Clothes Make The Lover – Using Clothes To Make Your Sex Life More Exciting

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When you think of sex, chances are pretty good that you imagine a naked woman in your bed, pleasuring you all night long. While it may seem contradictory, clothing can actually improve your sex life. Read on to find out how you can use clothes to make your sex life even steamier.

Why Clothes Can Be Sexy

You’ve heard the saying, “Clothing makes the man?” Well, clothing in the bedroom can also make your sex life more exciting and pleasurable. Clothing can add a degree of impulsiveness to your sex life; it can also make you and your partner feel more daring and confident in the bedroom. For instance, she might not feel fully confident and sexy when she’s naked; however, if she’s wearing thigh high stockings and a lacy bra, she might feel empowered, and this can translate into better sex in the bedroom.

Plus, wearing some clothes during sex makes it feel like you are both so involved in the passion of the moment that you can’t be bothered to take the time to remove your clothes entirely. Just like those movies where you see a passionate love scene in which they tear at each other’s clothes because they can’t wait to be naked before having sex, keeping some clothing items on can add a real degree of excitement to your ordinary routine.

She Can Leave Her Skirt On

There’s nothing sexier than a skirt on a girl, especially in summer, when her long, tan legs are there for you to enjoy. For sexual variety, tell your girlfriend to wear a sexy skirt and keep it on during sex. If she feels great in it, she will feel confident and sexy which will, in turn, make her more aggressive, more romantic, and more alluring. You can just pull her skirt down around her ankles, or you can have sex from behind, lifting up her skirt to have sex with her.

Another great way to use her skirt as a sexual turn on is to access the goods underneath it while in public. In a dark movie theatre, you can sneakily have her sit on your lap while the movie is showing. All you have to do is unzip your pants and push her skirt up a little for unrestricted access to a spontaneous moment of pleasure.

Leave Your Tie On

Wearing clothes during sex isn’t just for women. You can participate in the sexy clothing sexcapade too. For example, if you and your partner are getting ready for some nooky, remove everything except your boxers and your tie. She can use the tie for a variety of purposes; from blindfolding you, to binding your hands to the bed posts, to simply yanking you around the bedroom, the tie can definitely spice up your sex life.

Leaving your boxers on is another great way to stimulate her because it can build up the excitement, and make sex feel more impulsive and fervent, as though the two of you are so horny that you can’t take the time to completely remove your clothes before jumping each other’s bones.

Plus, if you are pitching a tent in your boxers, she might like to play with your penis while you are still clothed. Her touching you through the thin cotton of your shorts can be more physically and mentally exciting than slipping the foreplay and jumping straight to the main course.

Keep The Underwear On

When you were a horny teenager, making out with your girlfriend while keeping your underwear was exciting, but unsatisfying because it usually didn’t proceed beyond the dry humping stage. Keeping your underwear on can allow you to relive those exciting moments when you were a teenager – when there wasn’t enough time to take off your clothes before making out. When you are in the bedroom, tell her to keep her thong and bra on. You can fumble with the bra hooks, just like you did when you were a teenager, and she can straddle your lap while you make out.

When you do get her bra open, suck on her nipples until she’s ready to scream. Then, when you can’t stand the teasing anymore, push her underwear aside and insert yourself into her. Alternatively, when you are about to have sex, pull off her thong and tie her hands together with it. She won’t be able to stop you from doing whatever you want to her – she will be at your mercy! Another way to prolong the foreplay is to make out with each other while still wearing your underwear. Touch each other as though you are completely naked, and when you feel like you are going crazy with pleasure, get naked and indulge.

Silk And Satin

Clothes can also improve your sex life because some materials just feel so good. Imagine your hands are bound with her thong; your eyes are blindfolded with your tie. Then, she climbs on top of you wearing nothing but a silk or satin camisole or teddy. The rich smoothness of the material will only add to the excitement of the moment, as she rubs her body up and down yours. Plus, you know you have full access to the goods underneath the camisole since her underwear is binding your hands. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing sensations.

Shoes And Stockings

Whether or not you have a foot fetish, have your girlfriend keep her stiletto shoes on, with thigh-high stockings. Sure, this look might be cliched, but when she yanks you into the bedroom wearing this outfit, you will forget that you ever thought that! Not only will the visual picture stimulate you, but the feeling of her silky thighs straddling your lap will be enough to send you over the edge.

Clothes And Sex

Next time you and her are getting it on, only half undress yourself. Tell her to keep some of her clothes on too, and you can both use your imagination for the rest. Getting naked can be overrated!

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