Debunking Sexual Myths

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We’ve all heard various sexual myths throughout our years, but sometimes it is unclear whether or not they are true or not. These myths seem to withstand the test of time, as generations of young people continue to hear the same folklore as their parents.

The internet is probably one of the main reasons behind their perpetuation; google sexual myths and you are bound to find thousands of pages devoted to odd and interesting legends. Here are some common ones for your amusement.

The pull-out (withdrawal) method is a good idea

The time-honored pull-out method seems to be a favorite for those in denial about having sex (if I didn’t come inside her, it’s not sex, right?), and for those couples that honestly think that this idea makes sense. The basic idea behind the method, as we all know, is for the man to pull out of her vagina before ejaculating. This myth requires debunking because it has probably led to the most unwanted pregnancies in history.

Why is this a bad idea? It’s completely unreliable; it gives the man power over the woman’s reproductive rights (who says he’s really gonna pull out?); and it does not prevent pregnancy. Even if you do pull out and graciously spew your load all over her stomach, the fact remains that she could still get pregnant because most penises leak sperm-containing fluid called pre-ejaculate long before full ejaculation.

Rubbing her breasts will make them bigger

A guy I used to work with once offered me this wonderful piece of advice. According to him, rubbing a girl’s breasts makes them bigger. Obviously this is one of the cheapest tricks in the book and a girl would probably have to be seriously stupid if she believed this is the case. This is a prime example of a myth made up by some high school senior in his attempt to cop a feel. Nothing beyond genetics or falsies will make her boobs grow bigger, as much as you would like this to be the case.

Circumcised penises are cleaner

It is truly amazing to consider that circumcision is still popular, despite the fact that the foreskin is now known to house all kinds of important and good-feeling sexual nerves. Men who are not circumcised experience greater sexual pleasure than men who are because the heads of their penises are more sensitive than the heads of those that have been bumping against denim and boxer briefs for 30 years. Beyond that, circumcised penises are considered, in sexual mythology, to be cleaner.

The idea that men are so incapable of keeping their dinks clean and so must have part of them removed, is ludicrous. For those men with decent bodily hygiene practices, washing the old one-eyed snake should come as second nature. Think about it: wash your penis or have it cut off. Seems like a pretty easy decision to me.

Two condoms are safer than one…

This strikes me as a myth that only naïve young teenagers would actually consider to be true. However, the number of people that have tried this is much greater than you would expect. In fact, evidence suggests that the friction caused by having two condoms rub against each other will, in fact, cause them to rupture which is exactly what you don’t want. So don’t try this under any circumstances!

All women only have one vagina each…

As odd as it may sound, there is a medical condition that recognizes women who have more than one vagina. And no, it’s not located in her bum, but nice try! There are also cases of women having two uteruses (uteri?).

Only gay men get HIV

Hard to believe that this myth still exists, considering that HIV and AIDS are on the rise in the heterosexual population. Having said that, it’s not like this myth came out of nowhere. The fact is, anal sex is a high risk activity because of the potential for tearing the close proximity to blood vessels. For women, it is also fairly easy to get HIV having “straight” sex, especially when you don’t know where your partner has been sticking his Willy.

You can tell if a woman is a virgin just by looking at her

Again, a pretty lame idea, isn’t it? There is no way to tell if someone is a virgin unless they tell you, and even then, who knows? Many women don’t bleed during their first time either, so if you’re hoping to discover she’s a virgin then, you are out of luck. There’s no particular way virgins dress, smell or talk.

Masturbation will make you blind or put hair on your palms

Now who came up with this one? For decades parents, educators and religious disciplinarians have tried to scare us all not only from sex but also from the enjoyment of self pleasure. Creating a false sense of fear works on some but temptation usually gets the best of us.

Until only recently masturbation has been accepted, encouraged, and even celebrated. And why not? It’s fun, theraputic and has documented physical health benifits. If you think about it, if these myths were true wouldn’t we all have palm-hairstylists and seeing-eye dogs? Everyone does it, and yes it is a perfectly safe and healthy practice.

She can’t get pregnant the first time you do it

Seems like another obvious one and yet, the thousands of unplanned children running around attest to the fact that many people do not understands basic biology. It doesn’t matter if it was her first time, her last time or her 145th time. If egg and sperm meet, chances are good she’ll get preggers. Jumping up and down won’t help either, so just put on a condom and play it safe.

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