Bangin’ In The John: Sex In Public Washrooms

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sex-in-washroomLooking for a place to get busy besides the bedroom? As far as public places go, bathrooms are a great choice for sex as there is the still an element of privacy involved if you’re smart, careful and inventive. As with many things, location is key in planning your bathroom trysts. Below is just a sampling of the possibilities that can be executed if you’re willing to flex your creative muscles and be a little adventurous.

1) Single Bathroom In A Dive Bar:

Cons: long lines with potentially angry/drunk patrons waiting on line – dirty floors and sinks – no secret escape

Though you won’t be scoring romance points on this one, these are great spots for a little down and dirty action. Best to keep this one quick as there could be a line of angry, tequila fueled bar goers waiting for you to finish up and get out.

The best plan of action in this case is to have your girl go in first after loudly complaining that she had too many shots and may be sick. After that, knock on the door and head in under the guise of checking to see that she hasn’t ended up face first on the floor. Have her sitting on the sink top, facing you while you enter her from the front.

When you’re done, head out together with your arm around her shrugging your shoulders at the angry herd with raised eyebrows like “We’ve all been there, what can ya do?” Anyone tries to confront you on the time spent in the can; you can just claim that you have to get your sick girl home.

2) Handicapped Bathroom in the Mall:

Cons: busy weekend crowds – there’s nothing sexy about a mall

These rank up there on the practicality/spaciousness scale in the public bathroom realm. While it’s hard to get too excited in a mall, sex in this situation is a great way to break up a day of suburban routine. The best time to hit up this venue is around dinnertime on a weeknight when there won’t be families waiting in the hall for you to finish. Have her facing you, with her leg up on the safety bar attached to the wall on the far side of the toilet.

Make sure to keep your hands on her lower back or butt during the process to keep you both steady while you enter her. Gradually pick speed while massaging her clit from the front with your index and forefinger. Once you’ve gotten to where you both need to be, have a quick scan of the hallway and head out together.

3) Airplane Bathroom

Cons: cramped spaces – bruised appendages

Though slightly claustrophobic and possibly painful, the airplane bathroom has been a popular choice for sexual antics since the founding member started off the Mile High Club membership in 1916. Creative maneuvering will have to be put to use in this situation, but the dive bar sink position would work if limbs were placed in their proper places. Another possibility would be to stand behind your girl and bend her over the toilet area with her hands down on the lid for balance.

While you work your way in and start building up momentum, have her move her fingers from your mouth to her clit and add to the existing movement of the cabin. Many claim that the lower atmospheric pressure in the flight cabin increases the intensity of the orgasm. Also, this may be a good spot to suggest this type of adventure since the vibration of the plane is sure to get your girl in the mood.

Done this before and want to add to it? Add an element of fantasy by including a pilot or flight attendant hat and make sure to include lots of dirty talk. A quick and discreet exit, spaced a few minutes apart will keep you from that indecency charge once you hit the ground. Enjoy the flight!

4) Swanky Lounge Bathroom:

Cons: bathroom attendants – multiple stalls

This is a cleaner version of the first example where there’s no fear of contracting hepatitis after extended contact with the sink top. Problem is that these types of places generally tend to have multi stalls, so after checking to make sure that there is no bathroom attendant present, whisk your girl into one of the far stalls in the men’s room.

Once in there, have her stand with her legs apart and palms on the wall in front of her for support. If you’re close to the same height this is a great way to enter her from behind. If you’re a lumberjack type, you can also pick her up, lift her with back facing the wall and enter her from the front. With the wall as support and her legs wrapped around you it shouldn’t be a problem to support her weight for a short time.

Best way to exit this scene is for you to scan the room and hallway and come back in to grab her from the stall when the coast is clear. If it has gotten busy and she can’t head out without running into someone, have her casually stroll out a few minutes after you and explain that the line to the women’s room was too long and she couldn’t wait. As a side note, it’s best to use the men’s room for these purposes, as it tends to go over better to have a woman in the men’s room than the other way around.

Once you try out a few different venues you will discover what works best for you and your girl, be it the fast and sweaty dive bar round or membership to the Mile High Club. Though all venues will require some fine-tuning, once you have a few under your belt the possibilities are endless and the bedroom can be taken from inside out. The most important thing to remember is that while it’s a good idea to have an escape plan, this is meant to be spontaneous so keep the planning to a minimum and just let things take their course.

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