Breast Respect: Unwritten Rules Of The Rack

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Coconuts, hooters, honkers, udders, melons, fun-bags… I think we all know (and love) what we’re talking about here. Hardly a breast goes by that any normal man doesn’t admire. But how many men truly know how to respect the breast? Breast respect scores huge points with women, so whether you are a moderate fan or a die hard addict it’s time to learn how to better respect the breast.

Few men go through life without alarming women with strange attitudes or actions towards their breasts. A woman’s breasts hold unbelievable power. There are both physically and symbolically significant to both sexes, and therefore must be treated appropriately. Women hold different impressions of their own mammories – some are too small, too large, too droopy, uneven… but in the end the same rules apply to men the world over when it comes to every type, size and shape of breast – treat it with respect.

So how do you go about respecting the breast while having a mind blowing sexual encounter with a woman? There are a few guidelines to follow that will help you to drive a woman mad with pleasure at the same time as you show her most prestigious body part the respect that it deserves.

First of all you must remember that breasts are not a child’s play toy. They are, however, very much a play toy for adults. As such, breasts must be played with in a fun, stimulating and sensual adult manner. They are not, on the other hand, to be treated as your long lost preschool toy.

For example, as much as she might laugh as you refer to them as honkers – there is no need to go around “honking” them on a daily basis. They are not attached to the handlebars of your bike or the steering wheel of your car. You are a grown man, so only if you really must – honk once and end it. Tuning nipples as if there are knobs of your car radio will also grow old very quickly with women, so tune the nipple-knob dial sparingly if you hope to spend any more time with her.

It is also very important to pay attention to your pressure and touch when it comes to breast respect. Women’s breasts feel differently at different times of the month, depending on hormones and cycles. While one girl might love it when you squeeze her breasts together with great pressure, the next one might find it mildly painful or uncomfortable. Alternately, the same woman might love soft biting and pinching the majority of the time, the cringe at it if her breasts are in a more sensitive condition around “that” time of the month.

Since you can never really be sure as to what a woman’s preference for pressure and touch will be at any given time, it is always a good idea to start with light pressure and a soft touch. Once you can sense her pleasure and enjoyment increase the weight of your touch. If you are lucky, she will want you to build up to the satisfying squeezing that will make your sexual encounter all the more enjoyable for you both.

When if comes to breast respect, you must always remember that those lovely orbs are always to be treated as a compliment not a detriment to your encounter. Whether they are small or large, be sensitive to them at all times. A woman’s breasts are different than a man’s in that they can be used in so many different ways.

By enjoying them to their fullest advantage, you are paying respect to the breasts and their owner. For example, if you are party to a medium or large sized breast, you might engage with them “Spanish” style, where you have her squeeze them together and create a pleasurable bosom tunnel for your manhood. To make it even more enjoyable, you might introduce lubricant into the encounter. You are guaranteed to enjoy this but remember to gauge her interest and enjoyment as well. If she is a smaller sized woman, encourage her to go on top. As she leans over they will form cleavage that will be much more enjoyable than when she is on her back.

So what if you have said and done all the right things, but you sense that she is just not into enjoying her breasts as much as you are. Chances are this disinterest stems from one of two things. The first may be insecurity. Whether she thinks they are too small or large, the only thing you can do to reassure her is to tell her that they are fabulous, and just the right size. The other reason she might be hesitant about making the most of her fun-bags, is because she has not done so before.

If she is used to being with men who don’t respect the breast and who are simply obsessed with booty, then she is likely inexperienced with getting her breasts heavily involved in the sexual encounter. Take it slow and keep it sensual, and she will likely grow into the pleasure of her own breasts.

On a more general note, remember to pay breasts their due respect in all environments – both inside and outside the bedroom. Maybe the secretary in your office has a great set of hooters. Sure you can pass a glance at them every so often, but do not stare at them or look at them when you are talking to her… this will quickly get you labeled the office perv. If you must take a glance, compliment her sweater and move on!

When it comes to meeting new people the same rule applies. Say you are hitting on a woman at the bar with the most scrumptious breasts that you have ever seen. Tell her that she has a beautiful body and take the conversation elsewhere. If she thinks that you are only interested in her breasts (which may very well be the case), she will likely shut you down.

Treat those great hooters as part of a great package and you will win her over (and hopefully have her over…) in no time. A woman’s breasts are the closest thing to her heart so respect them at all times. The respect will be returned to you in the finest way known to man. Anybody for a Spanish lessons tonight…?

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