Accidental Relationships

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Have you ever heard of accidental friendships? They can occur between the oddest groups of people or individuals that are “forced” to be together in some way, either through work, school, family relationships or any number of other ways. Well, accidental relationships can occur in much the same way.

You may be dating someone right now, and when you look back on how you got to be in this relationship, you aren’t sure how it happened. Well, you are not alone. There are several different scenarios where these “accidental” relationships can come into being. Read on to find out more about them and how to avoid getting yourself into such a situation.

When One Date Becomes A Relationship

Maybe you’ve found yourself in this situation – you see a girl you find attractive, ask her out on a date just to have some fun, and before you know it, time has passed, it’s 8 months later and you are still dating. How did that happen? You didn’t intend to have a long-term relationship; you just wanted to “play the field,” but now you’re stuck in a relationship that you don’t really want to be in.

This is pretty common, unfortunately. If the person you are “dating” doesn’t know that you aren’t interested in having a long term relationship, it’s easy for one date to turn into three dates or ten dates, and after that much time, she may think that you are really into her and interested in making it work.

In order to avoid having this happen to you, you should make it clear that you are just going on a date or dates with each other and that you aren’t entering into a relationship. A good way to demonstrate this is to continue dating other people at the same time, so that she knows you aren’t entering into a relationship when all you wanted was a fun date!

When Sex Creates A Relationship

Sometimes people feel obligated to stay in relationships for various reasons. For example, you meet a girl at a bar, she invites you home, and you have sex. The next morning, she’s made you breakfast and has planned your next three dates together, including a visit to her parents’ house! It probably seems a little late to be trying to tell her that you just wanted some fun the night before and aren’t interested in her or her plans.

This is a situation that both men and women find themselves in and it’s difficult to know just what to do when this happens. On the one hand, the relationship might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. However, you may simply not be interested in her past the one night you spent together, and not saying anything to get won’t get you back your freedom. Just going along with her plans is going to result in the both of you being hurt down the road when you work up the nerve to tell her that you aren’t interested in a relationship anymore.

While it may seem difficult to tell her the truth when you’ve just awoken to a hot breakfast in her bedroom, it’s the right thing to do. Don’t break her heart by laughing in her face and then leaving. Instead, just tell her, after breakfast, that you think you should take things slow, and that you will call her to get together at a later date.

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