5 Signs That You Fit In Bed

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Most of us are very curious of how we would fit between the sheets with the girl we have just met, even before we kiss her. Even after a while of being involved in a relationship, we start to wonder if the one we share our bed with really matches with us in what sexuality is concerned. Do we want different things in bed? How can you tell if you match or not your partner?

You complete on the verbal level

If you have the feeling that you complete each other during each conversation and if it seems to you that you generally are on the same line, than you can be sure that it will be the same in bed. Besides, inside sheets or outside them the most important thing is communication. And if you have already passed this possible test, you are clearly on the right way.

Total trust

If you feel that you can tell your partner things that not even your best friend or your mother doesn’t know, it means that you fully trust her. Trust is very important for the sexual life and it is much easier to express your wishes and your fantasies in an open way when you trust your partner. If you trust her, you will also open very easily in front of her.

Vertical or horizontal dance

If you are good at dancing together, without too many steps on the feet and too many problems of “who leads who”, you will probably coordinate the same when it comes to sex. One of the major problems inside a couple is which of the two dominates the relationship. The same problem appears during the dance as well: the two partners must learn to dominate and to let themselves be dominated, to lead and to let themselves led. Once the roles are assumed during a dance, there will be no such problems with the sexual life.

Fatal physical attraction

If you feel that you are physically attracted to her, this thing will be felt between the sheets too. If she is also physically attracted to you, you will feel this in the way she looks at you, in the way she compliments you, as well as in the way she needs to touch or kiss you.

The physical attraction will make your sex life be more fresh, making you to want more and more one another.

Intellectual seduction

If you feel that the most plain and lacking sexual suggestions or connotations talk can fill you with desire and can make you hotter than any feminine striptease show, than it is clear how attracted you are to her.

If you feel the same emotional commitment from her and if you notice that the most shallow talk makes you want to rip off your clothes, it is very clear on what peaks your sexual relationship will go.

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