Fashion For Passion? – What She Wears To Bed And Why

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Ever been with a woman who wears a different sexy outfit to bed every night of the week? Alternately, does your sexy lady wear the same old ripped boxer shorts and tied dyed t-shirt night in and night out? What are you to make of her nighttime fashion rituals? Is she trying to send you a message, or are you looking too deep into her flare – or lack thereof – for fashion in the sack?

Women wear all sorts of different outfits to bed with a man. Unlike men, women have more options available to them when it comes to dressing up or dressing down for bedtime. You’ll notice that entire floors of department stores are devoted to lingerie and sleepwear for women, while the men’s selection is limited to a few racks between the shoe and suit sections. Make no mistake, many women enjoy having a personal passion for fashion – both for their own benefit and for the enjoyment of their partners.

But what does it really mean if your woman is dressing up or down before she comes to bed with you? Some of the outfits are loaded with suggestions, while others are sending a clear message of a different kind, like “Stay Away!” The following guide will help you navigate women’s bedtime fashion rituals and will keep both you and your woman happy in the sack for many more nights to come.

There are various categories that women’s passion for fashion fall into: The Sex Kitten, The Pretty Princess, The Old Maid, The Casual Chica, and The Nasty Girl. You will recognize some of these female types right off the bat, while others will remain more mysterious to you. Regardless, it is best to learn as much as you can about all types of women and their potential for shocking sleepwear – so you will never be caught off guard with your pants off.

The Sex Kitten may be hard to recognize in her daytime clothes, however, as soon as you are alone with one – you will know. These women are very sensual by nature, and usually can’t resist wearing something sexy at all times. Their bras and panties will usually be matching and very lacey, and they like to wear nighties of satin and silk that range from cute and pretty to down right hot! At the same time her bedtime fashion is revealing, it is usually more tasteful than raunchy. With her soft sexuality, the sex kitten is always demanding some of your attention – but take note, she does not need to be oogled. Part of her pleasure comes from knowing she looks good to herself, and it is not entirely for your benefit. At the same time, it will not take much effort to get this lady interested in some hanky panky, as her passion for fashion has already set the mood.

The Pretty Princess is the type of woman that some might consider high maintenance. These women usually partake is various rituals before bed, including facial scrubs, hair brushing, cream application, and in extreme cases – make up. Their outfits are typically busy or complicated, including frilly lace, ties, vibrant colours or the most typical look – pretty princess pink. If you notice that a woman always needs time in the bathroom before she gets in bed with you (and not just 2 minutes in order to brush her teeth), be weary that you might have a princess on your hands. What does this mean for you sex life? Chances are, a pretty princess will expect to be ‘serviced’ by you. She can be difficult to please, mostly because she is not entirely comfortable in her own skin, nevermind her frilly pink outfits.

Picture your favorite pair of old sweats, your most tattered t-shirt, and your most worn in socks. Now picture a woman wearing all of them and you have The Old Maid. These women have little interest in fashion during the evening. Though they might make themselves presentable for the daytime, after work they like to put on their most comfy old clothes and flop on the couch, and later, the bed. Most women have the capacity to dress like an old maid once in a while – lets say once a month – because it can be very comforting and relaxing. However, those women who make a daily habit of it are the ones you should worry about. There is nothing sexy about seeing a woman in loose, baggy clothes day in and day out, and no matter how pretty she might be, or how fun she is to hang out with – eventually the old maid get up will get you down, and probably her as well. The boredom and predictability of her outfits will translate into a fairly boring sex life as well. Your only hope is to buy her gifts of lingerie and tell her how sexy she looks wearing it – you might snap her out of her old maid outfits and spark her interest in a new passion for evening fashion…

The Casual Chica believes in only one fabric for nightime wear – cotton. This casual type of girl dresses for bed just as she did as a young girl or teenager, perhaps her parents are still buying her pajamas for her! Or she might also look like she just walked our of a yoga class and never changed her clothes. Expect to see matching cotton pajama tops and bottoms, shorts and tanks tops, or cropped pants and cute t-shirts. What message are her casual oufits sending? For the most part, the casual chica exudes comfort and confidence, and this can make her very sexy and approachable. But if you like to see lace, satin and silk in the bed once in a while, this is not the girl for you. Once she has assembled her collection of matching cotton tops and bottoms, there is almost no going back.

The Nasty Girl is full of surprises. This is the girl with the tickle trunk or bedside table full of condoms, toys, lotions and paraphernelia. Her range of bedtime wear ranges from naughty nighties and teddies to crotchless panties and garter belts. She likes everything from lace, satin, leather, and vinyl and her favorite colours are typically black, red and white. Sometimes she might even surprise you with some fishnets, boots, spiked accessories or, if you’re lucky, pierced private parts. You might think that The Nasty Girl is every man’s secret fantasy, however, the fantasy can wear off if it is happening to you every night! The secret to success for The Nasty Girl is to keep things mysterious and unpredictable – like some nights throwing on a pleather skirt and boustier, and the next night wearing sexy undies (or no undies) under her jeans to a movie. If you find a nasty girl who seems just a little over the top, be afraid of her extreme behaviour as she likely has high expectations of consistently nasty sex that may get difficult to keep up with or manage down the road.

Now that you have learned all about women’s passion for fashion, consider your own nightime outfits and rituals or lack thereof. Are there certain things your woman likes to see you in? The message you send out can be very important to the evenings events, and the success of your sex life down the road – so pay attention and dress – or undress – with care!

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