Breasts: Does Size Really Matter?

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Women are always asking, “Does breast size really matter?” Do men only like to have sex with women who have large jugs? Or are small breasts better? It has been said that the perfect breast should fill a wine glass, but the size of the wine glass is unclear. Large- and small-breasted women alike can feel insecure about their breasts, which is why women are often so concerned about what their breasts look like, and how attractive they are to men.

Before you conclude that large or small breasts are better, read on to discover the pros and cons of each type. As it turns out, there are many reasons to love both large and small breasts.

Pros of Small Breasts

small-breastsPop culture has dictated that the sexiest women have large, perky breasts, but there seems to be some backlash to this ideal of large-breasted women, particularly from women who have small breasts and the guys who love their small breasts too. If your girlfriend is an A or B cup, don’t worry that there isn’t enough breast for you to love. There are pros to your girlfriend having small breasts, and it’s not just that she’ll be better at sports!

Women with smaller breasts will tell you that they are happy with their breasts for many reasons. First of all, smaller breasts tend to have a nicer shape and look better than really large, saggy breasts. Aesthetically speaking, smaller breasts look more like ideal breasts, which larger breasts can tend to sag, droop and get stretch marks which can take away from their good looks. And the last thing you want to notice when she’s on top is that her breasts are sagging down to her bellybutton and are covered in unsightly stretch marks.

Another benefit of your girlfriend having small breasts is that they are more sensitive than larger breasts which can make them more fun during sex. According to the book, For Women Only, smaller breasts are more sensitive because the nerve endings in them are closer together. It is suggested that small and large breasts have the same amount of nerve endings, but the larger the breasts, the further apart the nerve endings, so the less sensitive they are. Small breasts should be more sensitive to nibbles, lips and sucks, which can be a definite turn on for both of you.

Knowing this, you may want to spend more time stimulating her breasts during foreplay. Treat her breasts as their own sexual mechanism, rather than just the beginning of the typical roll in the hay. You never know—maybe your partner is one of the small percentage of women who are able to achieve an orgasm as a result of breast stimulation alone. You can also try playing with her whole breast, rather than just concentrating on the nipple. Many women have reported that their nipples aren’t the most sensitive part of their breasts, so it is worth exploring to find out what pleasures her the most.

Pros of Large Breasts

large-breastsMany men will tell you that there is something very exciting and stimulating about large breasts. They produce sexy cleavage; they give women beautiful curves to admire, and they can be a lot of fun in the bedroom, particularly if she likes breast play. Of course, we could also go into a long Darwinian explanation of the scientific reasons that men like big breasts—they promote fertility, and men want to mate with fertile women so their genetic line endures—but that’s just boring.

The fact is big breasts look good, especially in lacy bras and other sexy lingerie. They are full, and you could bury your face in them if you wanted to. While big breasts definitely head south sooner than small breasts, a nice pair of large breasts that aren’t sagging or covered in stretch marks can be a real treat to many men. Women who like to show off their large breasts can add to the stimulation by playing with their own breasts while in bed—some large-breasted women can even lick their own nipples!

Another benefit of being with a large-breasted girl is that you can engage in breast sex, an activity that is very difficult with small-breasted women. Get some lube and massage her breasts with it. Then straddle her so that your penis is between her breasts; either one of you can hold her breasts together while you thrust for added friction and pleasure. Before you attempt this, however, make sure that she is okay with this, and that you take the time to pleasure her first.

Are There Any Cons?

Many men would argue that there aren’t any cons to having large or small breasts, and would say that all breasts are good no matter what their shape or size. But if we have to think about the perfect breasts, what attributes would we do without?

Most men I spoke to said that while they don’t like prefer one size of breast over another, that sometimes breasts can simply be too small or too big. Gargantuan breasts that take away from the beauty of the female form because of their size aren’t a turn on; in fact, porn star breasts are just comical. Natural breasts that move with a woman’s body are a much greater turn on for most men. Likewise, breasts that are so small that it feels like you are caressing your own chest can be a turn off for some men.

Women with small breasts tend to be livelier in bed, according to one man. They don’t have to worry about their breasts slapping around during sex, so they are more eager to participate in sex and experiment with different positions. Some women with large breasts, however, have a hard time being on top because it hurts their breasts. Without adequate support from a bra, their breasts can droop and sag, causing serious discomfort.

Big Versus Small?

Is there an overall winner in the battle of the breasts? Probably not. Some men will always prefer large breasts; others favor small breasts while most men just love breasts period. When you are in bed with your partner, make sure she knows how much you love her breasts, no matter what size they happen to be.

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