The End Of Sex Headaches Forever!

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The sex headache remains a mystery to most men. No one knows when it will appear, or how valid an excuse it truly is. When it comes to the dreaded “Not tonight, I have a headache,” what’s a guy to do? Pay attention to this advice and you’ll be able to avoid causing and experiencing women’s sex headaches altogether. After all, the best medication for a sex headache, is sex itself…

Contrary to what you may believe, women’s sex headaches are quite avoidable. Headaches are often the result of stress. Stress is most commonly attributed to the workplace, however, it can also arise from relationship or family issues, general depression or anxiety. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and responsible habits can help curb the stress caused by every day life. Without knowing it, a woman might be experiencing sinus pressure, caffeine-related head pain, or the delayed after effects of a hangover. So when she uses a headache as an excuse for sex, what she might be communicating is a general or temporary bodily discomfort that has little to do with her actual head, or her interest in you or sex in general.

Women are also more prone to anxiety and worry than men. Participating in exercise or activities with a woman will help to motivate her and prevent stress from getting her down. Shared activities will also help her feel closer to you, and more willing to overcome her personal roadblocks. The happier a woman is at the end of the day, the better your chances are of avoiding the onset of a sex headache. As much as it is her responsibility to maintain balance in her life, it is your responsibility to do so in your own, and to share a healthy lifestyle with her.

Women also attribute headaches to hormonal changes in their body. Fluctuations in women’s hormones can be associated with weight change, irregular menstrual cycles, childbirth or illness. To be realistic, there is little you can do in the battle against a woman’s hormones – however, you can support her through her time of change, and help her to recognize how the physical changes may be affecting her emotional state. After all, a large portion of sex headaches are linked to emotional or mental issues rather than physical ones. Learning how to snap a woman out of a slump is not a skill, it is an art – so if you feel like you have the means to do so, do your best. It will pay off for you at the end of the day, and also maybe the next morning…

Women can experience sex headaches because of bad past experiences as well. Getting her to open up about the experience will help her to overcome it, though this might be easier said than done. Ask questions and spark conversation that express your interest in her well being, or that will help to overcome a past experience that was upsetting to her, and you will be on your way to avoiding more sex headaches in the future.

So what about if the tables are turned and you find that it is you using the sex headache as an excuse? Then you need to consider what might be at the root of your disinterest in sex. Are you bringing displeasure from your job home with you? Do feel that your relationship with a woman is causing you undue stress? Ultimately, if your disinterest in sex or general feelings of stress are winning out over your desire for a woman – you might be better off alone. It is sometimes hard to admit to yourself that you are just not attracted enough to a woman to endure a long-term sexual relationship. Take stock of the situation, even make a list of pros and cons about the woman you are with, because sooner than later she will start taking your sex headaches personally, and you will have an angry or hurt woman on your hands – which, in most cases, is worse than a sex headache any day of the week.

There is no quick fix for the sex headache, and they have yet to invent a cure-all pill for a lack of interest in sex. The best medicine for the ailment however, is – in fact – the ailment itself. You might find that a woman complaining of a sex headache is simply feeling a bit lazy about sex, or is trying to encourage you to try harder. Initiate foreplay with a woman who complains of a headache and you might be surprised of the result! Many women report that a good sex session is the ultimate cure for a headache, however, they don’t feel sexy prior to the encounter at all. Though it might seem like a lot of effort at the time, snapping a woman out of her headache could encourage some of the most stimulating sex you have ever experienced. If a woman is feeling into herself and her body, which is the effect that most mild headaches have, she may be more easily excited than you realize. A minor aching can lead to a major orgasm, because her body is actually more in tune with itself.

If you are initiating sex with a headache prone woman, you should try and help her relax by performing a massage. She might not feel up to talking about what her anxieties are at the time, so some comforting (and sexy) music will also help to put her in the mood. Few women can resist truly affectionate behaviour from a man, so soft kisses and gently caressing are always a good way to start. If you can, ignore some of her weak initial resistance to your advances, she likely just wants you to try harder. If she is really into you, she will appreciate your advances in the end, and next time around, she will take the opportunity to pay you back for your sensitive approach to sex and love-making during her time of need. In the case that she is completely resistant or complains of her headache getting worse, offer to get her a Tylenol and plan to spend the night watching sports. In the end, if there is no end your woman’s sex headache, it might be time to end your sex life with her instead.

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