Freshman Fever: How To Hook Up, Campus-Style

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The new college year is upon us, and with every new year of school comes a fresh start at building your GPA, building your resume, and, lastly, building your little black book. With new academic beginnings comes a new bunch of freshmen, young ladies who have not heard your pick up lines or grown tired of your behavior at campus events. With a fresh bunch comes a fresh chance at finding love, or at least some good lovin’ this term. But the question is, where are these nymphettes hiding?


Even if you are well oriented with your campus, it is worthwhile to come to campus one week early and attend some events held for the newbies. As you recall from your first week of orientation, if you were smart enough to attend, you will encounter all sorts of young’uns, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed just waiting to dive into their college experience. It will involve a lot of afternoon beer bashes, evening social events, and fun games created to make newcomers feel comfortable and “get to know” new people. Those new people might as well be you!

Orientation week is also a good time to hit the residence parties. If you are not staying in the dorms, it is a good idea to find a friend, or make a friend, who does. While dorms aren’t all the T & A shows that college movies make them out to be, they can be pretty close. One thing you do have in a concentrated population of young, independent co-eds who are making decisions for themselves, many for the first time. Many of them have been dating the same hometown schlep for the last 3 years and are just looking to break out. Almost every one of the girls I lived in dorms with either cheated on their hometown sweethearts or broke up with them in order to enjoy a little freedom in the dorms.

If you play your cards right, the dorms can be a heck of a lot of fun. If you live there, and it’s your second year, rest assured that your rep from last year will precede you. If that is the case, and it’s bad, try and make some connections at another dorm! If you are freshman, then consider the dorm a clean slate. Who you were at home has virtually nothing to do with who you are here. Even if there are a few others from your hometown in the same dorm, you are all on an equal playing field of uncertainty and insecurity. Take charge, hook your wagon to some dudes who have it going on, and dive into the dorm experience.

It goes without saying that the prime place to meet other willing co-eds is at social events held on campus, at your campus pubs, and at faculty-specific events. But what if the party animal scene is not the one you want to be scoping? If this is the case, then the university life is one of the richest environments for meeting other, like-minded people.

The Deeper Connection

If you are looking for more than just the sweaty, drunk one-night stand in a shared dorm room, if you are looking to find a real connection with someone, then look no further. The university campus is one of the rare places on earth where there is a place and a niche for almost everyone. There are the sports programs for jocks, there are academic programs for brains, there are art programs, architecture, agriculture, anything you could possibly be interested in, there will be a venue to meet other nerds of your liking.

The best way to meet people in your classes is not in your freshman year, when students are generally crammed into Intro classrooms like Thunder-dome pigs. Unless you are planning to try and catch someone’s eye, or even hope to sit beside the same person twice, these are not the classes to meet potential dates. In your first year, your best bets are going to be meeting people in labs or seminars, where the groups are usually divided up into smaller groups. All in all, unless you have a fairly small faculty, or are in an honors program, it will be difficult for anyone who is not extremely outgoing and confident to meet someone in a larger class.

Outside of class, however, there is a wealth of potential venues, One of the best things about university is that there is a club for everything. If you are interested in Swing Dancing, there’s a club; in anime, there’s a club. At my university, there is a even a student club for fans of U2. If you want to meet girls who share in any of your interests, then these clubs are your best bet. Join the school newspaper for the artsy, writerly girls. For the more passionate, socially conscious girls, there will be dozens of activist groups, like a local human rights group or an environmental group.

If your type is the sportier girl, then you are in luck! Universities have tons of phys ed-centered activities, many of which are free for students. Check out the athletic center or recreational studies faculty on campus (they will likely be affiliated). These centers do their best to promote fitness in people with all fitness levels, so there is likely something offered that even you will like. They will likely offer programs such as intramurals, specific sports clubs, and classes you can sign up for, such as martial arts or yoga.

As a consumer of many of these classes, women are much more likely to sign up for structured classes than guys are. I don’t know why this is, but if you are looking to meet a nice, fit girl, then your best bet is to find something a little more organized and structured than midnight floor hockey.

So many people I know met their life partners while they were at university, Even more just got laid a whole lot. If you are looking for a golden era in your life when you can try out different women and relationships to see who fits you for the long haul, you are not going to find a more diverse, eager group of ladies as you will your first few years of university. You would be a fool not to take advantage!

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