The Alcoholic Next to Us

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Alcoholism is the most severe form that alcohol dependence can take. It is a chronic disease characterized by excessive consumption of alcohol which affects mental and physical health and which leads to neglecting the social responsibilities of the alcoholic.

The sad truth is that the alcoholic will continue drinking despite his health problems or of the legal issues that he has; once the disease is procured it will accompany the alcoholic for his/her entire life and it will be easily recognized from its symptoms. Why does alcoholism appear?

Alcoholism is encouraged much by the environment in which a man lives as well as by the person’s genes. If your entourage is formed of drunks and loafers, you will probably take over from their behavior in order to be accepted in that circle.

There are many situations in which once the man is detached from that environment, he quits alcohol willingly, and he even regrets the straying period he has been to. I shouldn’t remind you about a woman’s sufferance next to an alcoholic.

Besides the situation in which the man becomes physically violent and the bruises “decorate” the face of the women on the following day, verbal violence has also an important place in the treatment applied to women by the alcoholic.

I don’t refer here only to the normal curses, but also to those words that accompany the frustrated attitude of the person who drinks. Accusations without any ground in which she becomes the only reason of his drinking problems, the incapacity to assume any responsibilities for the personal failures, and the ease through which the alcoholic considers himself to be a victim, are all specific elements of the alcoholic.

From the social point of view, the alcoholic occupies an opposition that brings him down. When persons who are not part of his family and he cannot put in the corner in his specific way dare to draw his attention on his problems, he has defensive reactions. Sometimes he seems to be listening, he seems that he wants to stop, he seems to be conscious about the effect.

There is a certain idea that there is a gene that causes alcoholism, but we must understand that nobody is born an alcoholic. But if the alcohol dependence is inscribed in some people’s DNA, this gene should be isolated after some tests. The actual treatment for alcoholism is focused exclusively on repairing the damage produced by the excessive consumption of alcohol, when it should be focused on its prevention.

How is the problem solved?

The problem should be solved directly: the person shouldn’t drink anymore! AT ALL! The family supports as well as a set of medicine and the total stop of alcohol consumption are the best combination which has as a result the alcoholic’s step out from the vice.

No alcoholic will give up alone of what he considers to be the only solution of his problems – alcohol consumption. Because when problems overcome him and the person doesn’t find inside him the mechanism of regulation of the everyday stress, he turns to exterior sources of regulation of his self: alcohol.

Seeing a psychologist is essential

With the help of a specialized person, the physical dependence of alcohol will stop, by finding the source that generates the coward behavior of the alcohol consumer, and by its annihilation. Talking to a psychologist is not just an informational exchange; it is about an emotional bound that will make the alcoholic be trustful and will make him communicate; the psychologist identifies in this way the reason of his insecurity. The reasons for which a man drinks are diverse but I only kept in mind this one: “Life sucks when I don’t drink”.

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