13 Ways Of Safe Sex With Lots Of Partners


There are other ways of practicing safe sex – ones that don’t include monogamy, chastity, or getting married. This article will give you 13 tips that will increase your sex life without increasing your risk of STDs. Let’s face it – condoms are the best thing going, but they still suck – and they don’t 100% guarantee you won’t get an STD.

The main goal of having sex is to achieve an orgasm, and there are plenty of ways to do that without exposing yourself to STDs. So if you are interested in getting more without getting herpes, then read on & get ready to play.

#1 – The Hand Job

Remember those? Back when you were a kid, they were the hottest things going. They are still pretty damn good, and come with a lot of advantages. First, they can be done anywhere – car, bed, couch, desk, etc. Second, they can be done with or without lube. Third, she can be as creative as she wants and the end result is always the same – you come!

#2 – Dry Humping

Back when you were just learning how to use your parts, the dry hump was a pleasing way to pass time. Now that you are older and know where the ‘active’ parts are located, you can dry hump your way to orgasm far more effectively. Now this may sound like a poor substitute for the real thing but it can be very erotic in public places.

#3 – Fingering

The finger for her is what the hand job is for you. Unless you have a cut on your finger, the odds are you won’t contract anything from this type of contact. Just make sure you wash your hands after. Plus, you can also rub over her thong, which will also work for her.

#4 – Mutual Masturbation

This is great when you don’t have condoms and aren’t sure what the deal is. Sit across from each other and masturbate. Repeat as needed. Feel free to kiss and grope while repeating.

#5 – The Tit Fuck

Obviously this will be more enjoyable for her than it is for you, but she can always use her hands to masturbate while you make love to her breasts. Currently, breasts do not transmit STDs, so you are good to go.

#6 – Oral Sex

Yes, oral sex can be done with out condoms, but it is pretty risky. Some STDs (including AIDS) can be transmitted though oral sex, although the likelihood is lower. If you are going down on her, you can focus on the vulva and clitoris, minimizing your exposure. There are dams you can buy which are used to prevent transmission of disease. For you, the odds are she will have to use a condom to guarantee your (and her) safety. To make it more fun for her, buy some flavored condoms – mint is supposed to be a good choice.

#7 – Sex Toys

There are lots of great sex toys for boys and girls that are safe to use. Vibrators, mini-eggs, and dildos – the list goes on and on. They are even great toys for boys, many which can be used by her to get you off in a hurry.

#8 – Internet Sex

You can now by body suits that can be activated remotely by your partner. These are great if you are away from home, and you can get your partner off with some dirty talk and a few right clicks.

#9 – Vibrating Panties

These may not work for you, but they are great for her. She can have unlimited orgasms and you get to control the action with a tiny remote. No muss, no fuss, no herpes!

#10 – Phone Sex

Although it might sound lame, it works for millions. Try it out by calling your girlfriend late at night, and then start off talking sexy and quickly move to dirty. Get her to touch herself, strip, and then enjoy some mutual masturbation. It will sound and feel terrific.

#11 – Real Dolls

Sex dolls have been around for years, but they have come close to perfection with the new real dolls on the market today. Rumor has it there is a waiting list to get one of the good ones, unless you want to buy used! The dolls can become your new best friend, and they can be made to order, even made to look like someone you know. Whatever turns you on! Plus, they are 100% guaranteed to be disease free, just make sure you hose them down once in awhile.

#12 – Web Cam Sex Shows

Hook up online! There are lots of great voyeur-type sites out there, that allow for consenting adults to view and chat to each other online. It beats just talking, as now you can bring your eyes into the action. This does not have to be anonymous, as your girlfriend will enjoy giving you a show of her own. Great when you are in a long distance relationship, or you just like the whole voyeur angle.

#13 – Get Tested Then Get Laid!

Having a ‘flesh-to-flesh’ relationship is the best kind, but how can you be sure it’s the right time to throw away the plastics? First, don’t be shy bout asking her to get tested. It’s a pretty common request these days. Second, use your eyes! Herpes, genital warts, syphilis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia all have visual symptoms. Only a blood test will make things 100%, but if you can see it, then don’t go there. Third, most STDs will show up after 3 months (even HIV), so that should be your timeline before you go ‘bare’. Of course this limits the number of ladies you can focus on down to one, but if she is worth then 3 months isn’t that long to wait.

Final Thoughts

Hooking up at a club can be great fun, even if you don’t want to go the distance. So work your way through the first 12 steps and then decide if she is worth the two of you going in for some mutual lab tests. If not, then keep at it and use your imagination. Remember – your main goal is to get off, and the worse case scenario is you slap on a rubber. Either way you win!

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