Celebrity Bodies:Get That Hot Body You’ve Been Eyeing!

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Everywhere you look, there are pictures of celebrities looking fantastic. Young moms like Julia Roberts, Gwenyth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon seem to shed those pounds with no work at all, and other celebrities just keeping looking better with age – just look at George Clooney! While some of it may be pure genetic luck, the rest of it is hard work at looking good. And much of that hard work comes in the form of working out at the gym, at home, with a personal trainer and much more!

It’s hard to see these fantastic looking bodies on the cover of every magazine and not want to look just as good. Well, here’s your chance to finally learn more about how celebrities stay looking so great and how you too can have a celebrity body in no time at all!

Jessica Simpson – Shaping Your Legs And Butt

I think that everyone would admit that she looked pretty darn good even before she started working out to get into shape for The Dukes of Hazzard. But after working out with a personal trainer for a while, she got into top physical shape for the movie, allowing her to shape her rump in those revealing Daisy Dukes that lots of women only dream about wearing! Her workout concentrated on her butt and her legs since the camera would be spending a lot of time in that area!

A good way to get into shape like she did for her movie is to spend time concentrating on the major legs and butt muscles through simple exercises like squats and lunges.
Her new workout video will tell you more about while muscles to target in order to tone those thighs and get some “junk in your trunk.”

Usher – Getting His 6-Pack

When your staring at your gut in the mirror each morning, sucking it in and telling yourself that your girlfriend doesn’t really care about a little extra “love” around your middle, she’s dreaming about Usher’s abs and wondering how it would feel to run her hands down that smooth washboard stomach of his. Well, it’s going to take more than just a few sit-ups to get looking as good as he does, but don’t worry guys, it’s totally do-able.

Usher is trying hard not to let himself “go” now that he’s rich and famous and doesn’t have to try too hard to get women, so he does about 1,000 crunches each day just to keep that famous stomach of his so ripped! Of course, this is complemented by other cardio work to burn fat and a healthy diet that is low on carbs.

Madonna – Yoga For Your Legs And Arms

Madge performed in a revealing bodysuit at the Grammy’s this past year and showed the entire world what a commitment to yoga can do for a person’s body. Her leg muscles make younger women like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan look like shapeless blobs!

Years of yoga and healthy eating have left middle-aged Madonna looking better than most women in their 20s. Her legs and arms are mean, toned machines. She attributes her physical success to her devotion to yoga and a junk-food free diet

Brad Pitt – His Trojan Horse Body

When Brad was filming Troy, he had to get his already nice body into much nicer shape. This meant bulking up with muscle and toning and strengthening so that he could be a believable ancient warrior and walk around in those baring uniforms without feeling self-conscious. To get a Brad body, you’ll have to commit some serious time to the gym.

You need to do cardio to burn off any extra fat and then spend a lot of time working out with weights to get bulked up. Oh yeah, and then visit a tanning bed for that little extra “something.”

Hilary Swank – Her Back Can Be Yours

Working out to prepare for her part in Million Dollar Baby did Swank some good. She was ripped in that movie and afterward, she was able to show off her amazing body at the Oscars. Obviously her training for the movie is a great way to get in shape, and if you’re looking to get an amazing back to show off in summer, then follow her routine from the movie. Jumping rope is an excellent cardio activity that you can do nearly anywhere and requires only a simple jump rope. This high intensity cardio training will strengthen your core muscles which will improve your posture and make your back look better in no time.

Celebrity Workout Videos

If you want step by step guides on getting a celebrity body, then you may want to consider purchasing your favorite star’s own workout video. There are a million and one videos out there, so here’s a little information on a few to get you started.

Nicole Kidman’s Video – Well, Her Sister’s Video

While Nicole Kidman is fantastically slim and gorgeous, she’s no fitness guru and doesn’t look like she could even lift a dumbbell. However, her sister has a yoga video out called Antonia Kidman Yoga.

It’s not much more than a regular yoga workout tape, so don’t expect any extras on the video (like what really happened between Nicole and Tom). The difficult thing with yoga videos, however, is that there’s no instructor in the room to assist you with particularly difficult poses and by the time you’ve caught onto one pose, it’s probably time to move to another one.

Carmen Electra’s Stripper Workout

This is an exercise video that will be fun for both guys and girls. The guys can watch Carmen (and their girlfriends) as they strut, wiggle and grind their way to better bodies and the girls get to have fun and feel sexy while sweating their way to a hard body. Of course, the video doesn’t actually entail any real stripping, but hey, it beats sweating to the Oldies, right?

Now that you’ve gotten a few celebrity workout tips and video previews, it’s time to break out those sweatpants and get into shape!

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