Focusing Your Sexual Frustration

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Few men can resist taking a good long look when a beautiful woman enters the room. But what if you find yourself surrounded by beautiful women at work or in other social settings and all you can think about is sex? Has your sexual frustration level risen so high that you can no longer control yourself? Relax – we’re here to help. There is a time and place to recognize the needs and desires of your libido, even when you are experiencing a sexual dry spell or period of abstinence. So focus your sexual frustration and you will find it increasingly easy to be in the presence of female beauty, without letting your every thought escape down her blouse, or her pants, or your pants or… well, you get the idea.

What is sexual frustration? Technically, sexual frustration is an insatiable desire for sex, which generally increases in the absence of satisfying sexual activity. However, frustration is a gray area and even men who experience sex regularly can feel overwhelming distracted by female sexuality. So how do you determine if you are sexually frustrated? The warning signs are pretty clear. For example, in your mind’s eye you undress every woman that you meet. Or, you find it hard to concentrate for even short periods of time without your mind wandering towards the office secretary’s high heels or the waitresses’ tongue ring at lunch. Or your capacity for sexual thought has grown in strength and frequency over a relatively short period of time. If you can identify with any or one of these issues, you may have a problem with sexual frustration. You are not, however, alone. Our society perpetuates sex as a lifestyle activity, and sexuality is rampant throughout the media and public life. There is a solution to your sexual frustration, however, that is readily available and fairly straightforward – it’s called focus.

Learning how to focus your attention away from the demands of your sexual frustration requires that you, first of all, become what some call “the master of your domain.” This means just what you think it does – your head (the one at the top of your body, rather than the lower mid section…), controls the entirety of your physical, emotional and sexual feelings. Managing your obsessive sexual inclinations does not mean that you will completely stop having them. Rather, with practice, you will learn to avoid finding any motivation for the inclinations that you do have. Becoming master of your domain means learning how to control your mind and your body, and knowing when to recognize and ignore any sexual excitement that you are tempted to experience.

Another important factor in learning to focus your sexual frustration is facing new challenges. Sometimes, obsessive sexual inclinations or increased sexual frustration is the simple result of boredom. When we are bored by the every day, are mind wanders towards exciting thoughts, which are often of a sexual nature. However, if you find new and exciting ways to challenge yourself on a daily basis, your focus will become easier to maintain. For example, maybe you set new goals for yourself at work, at the gym, in your favorite sport, or in one of your relationships. If you put your mind to it, it’s amazing what you might accomplish. Once you have gained some confidence, directly challenge your new found focus by befriending women. By working on your social skills, manners, humor, or conversational skills you move thoughts of sex from the forefront of your mind. The only risk you run here is drawing in too many women with your vivacious personality and your new respect and genuine interest in them, which might do more to raise your frustration than diminish it.

Besides learning to focus and distract your energy, it is important to try and understand what is at the root of your frustration. Have you been meeting or dating the wrong kind of women, who are primarily interested in teasing and tempting you? Or are you carrying around anger or regret about someone that you recently were engaged with in a sexual encounter? If you have witnessed a rise in the level of your frustration over a relatively short period of time, chances are that you need to make some sort of change in your sex life – whether it be the type of women you date, the current woman that you are with, or the type or frequency of your sexual rendezvous.

Don’t be surprised if others notice any trouble that you might be having controlling your sexual frustration. Most men have a hard time hiding sexually-focused behavior, and most women have little trouble identifying it…. Leering glances at breasts that last moments, and sometimes minutes, too long… difficulty communicating in the presence of attractive women… extreme flirting with women who are sexually suggestive in their mannerisms or dress… these are all signs of sexual frustration troubles. But do not despair; there is hope for your recovery. Just focus your attention, and work at distracting and challenging yourself. Also, make any necessary changes in your life that may be contributing to the problem. Make an effort to try and befriend women, rather than objectify and seduce every woman you meet. This will help you to change your perspective towards the opposite sex, and help to curb your bad habits when it comes to their presence…

These small steps will help you to get in touch with yourself and provide you increased control of your libido in the long run. Women will notice a change in your behavior and will admire you for your new found will power and control. After all, every woman is drawn to a powerful man who is the “master” of his own domain. Maybe you’ll also be able to think clearly the next time you are in a room of beautiful women, and you will finally shake your rep as the office perv…

Good Luck!

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