Finding The Right Answers To Some Of The Toughest Questions Asked by Women

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Have you ever had your girlfriend or partner ask you a question you just don’t want to answer? Well, you are not alone! There are lots of tough questions that women ask men all the time and finding the right answer isn’t always easy. Do you lie? Do you tell the truth? Do you avoid answering the question altogether? This article lists of some of the toughest questions that women ask men and the answers that you can give to stay out of hot water!

How Many Women Have You Slept With?

People are curious and will often want to know about their partner’s past sexual life. This is pretty normal but that doesn’t mean the question is any easier to answer. When your girlfriend or partner asks you how many women you’ve been with, you should really try to keep the number low, while being realistic.

Telling the truth is likely overrated in cases like this, unless you’re Ron Jeremy and there’s just no getting around the fact that you’ve banged a ton of women in your time. The “right” number also depends on your past and your age. If you are 37 years old and tell your partner you’ve only been with 1 person, she might think you are lying.

Similarly, if you are 21 and tell her you’ve already been with 7 different people, she’s probably not going to be impressed. In general, if you can count the number of women on one hand, you are probably in good shape.

Do You Love Me?

Women ask men this question all the time. The answer to this question is simple: if you love her, let her know. The only time you should have difficulty answering this question is if you don’t love her and that’s when things can get awkward. First of all, she will know that you don’t love her or aren’t sure of your feelings if you hesitate in answering her question. You aren’t probably best off always saying yes to this question. If you say no or say yes with conditions, you are just asking for trouble.

Is That Girl Prettier Than Me?

How many times have you heard your girlfriend or partner ask this question? Well, she never wants the answer to that question be “yes.” Women don’t ever want to be told that someone else is prettier than them, even if it’s true. So, the answer to this question should always be no. And, if you feel the need to qualify your answer, just tell her that you aren’t attracted to that kind of girl and prefer her looks to anyone else’s.

Which Of My Girlfriends Is The Hottest?

This is another awkward question that can be difficult to answer. If you answer it quickly, she’s going to think that you have been fantasizing about one of her friends. But if you refuse to answer, then she’ll probably just keep on asking. So, what do you do? If the answer is obvious, you can probably get away with it. But, no matter what your answer is, you will want to qualify it with a comment that will put her at ease. Say something like, “Your friend X is the prettiest of your friends, but she’s not really my type, or I don’t find her personality very attractive.”

Do I Look Fat?

The answer to this question can never be yes. EVER. Unless you want your relationship to be over immediately, you should never tell her she looks fat or even hesitate in answering the question. Tell her immediately that she doesn’t look fat and then try to change the subject.

Would You Like To Have A Threesome With Me And My Best Friend?

The answer to this question can go either way and will really depend upon the context in which she asks you the question. If you and her discussing your sexual fantasies and she really wants to know if you would engage in a threesome, then just tell her. On the other hand, if she is jealous and just thinks that you have the hots for her friend, then you may not want to admit you’d enjoy this.

What Are You Thinking?

Imagine you and your partner are lying in bed snuggling after sex. She feels all warm and soft and looks lovingly as you are staring off into the distance at you and asks, “What are you thinking about, honey?” She is expecting you to say something meaningful and preferably related to your love for her. For example, a good answer would be, “I’m thinking about how much I love you.” Or you could say, “I was just thinking about how great it will be in 25 years and we’re lying here just like this.” You get the drift, right? Make up an answer if you have to but don’t tell her that you are thinking about football or beer or other women.

What Would Your Ideal Girlfriend Be Like?

Here is yet another loaded question. She wants to be your ideal girlfriend, so keep this in mind when you are answering the question. She doesn’t want to hear that your favorite type of woman is tall, blond and big-breasted when she is a short, petite brunette. If you must answer this question, try to be as vague as possible. Tell her that you like women who are smart with a good sense of humour. Then go from there avoiding as much physical description as possible so that she won’t get mad at you.

There You Have It…

These answers will hopefully help you stay out of trouble for the time being. Just remember, if you need to lie to keep her happy and avoid conflict, then it might be best to lie!

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