40 Orgasms in 40 Days!

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If you have ever wondered what every women wants, wonder no more. 40 orgasms in 40 days may sound like madness, but it is attainable. Why do it? Well, creativity is the greatest thing for your sex life, and no two orgasms are ever exactly the same. If you can combine that creativity with a challenge, you and your partner will both come out winners. So be prepared to have your first (and hopefully not the last) sex-a-thon!

The set-up

First things first, you need a plan of attack. One – don’t cheat. Do not try to have more than one orgasm in a 24 hour period – anyone can do that. One quality orgasm per day is what you are trying to achieve, so don’t over do it – no matter how horny you both are. Two – make sure she understands the rules, and why you are doing this. In fact, tell her that it is an early Christmas gift. Three – be creative, but be flexible. Four – get lots of rest because you might need the extra energy. Five – save the traditional, usual ways you have sex/get each other off for days when you don’t have the energy or will power to come up with something new. Think of those methods as your chance square in Yahtzee. And when she is on her period, don’t stop! Women can still be sexually active during this period, and most are more than willing to make it work.

It begins…

Morning Sex

1. Wake her up with your tongue. She won’t know what is happening until she comes, which will be right about when she wakes up.

2. Use your manhood! Most men wake up with a massive hard on, since the blood normally needed to run our brains has flowed south of the border.

3. In the shower – why not surprise her by joining her in the shower for some fun before a hard day of work; now is the time to test out those standing sex positions!

4. In the shower #2 – why not wash her body from head to toe? Make sure you spend extra time on her pink parts!

5. After the shower – hey, neither one of you will be cleaner – nor wetter – than you are right now. And nothing dries off people better than the human tongue!

6. Dressing – doesn’t she look sexy in her underwear? Rip it off, have sex, and then she can get ready all over again.

7. Breakfast can be sexy! Get down on your knees while she is reading the paper, remove panties, and enjoy!

8. Breakfast in bed – think of a creative way to bring in the donuts (wink-wink).

9. At the door – just as she is about to leave – drag her back in and make love against the front door. Her anger at being late for work will only enhance her pleasure.

Afternoon Delight

10. Show up unexpectedly at her office for a private meeting, close the door and begin. Start to finish – 30 minutes max.

11. Stairwells can be used for more than walking. The higher up you are, the less likely you will be interrupted.

12. Cubicle sex? Try getting under her desk and under her skirt. To add some kink, have her call her boss during the event.

13. Desk sex – you have seen it in the movies, so try it yourself.

14. Against the window – add the element of fear and public exposure, which will only take things up a notch.

15. The boardroom – an empty boardroom can be put to good use during lunch hour, just make sure there aren’t any scheduling conflicts.

16. Elevator – you can either stop it between floors, or use your hands in a crowd. Just keep the moaning to a minimum, and beware of security cameras.

17. Hotels – there are lots of hotels that get afternoon/lunch hour visitors, so check out a place near your office.

18. The car can be used for a quickie, just make sure you are parked in a secluded part of the lot.

Evening Romance (20)

19. In front of the fire. Get her naked, turn off the lights, and sprawl in front of a big roaring fire.

20. Table ender – a friendly way to clear the table after dinner.

21. Christen every room in the house at least once.

22. Hide & Sex – if you find her, she gives you a blowjob. Take turns.

23. The bathtub – candles, hot water, suds & sex – need we say more?

24. Naked Twister – always a classic.

25. Strip poker – forget Texas Hold Em’ – this is way more fun.

26. Strip anything – dig games out of the game cupboard and be inventive.

27. Dinner – serve food on her, and then eat it off. Guess what’s for dessert?

28. Oil – plastic wrap a room, pour oil, and run around naked. Once you are nice and oily, make love.

29. The ties that bind – tie her up, and then slowly make love to her.

30. Master and Slave – take turns, make sure she does exactly what you tell her to do.

Secret or Illicit Sex

31. While viewing a house – ask the realtor for a few minutes to think things over.

32. While test driving a car, motor home or boat – have fun, without spending thousands.

33. During a dinner party at your in-laws house.

34. Museum sex – sneaky!

35. In the bushes at any park or Zoo. Watch out for leaves of three!

36. Roof tops – great view, exhilarating sex. Try it with one of you sitting on the edge, but do be extra careful.

37. Public Washrooms – great for indoor action, especially if you are forced to be quiet.


38. Vibrators – you can tease orgasms out of your partner with ease, often without burning out the batteries.

39. Vibrating panties – yes, they are as fun as they sound. The remote control feature means you can ‘zap’ her form a distance. You will notice she has come when her knees buckle.

40. Vibrating appliances – feel free to press her up against anything that vibrates, just make sure you are loving her while doing it. Getting her motor running with the aid of a washing machine spin cycle can be very exciting.

It ends… for now!

After your forty days are up, you should both be ready for more action. Trying out new ideas will keep things fresh in the bedroom, and give you lots of sexy memories.

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