Finding the Male G-Spot

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Has your girlfriend been trying to sneak her finger or an anal toy into your rear end lately? Don’t worry! She’s only trying to give you the extra sexual pleasure that comes from stimulating your G-Spot. That’s right, guys DO have a G-Spot (sometimes called the A-spot), just like women do, and in order to get to it, you’re going to have to become a lot more comfortable with the idea of anal play.

Males are sometimes said to have several G-Spots—some men find stimulation of the frenulum so intense and pleasurable that it has been dubbed one of three unique male G-Spots. The other two, discussed below, are the more traditional and elusive G-Spots because they involve anal stimulation, something that many men are not comfortable with.

How to find the male G-Spot

Just like women, men also have an erogenous zone that, if properly stimulated, can cause them to achieve unbelievable climaxes during sex. In fact, it’s probably easier to find than the elusive female G-Spot because it’s really just the prostate gland, and people generally know more about the prostate because it has a function other than being a pleasure button.

So, now that you know what it is, it’s time to figure out the best way to get there. Guys, you might want to talk about locating your G-Spot with your girlfriend because it’s a “touchy” area, both physically and mentally. A lot of men don’t want anyone to go anywhere near their anus because 1) they are afraid of it hurting; 2) they are afraid of being deemed “gay”; and 3) they are afraid of liking it too much (and thereby deemed “gay”).

According to, the prostate gland is walnut-sized gland that is located in the pelvis area, inside the perineum. It’s “behind the pubic bone, in front of the rectum, and below the bladder” for those of you who are geographically inclined. The perineum offers nerve endings that can result in intense sexual pleasure when stimulated, and is located between the base of the testicles and the rectum.

And this is supposed to feel good?

Of course prostate stimulation isn’t for everyone. Some men find it uncomfortable while others are too ashamed to have their partner insert a finger in their anus. If you can get over the fear of being embarrassed or mortified, you might find that having your partner stimulate your prostate gland is one of the most pleasurable feelings you can ever have.

Some men, who are new to prostate stimulation, find it to be a very strange or odd feeling. Others immediately find it very stimulating and exciting while still others are completely uninterested and turned off by the idea of anal play. Stimulation of the male G-Spot is not going to provide the same amount or type of pleasure to all men.

This means you really need to experiment first by having your partner apply varied pressure and stimulation to the anal area. Additionally, if anal stimulation isn’t enough for you on its own or you’re finding it hard to relax, she could give you oral sex during stimulation. This is something many men find extremely pleasurable.

Sex toys also provide a way to stimulate the male G-spot. With a sex toy, you can experiment on your own first to see if you can locate the area and to determine whether you like the sensations or not. Use a vibrator designed for g-spot stimulation or an anal toy. Try them with the vibrations on and off. You will quickly be able to tell how much pressure you like to apply and what feels good to you. Then, after you’ve done some “research” of your own, you can introduce the toy into your bedroom repertoire and teach your lover what you like best.

Getting ready to find your G-Spot

Anytime there’s anal play involved, there’s a bit of preparation that requires attention. First, if you and your partner are new at this, you will want to make sure that both of you are completely comfortable. This means that you should shower—as obvious as it may sound—to ensure that you are clean. This will make both you and your partner more comfortable with the idea of delving into dark anal cavities. A soapy finger will do the trick.

You should also invest in some good quality lubricant. For anal sex and anal play, you will want to make sure it is water-based. Before applying the lubricant, you and your partner should enjoy extended foreplay and oral sex to make sure that you are both turned on and feel excited about trying something new in bed.

When you are ready for her to find your G-Spot, have your partner slowly insert her lubricated index finger into your anus. She should take her time, but her entire finger should eventually make its way in. Once in, she should apply light pressure to the area while pressing forward (the index finger should be moving in a “come hither” motion). She should be able to feel the prostate against the rectal wall, and she can either apply more or less pressure, depending on how it feels to you. It’s really important to have trust between partners for those new to anal play. If you are uncomfortable and want her to stop, you need to communicate that and she needs to be prepared to listen.

In the bedroom

For couples who are looking to experiment with new sexual techniques, why not try to use finding the male G-Spot as a jumping off point? Women who are very comfortable giving oral sex are often excited about the possibility of exploring additional pleasures. And, if you are both a little nervous about the whole thing, then start out slow. Play with lubricant, using it to touch the outside of each other’s anuses. From there, she may want to stimulate your perineum while giving you head. Before she goes inside searching for the prostate gland, she can simply apply pressure to the outside of your perineum while stimulating your penis.

Guys, if you haven’t already tried finding your G-Spot, you will be surprised at what you are missing out on. So, get rid of your inhibitions, take a shower, and get started with anal play. It might be one of the best things that ever happened to you in bed!

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