5 Classical Positions for Anal Sex

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Those who have never tried anal sex until now and want to add something new in their sex life should forget about their prejudices.

Anal sex is neither painful, nor “dirty” like some people believe. Besides, it can be very pleasant in the case when everything is performed correctly and when you get ready for this new sexual experience.

Exploring your own body and a visit to the sex shop will help you relax during the anal contact, to make your anus prepared with the penetration and to make sure that anal sex is pleasant. After you learn to enjoy anal stimulation with the help of sex toys, you will definitely find anal sex in the company of a partner a very pleasant thing! And you will be eager to experience all sorts of fantasies.

Anal sex is an area open for experiments. Try different erotic positions and anal toys. Most of the ones who have never tried anal sex wrongly believe that there aren’t many positions in which one can experience pleasure. In fact, anal sex, like the vaginal one, requires a lot of imagination. Otherwise, if it not varied, it can turn into routine. You should try at least a few different positions to realize which one you like and which gives you the maximum amount of pleasure.

We cannot mention here all the possible positions. You may make love sitting, standing, or even hanging in the air. The most important thing is that you must discover the positions that you like best and those who give your partner a maximum amount of pleasure. As an example, we offer you five classical positions in which you can practice anal sex.

Generally, the man penetrates, but the woman can also be the “active” one with the help of a harness with a dildo attached to it.

The active partner on top

The receiving partner is lying on the stomach, and the active partner stands on top of her/him. Some persons believe that this position is not very comfortable and that the penis does not conduct a deep penetration. Still, this position helps avoiding some lesions and some painful sensations if the penis of the active partner is very long and thick.


Both partners sit next to each other. This position is very good because it doesn’t limit the active partner and it allows him/her to caress the partner with the hands and lips.

The rear entry

This position doesn’t limit the active partner, but the most exciting thing is that the active partner can watch the entire action.

The active partner below

The active partner is lying on the back while the receiving partner is on top (usually face to face). In this case the partner who is being penetrated is no longer “receiving”; he/she must make an effort to receive pleasure and to give pleasure to the partner

Legs on the shoulders

The receiving partner is lying on the back with the legs raised on the active partner’s shoulders. This is one of the best positions: it makes the active partner feel powerful and confident, he/she can see the partner’s face, can control the partner’s reactions, can caress the erogenous zones of the partner (if the receiving partner is a woman, the active partner can stimulate her vagina with a erotic toy). This position allows the deepest penetration possible.

Advice for the receiving partner

Helping the active partner reach orgasm

While you enjoy anal sex, don’t forget that the active partner wants to reach orgasm. Stimulate her or his erogenous areas. If the active partner is a woman, caress her nipples or her clitoris, and if the active partner is a man, you can stimulate his penis and his scrotum. Dare to experiment!

Contracting the anus

If you are the passive partner, you must know that some men like feeling contractions and you can give a great pleasure to your partner by contracting your anus. Other partners, on the contrary, adore a minimum amount of pressure, and in this case the passive partner should relax the anus and allow the partner a deep penetration.

Don’t hide your feelings

Don’t feel ashamed to express your feelings while you are making love, you must always feel free. Your face expression, your gestures, the moans, and even the screams cannot destroy the pleasure. If you love your partner, do not hesitate to talk about your feelings. He/she will want to know that you are feeling good when you are together!

Be active!

You must know that if you are in the role of the passive partner, it doesn’t mean that you must be completely passive. Help your lover, pay attention to the penis, caress the erogenous zones, help your partner give you pleasure. Women can have double pleasure if they stimulate their vaginas with the help of a sex toy. You will discover that anal sex is exciting!

You must keep in mind the fact that anal sex is more varied than you may think. There are a lot of methods through which anal stimulation can be performed, one of those being the stimulation with anal toys. So, diversify your sensations!

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