14 Ways To Make Love On Valentine’s Day

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Are you getting tired of the same old routine? Do you want to make this Valentine’s a day to remember? If you answered yes to these two questions, then this article is for you. We are going to look at 14 different ways and scenarios that you can use to make this Valentine’s Day something truly unique.

You may not get through all 14 in one day, but if you do then you are one lucky guy. But even if you don’t, you will have a lot of fun trying and she will appreciate the effort. So keep reading and drink lots of fluids, because the V-day is the new D-day and it’s just around the corner.

1) Wake-Up Call

We all know that guys wake up with hard-ons, but what about the ladies? This year, turn off the alarm clock and instead wake her up with your tongue. Sounds like a damn good way to wake up every morning, and sure beats the annoying buzzer that comes standard with every clock radio.

2) Bathing For Two

Shower sex is so much fun, and it’s even better when there is someone in the shower with you. Get in there and wash her whole body, not just her breasts! Wash her hair, feet, arms – everything. And when you are done, make love to her from behind. Just make sure you angle the shower jet away, so the water doesn’t drown one of you.

3) Breakfast On The Body

Syrup, whipped cream, and fruit. One of you can become a healthy snack for the other. Eating food off each other saves time, as you get fed and laid simultaneously. Try to avoid hot, greasy foods like bacon and coffee. And the kitchen table makes for a nice flat surface – just make sure you move the plates out of the way.

4) Driving While Driving

Remember car sex? It was great when you were a teen, and it is still great as an adult. The easiest thing is for her to give you a blowjob, but the truly creative can mange to screw and drive at the same time. Just make sure you can see the road and that you put the seat back. Remember, she can always face forward and work the wheel, while you take care of the pedals.

5) Work Sex

When you get to work, you can always have one last go in the parking lot. Or look for an empty office or stairwell, but beware of security cameras! You can also crawl under her desk and give her the kind of licking she has always wanted at work.

6) Phone Sex

Have you ever tried it? It can be pretty damn cool, especially if she does whatever you tell her to do and vice versa. If you can actually hear here having an orgasm, then you will know you did right.

7) Web Cams

If you need more than just her voice, give her a web cam in the morning and then use them for a little visual stimulation at lunchtime. For extra fun, include a vibrator with hers and then you can get her to give you your own private show.

8) Lunch Or Munch?

Lunch needs to involve some serious sex. Rent a hotel room that is close enough for the two of you to get to quickly, and then go at it like rabbits from the moment she walks in the door. Try and make love to her 3-4 times in the 45 minutes you have – use Viagra! Just make sure she heads back to work on wobbly legs.

9) The Ride Home

Before you head home, head to a bar and have a drink and a hand job. Get into a smoky crowded room, and then you get each other off in a booth at the back. Hey, you’re just two kids in love! Or is it lust? No one will notice, just keep the screaming to a minimum.

10) The House

Once you are back inside the house, you need to start mixing things up. Maybe she likes anal sex, maybe she doesn’t – but at this point you might need a new orifice to keep things fresh.

11) Vibrators, Vibrators, And More Vibrators!

Before dinner, you may want to take a breather; so let the vibrators do the work for you. The more the merrier, but 3 should suffice. Don’t just jam them in like a madman, but use them strategically to achieve maximum pleasure.

12) Dinner For Three

If you ever wanted to have a ménage a trios, then this would be the time to do it. Better yet, hire a girl to be covered in food and then you can eat the meal off her body, then the three of you can combine with each other for dessert.

13) Dessert

Jell-O bath, anyone? It’s slippery, cool, and will enhance the experience. Plus, it’s less filling then whipped cream and chocolate, so you don’t have to count the calories.

14) The Bedroom – Finally!

Okay. If you are still alive, then now you are going to need some kinky shit in order to achieve another erection. A little Valentine’s Day bondage never hurt anyone, and she will be to tired to fight back when you break out the whips. Make sure you cloak her in leather, and be rough, just not too rough.

The End

At the end of it all, you will have made love to her in some new, wild ways, and you will both have a lot of cool memories that will last for a long time. It sure beats the traditional dinner and movie that most of us indulge in this time of year, and you might stumble across a few new tricks to keep things fresh the other 364 days of the years. And if you managed to go all 14 rounds, then you deserve a nap.

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