How To Have Vacation Sex At Home

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Remember when you and your girlfriend or wife went away for a vacation and had the most amazing sex of your lives? Maybe it was the nice weather, the stress-free time together, or maybe it was just the rum! Whatever it was, many couples say that their most memorable sexual experience with their partner occurred when they were on vacation together. But, we all know that regular vacations can be costly and time-consuming. That’s why I’m hear to tell you that you don’t need to go on vacation to get that great sex you’ve been dreaming of.

Here are tips on how to get vacation sex at home. Guys, you no longer have to wait for your winter vacation to Mexico roll around in order to experience some of the best sex ever!

One of the reasons that vacation sex is so much better than “normal” sex is because when you are on vacation, you become a different person than you are at home. You are wilder and more care free. Things you wouldn’t do at home you may think is perfectly normal on vacation.

How To Make Her Feel Like She’s On Vacation

Before you try talking in a foreign accent, hoping it will help you seduce your partner into performing sexual acrobatics, start with some basics. First of all, women want to feel attractive so that they can feel confident enough to let loose in the bedroom. Maybe your partner doesn’t feel her most attractive all the time. Help her out by surprising her with a gift – get her a gift certificate for the spa where she can get a facial and a massage.

Book her tanning minutes at a tanning salon so that she can show you where she doesn’t have tan lines. Plus, you can finish it all off with a gift certificate to get her hair and nails done, so that she will feel her best all the time.

Vacation Sex Scenario #1 – Create A Beach In Your Backyard

If you and your girlfriend are always reminiscing about that vacation you had in the Caribbean, surprise her by re-creating it…in your backyard! Sure, it will take a bit of work, but think of the weekend the two of you will be able to enjoy. All you need is some sun, sand, water and rum to create a backyard getaway, perfect for vacation sex. Rent a hot tub, truck in a bit of sand, learn how to make her favorite summer drinks and you’re set. You can also run some Chinese lantern lights around the backyard for a romantic glow that will encourage skinny-dipping in the evening. When your partner discovers what you’ve done, tell her that for the entire weekend, you are both on vacation. Turn off the computers and the phones, order in food, and spend your time canoodling in the hot tub. Sure, you will have to make sure the neighbors don’t have a view of your antics, but perhaps the risk of exhibition will only increase your libido.

Vacation Sex Scenario #2 – Plan A Getaway In Your Own City

For lots of couples, sex becomes ordinary because the scenery doesn’t change. You end up having sex in the bedroom usually, and this tends to occur at night or in the morning, if it’s a weekend. The monotony of this can make sex boring and ordinary. That’s why you should spice up your sex life by planning a getaway in your own city.

You don’t have to go far and spend lots of money to get vacation sex. All you have to do is book a room for a weekend at a hotel in your city that offers theme rooms. You and your partner can act your favorite sex fantasies in whatever room you choose. Has she got a thing for hunky men in loin cloths? Get a Roman or Greek themed room and role play. With a simple change of scenery, you and your partner can change your ordinary sex life into an exciting, passionate one.

Plus, for a few extra dollars you can get a hotel room that comes with all the extras – a Jacuzzi tub in your room, a two-person shower and excellent room service. You will never have to leave the hotel room, and you can try out all those different sex positions in the gloriously large shower.

Vacation Sex Scenario #3 – Cabana Boy Meets Female Tourist

Another reason people have better sex on vacations is because they shed their inhibitions and simply concentrate on doing what feels good. So, if role-playing is more your thing, you and your partner can pretend that you are on vacation by having you play the role of the “cabana boy” and her play herself – a horny foreign tourist looking to have sex with a local. All you have to do is don your favorite tropical party shirt, knock on her bedroom door claiming you are bringing room service. She will “accidentally” be found without her clothes on, and the rest I will leave to your imagination.

Add Your Own Twist

If these scenarios don’t do it for you, then think of your own, using real life vacation sex experiences for ideas. All you have to do is think of your most memorable vacation moments with your partner and then re-create them in your home.

There are just a few things to keep in mind to ensure fantastic vacation sex at home:

  • No distractions – vacation means no phone, no internet and no work – at home, this may be harder to manage, but if you want to create a vacation atmosphere, you will have to get rid of these distracting devices
  • No schedule – the best part about any vacation is that it is all about relaxing. Wake up late, eat breakfast in bed, lounge around in few clothes, take a tip in the hot tub, and then go back to bed for more sex.

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