Blended Breakfast Drinks


People are always looking for a way to eat healthy while they are on the run. Plus, we’ve all been told numerous times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So how do we combine our need for healthy breakfast meals with our busy schedules? Liquid breakfasts. More and more people are turning to fruit smoothies as a healthy and filling meal replacement. Is this a good thing? What are the pros and cons of liquid breakfasts? Keep reading to learn more!

Fruit Smoothies

Instead of choking down your breakfast with a cup of coffee, try making your beverage your entire breakfast instead. Fruit smoothies are a particularly good way of drinking your breakfast and they can be very hearty meals on their own. Whether you buy one at a smoothie shop or make them at home, they can be full of vitamins and nutrients, not to mention several servings of fruit!

To make your own smoothies, you can look up the various recipes on the Internet, or you can just experiment to find one you like best. The only equipment you need is a blender. Here’s a simple recipe that almost everyone will like:

  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • One banana
  • 1 cup of frozen (or fresh) berries
  • Honey or sugar to sweeten (optional)
  • 2 teaspoons ground flax seed (optional)

If you prefer your smoothies icy cold, just add ice cubes to this mix to create a frosty, fruity beverage. However, the frozen berries will provide a nice icy texture to the drink. Adding the ground flax seed will boost the drink with much needed fiber and those healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

To adapt this recipe to suit your tastes, just change the types of fruits in the recipe or include vegetables as well. If you are lactose intolerant, try replacing the milk and yogurt with fruit juice to assist in blending the other ingredients.

The amount of calories in a fruit smoothie depends on the ingredients, of course. Just to give you an idea of what you are consuming, a Jugo Juice breakfast smoothie (24 oz. size) contains 320 calories and 6 grams of protein. Compare that to a high protein berry smoothie from Booster Juice which contains 30 grams of protein and 454 calories.

Other Breakfast Drinks

Another common breakfast drink is the protein shake. It operates as a meal replacement. The above-mentioned smoothie from Booster Juice is an example of protein smoothie that is designed to replace a meal. Other breakfast drinks that are designed for people on the go include Carnation’s Instant Breakfast drink. It contains about 200-250 calories per serving and is designed to be a complete and nutritious breakfast replacement.

Health Benefits Of Breakfast Drinks

When made correctly, fruit smoothies and other breakfast drinks can be a healthy and delicious way to drink your breakfast. Of course, some smoothies are just glorified milkshakes that are high in fat and even higher in calories. Healthy smoothies, however, are high in fiber, vitamins, and other important nutrients.

For example, the same Jugo Juice breakfast smoothie mentioned earlier has 4.8 grams of fiber and 358% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C. It is equivalent to 2.5 servings of fruit. Similarly, the same Booster Juice smoothie mentioned above has 7.4 grams of fiber and 57% calcium.

A delicious looking brightly colored smoothie is tempting for adults and children alike but if you are a parent who has a difficult time getting your children to eat fruits or vegetables, smoothies are great way to trick them into consuming healthy, fresh produce. Plus, you can throw in all kinds of ingredients without your children knowing. For example, toss in a carrot or even broccoli. With the right mix of fruits and vegetables in the drink, the taste of the veggies will be disguised and the kids will just think they are drinking a delicious drink.

Are There Are Disadvantages To Breakfast Drinks?

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. It kick starts your metabolism and gets you started on your way to a healthy and productive day. Without it, we are restless, tired, and can feel headachy and sick. The advantage of a healthy, properly prepared drink is that it really can provide you with all the nutrients and vitamins that a healthy breakfast can provide as well.

However, if you aren’t preparing healthy smoothies, then your breakfast may just be another high fat, high calorie dessert. Or, you may be mistaken into thinking that a simple glass of juice is the same thing as a smoothie.

Another disadvantage is that people may buy their smoothies rather than taking ten minutes to create one at home. This will not only cost you a lot of money – after all, those smoothies rival Starbucks prices – but you may not know exactly what you are getting. If you make your own smoothies, you can control exactly how much fruit or sugar goes into your beverage.

Smoothies Are Here To Stay

Let’s face it – people are busy and they are always on the run. They don’t want to waste time with their meals and picking up a smoothie for breakfast is a lot healthier than eating greasy fast food breakfast sandwiches. So embrace the blended breakfast food culture by making your own smoothies at home today. Throw in your favorite fruits and vegetables and you will soon realize that it’s a great way to consume several servings of your daily recommended intake of fruits and veggies without having to take the time to consume each one separately.

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