Faking It #1: Dinner & Dates

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Have you ever wondered what you can do to impress her? The chances are there are lots you can do, but the odds are good you don’t know how to do these things. So what to do? This article will examine how you can fake your way through situations, so that you can impress that special someone.

Faking can come in particularly handy when you are in a new or short-term relationship, but even long-term relationships can get a boost from some well-timed forgeries. We will also give you examples of when to fake your way through something and why, as well as the pros and cons of making certain choices.

So keep reading and get ready to fake your way through dinner. Remember: imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

Why Fake It In The First Place?

Aside from impressing the hell out of someone, faking your way through dinner can be very satisfying. Even better, it often takes a lot less skill and time to pull off a good fake. There is even a reality TV show based along this theme, with the contestant given 4 weeks to prepare their fake, before they try to fool a panel of judges. People like to fake things mainly because it is tremendously satisfying to get away something, but it also helps you get what you want a whole lot quicker.

Faking Tips

Be Convincing: No matter what it is you have decided to fake, you must be convincing to your victim. If you falter or show fear, she will grow suspicious. But if you are convincing enough early on in the game, then you won’t have her zeroing in on whatever is that you are faking.

Learn Enough To Fool An Amateur: The odds are you won’t be able to fake your way past someone who really knows what they are talking about. So make sure you don’t do something like pretend you are a doctor to someone who is a real doctor.

Avoid Crowds: The less people you are performing for, the less likely it is that you will get exposed as a faker. So focus in on your one lady friend, and make sure you don’t go to far and expose yourself.

Keep It Simple!: Whatever lies you need to tell in order to fake something, make sure they are not elaborate. That way you will remember what you said on future dates, and you won’t trip up and draw suspicion.

What To Fake & Why

Dinner is one of the most faked events, and it also carries a low risk of recrimination. By that we mean she probably won’t be too upset if she catches you pulling off this particular scam. Here are three ways to set it up:

Take out/Take in:

  • Without too much buildup, invite her over for a delicious meal at your place.
  • Order good take out food from a restaurant you know serves quality food, but pick a place she is unfamiliar with. Some of these restaurants will even deliver the meal to your home, but you are more in control if you get the food first.
  • Your kitchen needs to look like you were doing the cooking, so you need to transfer the food into your pots and pans. Add a little water to the hot dishes, and put it all in the oven to keep warm. This will ‘aromatize’ your home, and help with the illusion.
  • Low lighting and candles will help deflect close inspection of the kitchen.
  • Read up on the dish you are serving, just so you know enough to drop a few meaningful comments.
  • Avoid long conversations on the food, and make sure you tell her that you are a new cook and you like to experiment.
  • Last tip – make sure you don’t leave the take-out containers lying around!


There are several gourmet dinners you can buy frozen. Some restaurants will even prepare and freeze certain dishes so that you can take them home and enjoy them at your leisure. Or maybe your mom offers to make you a batch of her famous ribs, which – of course – you want to pass off as your own.

  • Once again, she can’t be there during the set-up phase of the meal. You need to make the kitchen look like you have been prepping all day long.
  • Have the oven on and set to thaw your dish, which will take between 15-20 minutes. So timing is key! If you leave it in to long, it will dry out and lose flavour.
  • Make a salad from scratch. They are easy to make, and you can be doing that while you wait for the meal. Just tell her dinner is warming up in the oven, and then whip up a fresh salad while you share a glass of wine. This way she will smell the delicious scents from the meal, while associating you with food preparation.
  • Another simple addition to a frozen meal is fresh vegetables, which you can either steam or grill. Simple, easy, and they will enhance the now cooked frozen meal.
  • Sit her down at the table, and get her started on the salad and appetizers.
  • Fresh Parmesan, fresh ground pepper, fresh parsley – anything fresh – will enhance the fake, and make the meal taste that much better. By the way – all these ‘fresh’ items can be bought pre-packaged – including the vegetables.

Hire a Chef

Hiring someone to come and do the cooking is a great way to fool a person, but it is very expensive and they can’t be around for the final stages. So we recommend you choose one of the first two options.

Final Touches

Every woman likes a good dessert; so make sure you have picked one up in advance. Don’t get a whole cake or anything too elaborate. Fresh strawberries and chocolate, or some sort of simple cheesecake will do. Even better, try and find out what type of dessert she loves, then ‘make’ it for her! It’s more convincing when you actually add a glaze, chocolate or strawberry sauce at the table, so try and find something that you can ‘personalize’ at the table.

Final Thoughts

No matter what it is you decide to fake, just keep in mind a few simple rules. First, know why you are doing it because focused fake will yield better results. Second, know when to quit. At some point you might have to come clean, so don’t dig yourself in too deep. Finally, come up with an exit strategy. Since you might get exposed, you need to have a contingency plan. And that plan could be another fake! Be creative!

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