7 Signs She Will Be a Hot Lover in Bed

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Have you ever been checking out a girl while wondering whether she’d be as good in bed as you’ve been imagining? Picking out girls that would make hot lovers isn’t always as easy as it looks. Girls who dress in skimpy clothes aren’t necessarily going to be the best lovers you’ve ever had, so you’ve got to be careful when you’re trying to find a girl to have “intense” sex with.

In order to make your task easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 signs that indicate she will be a hot lover in bed.

7. She’s a fantastic kisser.

The softness of her lips and the way her tongue moves inside your mouth is always a good indicator of how she’ll behave in bed. Beware of those girls that only offer a closed-mouth, tight-lipped kiss! Of course, a sloppy aggressive kiss doesn’t indicate she’ll be a good lover either, so it’s up to you to be able to determine what a good kiss is in the first place. It should be passionate and sensual while making use of the lips, not just the tongue.

Of course, this clue requires you to be well enough acquainted with the girl you are interested in. And if you are already at that stage in getting to know each other, you may just want to keep at it to see if you can reach home plate. Perhaps having sex with an unexciting lover is better than no lover at all?

6. She’s into body art.

This is another excellent clue that she coule be a hot lover who is into kinky, uninhibited sex. Tattoos and piercings located in geographically interesting places on her body may be a pretty big clue that she might be into more than just the missionary position. In fact, piercings and tattoos on a woman’s body often indicate that she’s the fearless sort who is eager to take charge, or conquer a challenge.

Need more concrete evidence of this? Here’s an example: Angelina Jolie, recently voted the World’s Sexiest Woman, sports several tattoos, and you just know that she’s really kinky in bed. So, when you come across a girl who says she has tattoos or piercings, and you can’t see them just by looking at her, chances are you’re probably in for a kink-fest in bed — and you’ll be presented with the opportunity to search her every nook and crannie for the tiny treasures that are her body art.

5. Her ex-boyfriends rave about her and make puppy-dog eyes around her.

If you are interested in a girl and want to find out some real information on her and what she’s like in the sack, you should start talking to her ex-boyfriends. Unless her exes are jaded stalker-types, you will probably be able to get some valuable information from them.

And, if you don’t know them, but she is still friends with some of them, just watch how her ex-boyfriends behave around her. Are they still falling all over themselves to impress her, get close to her or touch her? Well, that’s a pretty good sign that their infatuation over her hasn’t gone away, and one thing that men tend to remember most about past relationships is how good she was in bed!

4. Other women think she’s hot!

This is always a good sign. When you are checking out a girl and notice that other women around you are also checking her out, then it’s a sure thing that she’s a hot commodity and will likely be a dynamo in bed. After all, women have a keen eye for beauty and competition, so they will certainly notice any attractive women, whether they’ll admit to it or not.

3. She makes unprompted physical contact with you.

So, let’s say you’re at a party and the girl you’ve been undressing with your eyes is there, alone. You go over to talk to her and in addition to being very interested in everything you are saying, she’s also making significant bodily contact with you. For example, she’s playfully punching you in the arm when you make a joke, or when a friend of hers comes over to say hi, she puts her arm around your waist and introduces you as her new friend.

Not only is this girl interested, she’s displaying a playful and aggressive side to her that could reveal that she is a fun and exciting bedmate. She’s shown that she likes to let men know when she’s interested in them. Chances are pretty good that she will have no problem showing agression and expressing herself in the sack as well.

2. She stares at your body when you are talking to her.

There’s this myth that women don’t pay as much attention to physical appearances as men do. While this may be true in some cases, there are just as many instances of girls who want to have sex with a hot guy as there are guys who want to have sex with a hot girl. So, if you catch her checking you out at the gym, or she’s been staring at your rear/pecs/arms while you are talking to her, it’s a good clue that she’s interested and that she wouldn’t mind seeing you naked. And when a woman actually wants you to get naked, get ready for a good time. She’ll be ready to explore every part of your body and will pounce on top of you in the bedroom so that she can watch your face as she brings you pleasure.

1. You’ve seen her at the gym and is she ever flexible!

You know the kind of girl I’m talking about. She’s always wearing tight tank tops to the gym to compliment her tight capri-style sweats. And, after she’s done her cardio on the track or treadmill, she takes some time to stretch on a mat. At first, you may just think she’s cute as her flushed face makes you wonder what she’d look like after sex. And then you see her stretch. This girl can lift her legs and upper body straight up simultaneously and slide her head between her knees. Sure, it’s just a simple Pilates move, but when you see her do it, you ahould realize that it might be time that you joined a yoga or Pilates class yourself. Perhaps you could meet a girl like this and help her put her flexibility to better use. And you’re right—flexibility is one of the top ten signs that’s she’s a hot lover in bed.

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