The Best Time Of The Week For Sex

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Let’s face it, anytime is a good time for sex. Or is it? If you are having regular sex, it becomes more and more difficult to keep it interesting, spontaneous and exciting. So maybe there are times of the week for the best sex of your life that you have been overlooking! Instead of just fooling around in the bed in the evening or the shower in the morning, consider these other more exciting and unpredictable options…


It’s Monday, the worst day of the week by far. You just got home from a hard day at work. You grab a cold beer or coke from the fridge, loosen your tie, and sit down at the table to try and “unwind.” Somehow, you just can’t get that anxious and edgy feeling to dissipate…what better way to let off some steam than a quickie up against the couch or kitchen table? Uptight from her day at work, her initial response will likely be “no way”. But don’t even give her time to think about it, and you will likely find her a very pleased participant. Hike up her skirt, unbutton her blouse and get down to the most pleasurable meeting of your day…


Tuesday is gym day, but are feeling tired and bored of the same old routine. You know that a workout will give you more energy in the end, so you force yourself to go. You put on your tear away pants and your running shoes, and are all ready to go work up a sweat… wouldn’t you feel more energized for your workout if your first flexed your impressive sexual muscles? A sweaty pre-gym sexual workout is a great way to get the blood pumping, plus you will be less distracted by all the hot bodies at the gym if you have satisfied your sexual needs beforehand. So limber up with your sneakers on right up against the back door … it’ll be the best warm up you could ever ask for!


The following evening you are relaxing in front of the tv or reading the newspaper, and all you are really looking forward to is a hearty meal and a good movie. You can hear your sexy woman cooking up a storm in the kitchen and the delicious smells are really wetting your appetite. Why not visit the kitchen counter, find out if she is just as wet, and satisfy your sexy cravings before the meal? Chances are, she will welcome the chance to take her apron off, and help herself to you as a tasty appetizer. Combining sex with food and wine, and doing it up against the fridge, stove or countertop will make this meal the best of the week by far! Plus, you might inspire her to cook deliciously sexy food for you more and more often…


It’s time for an evening out – maybe drinks with friends or the dreaded “family dinner.” It’s always enjoyable to get out of the house and socialize, but the routine of it all is also becoming a bit of a drag. So on the way, why not pull off the road for a quickie in a parking lot or back lane? Nothing will put you in a better mood to face family and friends than having her go down on you in the car on the way! If she seems hesitant to ruin her outfit or hair, then just wait for the ride home instead, and tell her how you’ve been waiting to have her for hours. Few women can resist a man who wins over her parents while also tugging at her panties under the dinner table…


The most dreaded time of the week has come – it’s time to do the laundry. No man wants to face a huge pile of dirty clothes on the floor on his own, so get some take-out food and try to make a night out of it with her. If you are lucky, she will match your socks and fold your underwear. But how can you turn dirty laundry time into a time for even dirtier sex? That’s easy… rip her panties off of her, throw her on top of the washing machine, wait for the spin cycle to set it, and watch her climax over and over again!


It is a day for errands, playing sports and relaxing and catching up with friends and responsibilities. Some time out of the house is always a good idea – even a night off from each other is order once in a while. So suggest she go out for dinner and drinks with her girlfriends, while you invite the boys over for football and beers. Encourage her to have a great time, make her feel like she really deserves it. Wait for her to get all ready to leave the house, while you ignore her and distract yourself with manly things. Then the moment she picks up her keys, ask her “where do you think you are going?” After she answers, you tell her “Not without a fight”, throw her down on the bed, and make her go wild for you. She is likely to put up a bit of a fight, as she has her girlfriends mostly on her mind. But after she realizes that her girlfriends can’t give her half the pleasure that you can, she will be putty in your hands. Slap her ass as she leaves the house and tell her to have a good time with her friends as you crack your first beer and wait for the boys to arrive with a bucket of chicken…


It’s Sunday afternoon, and the house or yard is a total mess. The time has come to spend the day in your old sweats and t-shirt and get some real manly work done around the place. Encourage her to help, but make sure to give her small manageable projects so that she will stay out of your way. As the day goes on and she starts complaining more and more about measly things, tell her that you will find a way to keep her quiet one way or the other. Next time she speaks up, take her hand and lead her to the garage or tool shed. She may not want to get her hands dirty in the garden, but she’ll hardly be able to resist getting down and dirty with you in your manliest Sunday state. Polish the night off with a pizza and romantic movie and plan to have an even sexier week starting tomorrow! You’ll be surprised how the time flies by when you are having the best sex of your life… ever single day of the week.

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