How To Date A Career Woman

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Most women attend some form of post-secondary education and move on to careers. And just like their male counterparts, women take pride in their careers. That means they might not have a lot of time for socializing and meeting people. This article offers tips on how to meet and date a career woman.

Rumors about why you shouldn’t marry a career woman

Just last summer, Michael Noer, a writer for, published an article entitled “Don’t Marry Career Women.” The article was short-lived because it was full of sexist ideas that turned a lot of people off. Noer basically told readers that if they married a career woman, they would be likelier to get divorced; they might not have children; she would be more likely to cheat on him; and overall, they would just live an unhappy life.

The Forbes article was absolutely archaic in its ideas, and was harkening back to a time women stayed barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Well, boys, times have changed and if you want to find yourself a successful career woman, then you should read on to find out more.

What’s the career woman all about?

Some men have this idea that career women are bitchy and cold, and want nothing to do with men. This is ludicrous. Career women, just like career men, are people who have worked hard to get where they are and want to hone their professional skills and become better and better in their professions. This doesn’t mean that career women don’t want to date, or get married, or raise families, but it also doesn’t mean that once they meet Mr. Right that they will give up on their careers altogether and stay at home with the kids.


Some men feel intimidated by career women. The career woman might make more money than you; she might occupy a position high up on the corporate ladder; she might not be the kind of person who wants to take time out of her career to have children. And who cares? If you are intimidated by women who have successful careers and long-term goals, then you need to grow up and start to wonder what’s wrong with you, not what’s wrong with her.

Meeting Career Women

Career women are easy to meet because they are everywhere. If you work in a demanding profession like law, for example, you will meet lots of career women within your profession. And, you will have lots in common with women within your profession because you are involved in the same line of work and experience the same frustrations and problems.

Of course, dating within your office or firm might be looked upon a bit poorly, depending on your office culture, so before you start looking for available ladies within the confines of your firm or office, think about whether that would be appropriate or not.

Dating Career Women

Some men make the mistake of ordering for their dates or making plans without consulting their dates. This might be a good idea if you are planning a surprise – and you know that she likes surprises – but if you are just going on a first date with someone, show them respect by treating them as an equal and not a child whose meat needs to be cut into bite-sized pieces.

That means you should consult with your date beforehand to figure out where you want to go and what you will do on your date. Career women can lead busy, hectic lives, so on a date, they might just want to relax. Taking them clubbing might not be what they are looking for in a first date.

They’re Busy Too

Depending on the type of career she has, a career woman might have to stay in touch with the office while she’s on the date. For example, if she’s a successful real estate agent in a hot market, that means she might get phone calls from clients during your dates. Don’t assume that she can simply forget about work and concentrate on you. Chances are you have your phone on too, so cut her some slack and let her take care of business when needed.

She may live like a Bachelor

Often at times, more is expected of women. That means that in addition to working long hours, she is also expected to keep an immaculate house and when the time comes, have children and raise them. If this is your idea of the perfect woman you might want to keep that to yourself. Women who dedicate their lives to their careers might not have time to cook & clean, much less have children. This means that she might hire a maid to clean to clean her house. Some men find this intimidating because it means that she’s fully dedicated to her career and is not interested in “traditional” household activities. Well, get used to it – we’re living in the 21st century.

Don’t Be Needy

If you are looking for someone to take care of you, then dating a career woman might be a bad idea. Career women are strong and independent and the last thing they want is a guy who hangs on them for support and needs to be with them all the time. They are busy people who expect that you will continue to have your own life outside of the relationship and not just wait around for them to call.


Before dating career women, get rid of all your preconceptions about what you think career women are like and what you think they should be like. If you want a woman who will be at home cooking your meals everyday, then you might not want to start dating a criminal defence attorney because she’s got other things on her plate. On the other hand, just because she may have a more successful career than you or make more money that you doesn’t mean that you should feel intimidated. Women want men who will treat them as equals and respect their careers and goals.

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