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When traveling, have you ever had a desire to make love to someone from another culture? Don’t be embarrassed to talk (or indulge) in your fantasies! Although men and women are essentially the same from country to country, every culture is unique and that can make a difference in how men and women interact. This may sound stereotypical, but it when you consider that every culture has distinct customs, cuisines and clothing you soon realize that the same applies to their attitudes towards sex.

This article will focus on how you should approach the foreign girl of your dreams, and how to make love to her once you get her. Plus, we will talk about some myths and misunderstanding that people often have about different cultures, to show how you can work around them.

Asian Cultures

One thing you have to remember is that every Asian culture is unique, but they are all fairly conservative compared to North America when it comes to premarital sex. In most cases, there is no premarital sex, as losing ones virginity can be seen as disgraceful in the eyes of her family. However, what her family wants and what she wants are two different things, and you are both consenting adults. So, if she’s already attracted to you, she is probably looking for someone less traditional than her past boyfriends. So you need to make sure you get things right in order to gain her respect, and her interest.

Here are some general tips:

  1. Be different (intriguing) but not too aggressive, as you might frighten her off. Remember, it’s possible that she may be waiting until marriage, or for ‘the one’. So be respectful, as this could mean no sex, just a lot of fooling around – which can be equally exciting.
  2. Don’t tell her you fantasize about Asian girls or anything stereotypical like that. She knows there are perverts out there who only want to bed an Asian girl. So don’t make her feel like she is just going to be one more of your conquests. Again, be respectful, or you could offend her.
  3. As usual, be creative!
  4. Go slow and read the signs. If she has been fantasizing about being with someone from your culture, then make sure you do your culture proper. Don’t be selfish — take the time to love her right.
  5. Be gentle – but not too gentle!


  • Quickies.
  • Her parents.
  • Dirty talk – make her feel like a princess.

Other things to do:

If you want something really kinky, make sure you check out the infamous asian sex tourism trade. Amsterdam may have invented the concept, but places like Thailand and Japan are taking it to the next level.


Aussies are a well-traveled bunch, and going topless is the typically the norm. They are very friendly, and the women are usually interested in meeting guys from different cultures. Not only do they get around the world, but Australia is also one of the premiere destinations for practically every college/university student on the planet, and we all know that they like to party! Since these girls usually have more experience, you don’t want to come across like an awkward teenager. Be more a little more aggressive, and give her your best stuff. Remember – these girls like to have a good time!

Here are some general tips:

  1. She wants something different; so don’t bore her with straight sex. Take her out on a beach or some other exotic location. Remember that she will relate what you do to your country, so be respectful and consider her needs and wants as she considers yours.
  2. Don’t get all messed up by her perfect, tanned breasts. For some odd reason North Americans are hung up on boobs, and they are not the center of female sexuality – contrary to popular belief. Pay attention to her entire body.
  3. Head south, and give her some oral loving. Our survey of Aussie women revealed that many more Australian than North American men avoid giving oral sex. So give her culture-crossing cunnilingus like she’s never had before. Make sure she comes first!


  • Treating her like trash.
  • Her male friends.
  • Playing it safe.

Eastern Europe

Ever since the fall of communism, the old Eastern bloc countries have been struggling with capitalism. One thing they have been exporting like crazy is amazingly beautiful woman as swimsuit models and super models. These fine ladies are far from the cold, broad-shouldered, hormone-injecting athletes in James Bond movies. We are talking about the ‘crème de la crème’ – babes that most guys would kill to be with.

Here are some general tips:

  1. Most have liberal attitudes towards sex; so you may not have to spend a lot of time courting her.
  2. Watch out for her overprotective so called “brother(s)”, who might actually turn out to be her lover(s) – if you rub one (or all) of them the wrong way you may end up in a predicament, or the hospital.
  3. Your room, not hers. Most of the Eastern bloc countries are still playing ‘catch-up’ when it comes to the basic necessities, so your hotel room will have less people in it and be far superior to her cramped apartment.


  • Making empty promises about living with you in America.
  • Comparing her to a Russian girl.
  • Drinking absinthe at a stranger’s house.

South American

Have you ever seen a girl from South America dance? Wow, those ladies can shake their booties like no other woman on earth. And when they aren’t dancing they are making love (at least that’s what we’d like to imagine). The thing to remember about Latina woman is that they are extremely passionate about everything in their lives. Dancing, dining, music and lovemaking – everything they do is passionate, sexy and very spicy.

Here are some general tips:

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed by all of the stimuli: great food, sexy music, spicy dancing, amazing bodies. Play it cool or you may end up looking desperate.
  2. Don’t be afraid to get dirty! It will probably be hot outside and Latin dancing makes people sweat, so don’t act like a baby when the perspiration starts to flow. It’s perfectly acceptable, just be sure to apply and reapply deoderant. It’s one thing to be sweaty, but another to be smelly.
  3. Stamina is required! Remember, these girls hang out on the beach all day and then salsa all night long – then (hopefully) they get down and dirty. If you are out of shape, you will fall asleep just when things start to get good.
  4. Treat her like a man would! Remember, she’s passionate and you should try to follow suit. Being sweet and soft may work for some but if her hormones are raging yours should be too.


  • Her family. Namely, her equally as passionate protective brothers.
  • Pregnancy and other medical issues. Many South American countries are predominantly Catholic, so birth control/protection may not be as handy as it is up north. Pack your own.
  • Insulting her country. But why would you? Enjoy every minute of it.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of girl you are going after, get a feel for what she is all about as an individual before you make your move. Whatever you do, do not use this information to stereotype any one particular woman that you meet when traveling. Every woman, no matter where she’s from, is unique.

Just be aware of the cultural differences that you may encounter and adjust or modify your sexual antenna accordingly. Remember that they are experiencing you just as you are experiencing them; so act accordingly, both inside and outside the bedroom!

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