Electronic Relationships

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Electronic relationships have become one of the main ways people meet, communicate, and start affairs these days. Social media, chat room meetings, text and picture messaging, instant messenger hook-ups, and relationships that begin with emails have replaced awkward first phone calls and uncomfortable first dates.

Since you are reading this article online, you have probably already started a relationship this way, or maybe you are considering it. In any case, this article will give you some pointers on how to start, maintain, and ‘close the deal’ on your e-relationship.

Getting Started 

All relationships start the same way – with first contact. In the digital world we now live in, that first contact often comes in the forms of bits and bites. This means the love of your life might be someone you meet through electronic contact, before you ever even lay eyes on her! Plus, the written word requires a little more thought than the spoken word, which is great for all the shy guys out there who get tongue-tied when they talk to a girl. So you need to keep a few things in mind when you are crafting your first electronic message or reply.

1. Avoid sarcasm! Sarcasm does not translate well into written forms of communication, so it might backfire on you.

2. Humor is good! Johnny Carson once said that a good sense of humor gets you further with the ladies than a good body. So be funny and charming in your email.

3. Spell check! Grammar issues aside, you should at least ensure that your spelling is correct. Use the spell checker! And avoid ‘cutsey’ words like ‘luv’ or ‘wuv’. You want her to know you are a real man, not a teenager.

4. Response time. Always get back to her right away, but remember your electronic communication is time and date stamped. So if you are replying seconds after she emails or texts you, make sure you come across as being interested, not being desperate.

5. Don’t lie! Unlike your spoken words, electronic lies leave an electronic trail. She can recall those emails, save those IM conversations, and store those texts – so make sure you are honest about your looks, occupation, etc.

Electronic Relationship Maintenance

One of the best things about e-relationships is that they can be maintained in unique ways that the telephone and in-person relationships can’t. For example, you can use a webcam to make your conversations more personal, interesting, and (hopefully) sexy. Here are some tips for helping your e-relationship from fading out.

1. Maintain constant contact. If the computer is your primary hub for contact, don’t let days slip by without an email or a chat. Set up a regular time to meet online, either in a chat room or through an IM service.

2. Talk about everything! The best thing about digital communication is that it has forced all of us to be more communicative. So don’t just ‘porn’ things up every time she logs on, make sure you learn about her life…and then porn things up!

3. Upgrade. Private communication is best, so make sure you move out of whatever chatroom you were using originally, and use something more secure and private. If your affair is illicit, set up a fresh email and IM account – especially if this is work related.

4. Get interactive! If your relationship has advanced to a sexual stage, then take advantage of your private video chats and start to have some interactive sex. The best thing about this type of contact is it can be done anywhere and anytime, all you need it an Internet connection.

5. Face-to-Face. Eventually, all of your excellent chatting will lead to some well-deserved F2F contact. Part of the beauty of e-relationships is that when you finally do hook-up, you have already created a strong emotional bond. This means you can dispense with the small talk, and move more quickly into a physical relationship (yippee!).

Closing The Deal

Depending on the type of relationship you have started, at some point you need to be ready to close the deal and enjoy the fruit of your labours. The transition from e-relationship to F2F relationship can be problematic. Here is a list of some dos and don’ts.


  • Make sure you keep up the talking. Since you have been texting and chatting, she will expect you to keep up the level of conversation while in person. This often proves to be more complicated than it sounds, especially if you are one of those guys who need time to think up funny and interesting things to say.
  • Keep the e-relationship alive. Although you won’t be doing it as much, she will appreciate the occasional romantic or sexy text. Incorporate the digital contact into your new relationship. Just scale it back to a manageable level.
  • Act natural! If you were acting or pretending to be someone you actually aren’t, then now is the time to come clean. It is much harder to keep a lie going in person.


  • Don’t get weird about the online portion of your relationship. If you have photos, videos, and other racy material, don’t keep asking her do more in this area. Although she might be kinky and interested in doing some online sexiness, she also might have let her guard down because she thought you were the one.
  • Don’t imply that you have done this with other women. Everybody likes to feel special, so don’t let her think she is just one in a chain of e-relationship conquests.
  • Don’t have anything on your hard drive that will contradict the last point. People are computer savvy these days, so you need to be careful the only pictures, videos, and old emails you have are of her and her alone.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t already gone down the road of digital bliss, then you are in for a treat when you do. It is amazing how far you can take your non-physical relationship online, and it only enhances the physical relationship once you get started. Plus, you will have all these cool emails, messages, pictures and videos that you can read over when you are 50. So start off the New Year right and send an email to someone you love…or like…or lust after. You might be pleasantly surprised at the reply.

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