Brain and Fantasy: Women’s Most Important Sexual Organ

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The most important sexual organ that women have is, contrary to the common beliefs, the brain. The brain makes the clitoris turn into something more than a piece of tissue. A woman cannot feel pleasure if her brain doesn’t allow this. If you massage her clitoris when her brain isn’t in a favorable state for sex, she will not feel any pleasure. Sexual fantasies play a major part because they are the ones that make our brain be opened in what sex is concerned.

The wrong belief that women have a lower sexual appetite than men is due to the fact that it is commonly believed that women do not think about sex and, even more, they do not fantasize about sex.

Women do not have perverse thoughts is what everyone believes. Women are first of all romantic. If there is a woman who expresses directly her sexual desires, than she is not normal and she must be disapproved. This opinion is common both to men and women, who have rarely confessed their sexual fantasies loudly. This should change.

But we shouldn’t think that the orgasm is influenced only by fantasies. He is also connected with a chemical process, because there must be hormones in order to feel sexual pleasure.

What do women fantasize about?

The answer would be: about everything! Fantasies can go from romantic, nonsexual seduction to violent rape and torture. You mustn’t think that the last two are abnormal or wrong.

Women often tend to stop from heaving these unhealthy fantasies. This is a wrong thing because there is a distance from dream to reality which must be understood. Having a fantasy doesn’t necessarily mean that you want for that thing to happen. Fantasies aren’t real, they cannot hurt anyone. For instance if you write a book about a murderer doesn’t make you one, and a book is nothing more than a fantasy put on paper.

When do women fantasize?

Women can have fantasies no matter what are the activities that they perform. They can walk on the street, they can be in a meeting – we have all seen Ally McBeal and her very popular world of imagination projections. It may be a little difficult because it distracts the woman’s attention from what she is doing (and maybe she was supposed to turn right at the crossroad but she goes straight ahead), but it is at the same time so exciting. Fantasies are usually a healthy way to get rid of boredom and to explore our sexuality.

Women fantasize a lot while they are having sex. They often do not fantasize about their partner and this gives them the feeling that they are cheating him. But it is wrong to see things this way. Maybe their partner has a lot of qualities but he is not so sexually appealing. Than fantasies instead of ruining the couple, help it. This is not a form of adulterous behavior. Does she fantasize that her partner is a sailor? Do not ruin her pleasure. It is worthless.

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