Fuel Up Each Day With A Good Breakfast

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We’ve all been told, over and over again, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And even though we don’t all like to hear that, it’s true. Breakfast is really the most important thing you can eat all day long. It wakes you up and kick starts your metabolism. It also keeps you going for a long time so that you don’t have to snack on high-fat snacks (like donuts) mid-morning. To get the most out of this meal, keep reading!

Breakfast Foods – Good or Bad?

Breakfast meals are pretty standard across the board. Below is a list of common breakfast foods, their level of healthiness and some tips on how to eat a healthier breakfast:

Cereal – This is a fast & healthy breakfast choice, depending on your choice of cereal. Look for whole wheat cereals that are low in sugar and high in fibre. If you need a bit of sweetness in your cereal, then just add some fresh fruit like bananas or strawberries. Avoid cereals that list sugar as the first ingredient.

Porridge – So many of us were forced to eat porridge for breakfast when we were children and now we avoid it. But it’s one of the best ways to start off each day. First of all, a hot cereal on a cold winter’s day is a nice treat. Second, porridge is low in fat, high in fibre and, with some fruit or a bit of peanut butter, can be as tasty as your favorite sugary cereal but without all that bad sugar. Third, it will keep you going for a long time, so that you aren’t hungry again in two hours.

Breakfast Bars – Most people prefer the convenience of breakfast bars because you can take them anywhere. Despite what most people think, breakfast cereal bars are not very healthy. They are high in fats & sugars so it’s best to avoid them.

Muffins & Donuts – Another common breakfast treat that is not good for you because of the high fat & sugar content. It’s better to eat a healthy helping of porridge so that you aren’t tempted to get a donut with your morning coffee.

Bagels & Toast – Did you know that a regular sized bagel with cream cheese runs about 375 calories? If you substitute the bagel with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, you save about 200 calories!

Bacon & Eggs – This is a hearty breakfast that has a reputation for being high in fat and generally bad for one’s health. This is true, but in moderation, even this breakfast can be fine. To make it healthier, you should substitute pork bacon for leaner turkey bacon. Instead of fried eggs, try an egg-white omelet with some fresh fruit on the side instead of hash browns.

Breakfast Foods To Tide You Over

When you eat a good, healthy breakfast, it can provide you with the energy you need to have a productive morning. Are you wondering what kinds of foods will tide you over until your next meal break? Here are a few tips:

  • There’s a good reason that lots of farmers eat porridge. Not only is it easy to make and inexpensive, it’s also a very good breakfast that will tide you over until lunch time. A nice bowl of porridge with a couple of pieces of whole wheat toast and a glass of orange juice will provide you with the carbohydrates you need to make it through the day. The energy provided by this easy breakfast food is slowly released which means that you can do more, longer.
  • Fresh fruit is another great breakfast power food to keep you going. But, let’s face it – it can be hard to eat the daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetables each day. That’s why the fresh fruit smoothie is a great breakfast alternative. All you need is a blender: just throw in a banana, a few fresh or frozen berries, a kiwi or orange and some milk or yogurt and mix it up. Add a tablespoon of ground flax seed and you will have a healthy breakfast and a good start on getting your day’s supply of fruit & veggies.
  • A couple of pieces of whole wheat toast make another healthy & hearty breakfast. Just top with almond butter, instead of peanut butter, sugar free jam and a banana and you’ve got a power breakfast in no time flat.

Best Breakfast Foods When You Are In A Hurry

Unfortunately, most fast foods are very high in fat and unhealthy. Stopping for a breakfast sandwich at the nearest fast food joint is a good example of what not to eat in the morning. But most people are in a hurry in the mornings so it’s hard to eat healthy all the time. Here are some tips for eating well in the morning when you don’t have that much time:

  • Make yourself a fruit smoothie the night before and store it in a travel mug. You can drink your breakfast on the way to work.
  • Grab a banana and an individual sized yogurt tub and eat them on your way out the door.
  • A bowl of cereal only takes a few minutes to eat. Make sure you have fruit on hand to throw in the cereal.
  • If you have to grab something in a fast food joint on your way to work, be discriminating. A plain toasted bagel is better than a bagel with cream cheese on it. A yogurt and granola parfait is better than a breakfast sandwich.

Just remember – breakfast really is the most important meal of the day so it’s a good idea to take the time to eat properly, even if it means waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual.

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