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Are you tired of pizza, beer, and football every night? Or maybe you are starting to get a little concerned about all the ladies who call you ‘sir’ at that nightclubs, as they say ‘no thanks’ when you ask them to dance. Let’s face it. You can be single forever if you want to be, but not every guy wants to remain single for the rest of his life. But equally true is that not every woman wants to get married, which might hurt your chances of settling down and having kids.

So how do you convince her to walk down the aisle without scaring her off? An unplanned pregnancy can help, but there are few other tips and tricks that will help you along the way. This article is designed to help ‘maritally’ challenged men who want to enter into matrimony by teaching them how to convert a girlfriend into a wife.

Stage 1 – Get a girl… but not just any girl!

There are only two requirements for entering stage one: 1) a desire to get married; and 2), a female. We are assuming that you have the desire, but maybe you don’t yet have the girl. Of course you might have a long-term girlfriend, which is a great start. But if you don’t have any current prospects, then you need to figure out exactly what it is you are looking for in a life partner. Here are a few pointers:

  • Think life partner, not one-night-stand. You may be drawn to the fake boobs, bleached hair, and slutty demeanor – but do you really want to take bar girls home to meet the parents?
  • Beauty fades. Marriages, for the most part, last a long time. Therefore, you need to stimulate the body and the mind. If you want to raise children and maintain a home, you need more than beauty queen to do it. Although you may find the perfect female, don’t pass up others because you don’t think your current prospects live up to your perfect ideal.
  • Opposites attract, but what they attract is divorce. Find someone who shares your likes and dislikes, comes from a similar background, and has similar goals. Look for this person around you, at the places you frequent, activities you attend, friends you hang out with, etc.
  • It’s important that you like her, but equally important she is accepted by your friends and family. So take their advice when looking, and listen to people you trust when they offer opinions.
  • Get help! Once people know you are serious about settling down, they will be quick to offer up sisters, single friends, divorcees, etc.

Stage 2 – I got the girl. Now what?

So you are in, or have been in, a relationship for some time. Now you want to convert this relationship into a marriage. Maybe you have asked her and she said not yet, or maybe you have talked about it and she said no. Whichever scenario describes your situation now is the time to discover the reasons behind her reluctance. Here are some questions to help you with your analysis:

  • Does she look at you and see marriage material? If you don’t look and act like the kind of man who can sustain a marriage, family and household, then she might be writing you off before you begin.
  • Are you capable of raising children? Most women have finely tuned intuition that warns them away from men who have the potential top be lousy fathers. You can counter this image by getting a pet, pointing out where other parents have gone wrong, and finding out what she thinks about how children should be raised – and then agree with her! Another great strategy is to baby-sit her nieces and nephews, to show her how well you interact with kids.
  • Bad habits, or lifetime habits? If you are engaging in behavior that she dislikes – farting, burping, etc. – you might be destroying your hope for wedded bliss. She wants to marry a guy she can be proud of, not a guy who likes to wrestle his buddies in the mud. If she thinks that there is no hope for change, then there is no hope for marriage. So take the initiative and work on those things she nags you about – weight, bad habits, lack of initiative, etc.
  • Check the nest. Lost of animals build pretty nests to attract females, and humans aren’t much different. So if you have a wall of high school trophies and beer posters, you are sending her the wrong image of your marital worth. Remember – your home reflects your maturity level and state of mind.

Stage 3 – Conversion

So let’s review where we are so far. You are now dating the woman you want to marry, and you have gone to great (or short) lengths to prove your marital worth. Now you need to convert your efforts into a marriage. At this stage there could still be one last problem; she is not the marrying type. If this is the problem you are faced with, find out why and annihilate her fears.

She might come from a broken home, or maybe she feels her independence is threatened. Or maybe she just doesn’t love you. No matter what her excuse, you need to make her understand that she is the one for you but that you won’t wait forever. A lot of women, and men, sometimes need the threat of a break up in order to take that final step – a threat that many have succumbed to.

So now you just review all the reasons why you want to get married, and explain to her how you are marriage worthy. If she starts throwing up roadblocks, just address each one by showing/telling her how you have changed, or how the two of you will resolve each problem. Once you have negated all of her fears, she has to say yes.

Stage 4 – Propose!

Buy the ring advance, as this will also prove to her you are serious. We will leave the actual method of proposal up to you, but make sure you keep her personality, wants, and desires in mind when you choose the ring and when you pop the question. Because the last thing you want to do is scare her off when you are this close to closing the deal. Good luck!

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