Becoming An Unequivocal Romantic: This Valentine’s Day

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Every woman in the world raises her expectations when it comes to romance on Valentine’s Day. So how can men live up to the rising hopes of women year in and year out? Do you really have to spend a fortune on a cheesy gift to keep her happy on the most romantic day of the year?

The solution to these issues is simple, however, it does require some originality on your part along with a bit of effort. In the end, your success will depend on how unequivocally and unpredictably romantic you can be. This is not the year to make a last minute shopping effort for chocolates or perfume at the local drug store. She deserves more and will reward you better in the end if you allow yourself to explore more original, unpredictably romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Do you really want to avoid disappointing that special lady in your life this February 14th? The key is to be unique, creative, original and unpredictable when it comes to planning a special event and purchasing a one-in-a-million gift. Every woman is different, and has unique interests and expectations. The key to pleasing her is getting to know what makes her truly happy. Does she melt for grand, romantic gestures or does she cherish small meaningful moments and surprises? In order to figure her out, you will have to observe her closely and take precise mental notes. It is not cool to ask her straight out “What do you really want for Valentine’s Day?” – that is a little too predictable and lame.

It is, however, good to ask her more general questions about her hopes and desires and to observe her very closely when it comes “touchy feely” examples. For example, does she laugh at the people who get engaged at the baseball game, or does she cry for happiness and cheer with sheer joy? Does a serenading guitarist on the street corner embarrass her, or does she stop to appreciate the music and the moment? The more experiences that you have with her, the better idea of her hopes, desires and expectations you will have.

When it comes to planning a special event or shopping for the perfect gift, you must also consider what message you are comfortable sending her. If you have been in a long-term relationship and are building towards marriage and a life together – your gift should communicate your commitment on some level. However, if you have been sharing a steamy sexual affair for the past few months, your gift can have a different meaning altogether. Remember that the importance and message of your gift is not solely attached to monetary value.

Confused by conflicting messages sent to you by your partner? Already frustrated by the impending decisions you will have to make this Valentine’s Day? Relax – what follows is a list of ideas that you cannot go wrong with. The ideas are split into three groups: the first is a to-do list of great events and activities on Valentine’s Day, the second is a list of gifts for any lady in your life, and the final list includes presents for the “perfect” lady that you want to give the world to (but can’t actually afford it!) All you have to do is pick the perfect match of events and gifts for your lady and put the plan into action.

Sharing a romantic activity or event with your lady this Valentine’s Day is of the utmost importance. You can go to a movie any night of the year, so scratch that option off your list altogether. This year, you should surprise your special lady with concert tickets, or a last minute trip or adventure. You will have to plan ahead for the concert and be willing to be a bit flexible – here’s a hint though – it’s always okay when Valentine’s Day comes early (within reason, i.e. February), but it’s never okay if it comes later than the actual day.

In terms of a trip or adventure to go on – why not get out of the city? Depending on your locale, you might take off for a night in a private ski chalet and a day of skiing in the mountains. Or you could rent a two-person kayak and explore the closest lake or river? Don’t forget to take a picnic! Many women also love doing things like horseback riding – why not go for a long trail ride through the countryside?

If you really want to blow her mind and it’s a feasible option… consider taking her on a hot air balloon ride! Generally, anything you plan that she will remember and talk about for the rest of the year (and maybe her whole life!) is a great event or activity to plan for this Valentine’s Day. If you just can’t manage to get away, try to make a mini-getaway in the city. Cook her a gourmet meal and invite a masseuse over for personal massages… or rent a hotel room with a personal hot tub. Consider the event a gift to yourself as well, and try to pick something that appeals to both of you.

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