Are You Dogging It?


Dogging is huge in Britain and it is just starting to become known in North America. Do you know what dogging is, who’s dogging it, and how you can get in on the action? Find out more about this sexual phenomenon right now!

Dogging defined

Before I tell you what dogging is, try to guess. Nope, it’s not doggie-style sex (that’s certainly not a new sexual phenomenon), and it’s not the act of having sex with dogs. (If that was your guess, don’t tell anyone). Can’t figure it out? Here’s everything you need to know about dogging but didn’t know to ask.

Basically, dogging is the act of having sex in public, with people you’ve arranged a meeting with on the internet, in front of people who are there to watch, and in some cases, join in. Dogging is like swinging in the sense that you are having sex with different partners, and it is also exhibitionism because it involves having sex in public places where others can join in or just watch.

Why dogging?

Dogging is a form of sexual expression because it allows absolute sexual freedom. You can choose to have sex with a stranger, or you can choose to have with your partner in a car, but allow others to watch. It’s exhibitionism that turns people on and keeps the “spark” alive in their sex lives. Plus, it’s risky, since having sex in public isn’t legal in most countries. You don’t want the wrong people watching you, or you may get in trouble with the law. But, if you go dogging, you will find out that most people who go are repeat doggers and couldn’t imagine their lives without dogging. So, perhaps the question should be, “Why not dogging?”

According to Jane White’s article in Marie Claire, here are a few reasons why men and women enjoy dogging:

  • A mother of teenagers admits that she feels powerful having men watch her have sex, and her partner gets turned on by having other men watch and lust after her.
  • One man indicates that dogging is more exciting than staying home and having sex with his partner because of the risk involved and the anonymity.
  • Another woman indicates that she loves being watched and that dogging allowed her to explore her bisexual tendencies.

Who’s dogging it?

The British have often been dubbed bad lovers—cold-blooded, boring and impassionate—they usually don’t score high in the sex department. But, it’s time to put aside any stereotypical ideas of the Brits since they seem to have “invented” dogging, the hottest sex craze in Britain right now.

Are you thinking that it’s only a few horny Brits that are taking part? Think again! This new trend is attracting heterosexual couples as well as single women and men from a variety of ages and backgrounds, and according to some websites, it’s quickly spreading to Canada, the US and New Zealand.

Getting started in the dogging lifestyle

People who participate in dogging usually find information about it from the web, which has provided people with information on dogging locations, dogging etiquette and most importantly, those interested in participating in dogging. A lot of dogging participants meet online, exchange sexual fantasies, photos, and decide to meet in a particular dogging location.

If you are new to dogging, your best bet is to conduct an internet search for dogging in your area. If you’re in the UK, you will have little difficulty finding designated dogging locations, but because it’s relatively new to other countries, you may have to search a little longer.

And, if you are going with your partner, make sure you set the rules beforehand. How long will you stay? What will you do? Watch or participate? Another good piece of advice is to remember to develop “dogging” or “swinging” identities, so that you real name and identity aren’t discovered if you would like to remain anonymous.

Dogging etiquette

Jane White, in her article, “Are you ready for dogging?” indicates that there is certain dogging etiquette that one must follow. Here are a few tips she points out for the novice dogger:


  • If you leave your car’s interior light on while you are at a dogging location, it means you would like to be watched.
  • If you flash your brake lights or headlights at someone passing by, it indicates that you are looking to have sex with someone.
  • If you roll down your windows, it means that you would like to fondle others or be fondled
  • If you open your car doors, it indicates that you are inviting people to join you in the car.

While those are some dogging rules explained, here are some more tips on how to behave in the dogging world:

Always come prepared to have sex, and remember to bring protection. STDs and pregnancies are certainly unwanted in the dogging world.

Keep the peace and try not to attract attention from those who aren’t participating in dogging. That is, don’t go to a family campground and start to have sex with strangers. Try to find specific areas that are unofficial designated dogging locations.

Don’t touch a person you are watching have sex unless you are invited to participate.

Understand and appreciate that some people would like to remain anonymous

If you are really interested in trying dogging for the first time, you’d be best off to locate a dogging chat room on the internet to find out more about the people that go dogging and where they meet. While dogging usually happens in public spaces like secluded parks or campgrounds, you won’t have much luck just driving around in search of naked people.

Dogging is hedonism at its best. You get to seek pleasure for pleasure’s sake. If you enjoy having sex with strangers, or watching others have sex, dogging might be the thing for you. Do a search and find out if there’s a dogging party happening near you!


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