Go on “physical”

Besides the physical exercises, physical contact is of the same importance. The body needs movement to be healthy, and walking is one of the easiest exercises. Walking is followed by walking the dog and relaxation in nature. As well as physical exercise, physical closeness also has curing properties. When you feel depressed, hug someone because this reduces stress and tension.

8. Listen to the silence!

Talk to God if you believe in him, and if you aren’t a believer, meditate, listen to the silence and free yourself, throw away all the negative thoughts when you feel they are near. 9. Get

9. Forgiveness – but also give forgiveness!

A lot of psychiatrists say that depression is a feeling of blame or anger which come back to you. When you are upset on yourself or someone else for a thing you or that person committed in the past, and you don’t let forgiveness dominate you, than depression will dominate you. Forgiveness takes a lot of time, but it is a very important step for healing. 10.

10. Be grateful!

Be grateful because you exist, be grateful for what you have, for what you can do, and for everything that nature has given you! This either means a thanking prayer to God or to you. And remember that depression is not fatal and it doesn’t last forever! So hope, get into action and don’t wait any longer!

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