Adrenaline & Hormones: Danger & Sex

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When you are aroused, pheromones are released, adrenaline courses through your body, and serotonin floods your brain. All of the triggers that make your body naturally high work in concert when you are having sex, to stimulate you to the point of orgasm. Certain things can heighten the energy, adrenaline and overall intensity of your sex life. For some, that stimulant is love. For others, it is another basic need: survival. I’m not talking here about survival or propagation of the species. I am talking about mixing danger and sex in order to heighten your appreciation, not just for the sex, but for life in general.

The Basics

Most people have considered public sex. Many of those have given it a shot to varying degrees of success. Bathrooms are probably the most common choice for public sex acts, probably because they are public, but still semi-private. Almost all public restrooms have a lock or a stall that you can use to prolong your rendezvous and minimize your risk of discovery. They are also easy to find if the desire hits: you can use the restroom in a restaurant, a bar, an airplane, a family member’s house during a holiday dinner, or even a public park restroom (as has been the hotspot for generations of young gay or bi-curious men looking to hook up).

Another standard semi-public spot to get it on is parked in your car. There is a chance that the general public will see you, or even that slim chance that your adolescent nightmare/fantasy comes to pass and a cop shines his light through your steamed up windows. This and the semi-private bathroom are both hot places due to the risk that you might get caught, but they also tap into your younger sexual experiences, when nowhere was truly safe. You were always at risk of being caught by your parents, or worse: your girlfriend’s parents.

Along with perhaps sex at the office, which runs you the risk of being caught by a co-worker, and possibly losing your job, these are probably the more “vanilla” ideas of dangerous sex. Aside from losing a little dignity, there is generally not too much real danger (as in, the risk of bodily harm) that can really befall you.

Level 2

The next level of danger must involve some level of actual physical risk, or perceived physical risk, in order to get your adrenaline pumping to that next level. You will have to leave the grab-ass in your folks’ powder room behind in order to move on to the next level. For this next level, think of things that get your motor running, like fast cars. If a fast car does it for you, see if you can’t convince your girl to climb on over and straddle you while you are driving (preferably out in the country, where you have wider roads and less chance of hurting civilians). This can be logistically tough, but if she does a little reverse cowgirl, straddling you while looking out the front windshield, then at least between the two of you, you can hopefully have one set of eyes on the road.

If you want to work up to the front-seat cowgirl, see if your girl won’t give you a little treat while you guys are driving on a long trip. Nothing wakes you up like a little hummer or hand job on the go! Don’t think she hasn’t considered it. It combines the elements of the first level—getting spied by other motorists—with that rush of hurtling down the highway. Maybe start off trucking down a gravel road first to see if you are able to keep it together enough to keep her on the road!

You don’t have to stick to cars, of course. If you are into ATM four-wheelers, snowmobiles or Sea-doos, set out for the great outdoors, enjoy nature and see if she won’t straddle your stick while you guys are burning up fuel. Another place that combines adrenaline and public exposure is a fair ride. This will have to be a little more covert (there are kids around, remember!). A little hand job on the Ferris wheel, maybe bribe the haunted house guy, or the House of Mirrors carnie to let the two of you have the last ride. Obviously, you should keep your hands to yourselves on any gravity-defying or overly fast-moving rides. You don’t want to lose any parts!

The Top

If you really want to get your juices flowing, take an activity that scares the crap out of you and find a way to include a little love session. A great idea is to incorporate heights. If you are so scared of heights that you feel nauseous (i.e., it’s a bona fide phobia), then this may not work. But if you are just scared enough, then it may be unbeatable. A great place to find great heights is in nature. Do some research and see if you can find one of the following in your area: a suspension bridge, a good-sized hill with an overhang, or a tall building with access to the roof. Once you have secured such a location, take your lover up and start the seduction. If you do at it doggy-style or any other position that allows you to both the look out over the same view, it can feel like you are having sex in mid-air.

As you start experimenting with danger, you might escalate to increasingly dangerous sites, or make up more elaborate scenarios. An example of heightened physical danger could be in the middle of a train bridge (don’t be too stupid—it would be in your best interest to have a basic idea of the train schedule!).

In terms of scenarios that might heighten your adrenaline, if you are fans of cop shows, maybe try a kidnapping scenario. This should be attempted only with the express consent of both parties. Plan a time when you can “snatch” your girlfriend (don’t tell her where)—or she can snatch you—blindfolding and tossing the prisoner into a van and taking her away to a hideout. Again, this is getting into the more extreme scenarios. Whenever you are doing something that has the potential to go too far, always have a “safe” word that either one of you can utter in order to stop the danger play at any time. This is standard practice for the S&M scene, where pain and power games are regularly played out.

The adrenaline of a dangerous situation combined with head-swimmingly good time of sex with your mate can make for an unbeatable combination, and just the thing to spice up any love life and add a new dimension to the thrill of your partner’s body.

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