Full Service Room Service: Hot Hotel Sex

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There is something about getting away and spending time in a bed that isn’t your own that makes coupes want to experiment and try something new. Usually when you are in a hotel, it also means that you are on vacation, and the stress of every day life is melting away. You don’t need to necessarily go away to capture the freedom of a holiday. Even if you cannot afford a trip out of town, a couple of nights in a hotel—even if it is up the street—might just be enough of a novelty to inject a little spice into your love life.

Aside from the change in scenery and privacy, there are several elements to a hotel stay that can come in handy, notably: a bar, room service, dirty movies to order, a hot tub, and a maid. Things you should pack to bring with you: whipped cream and chocolate, a new sex toy that you guys have not yet tried out, a blind fold, a disguise, hot lingerie.

The first night, arrive separately. Make arrangements to meet in the hotel bar, wearing something that you wouldn’t normally wear. This can range from fun with wigs and sexy outfits to fake glasses and a super-conservative suit. Come in character, and flirt with each other at the bar. You can be playing the parts of two lonely strangers who meet and go back to the room, or you can push the envelope even further, with one of you taking on the role of hotel hustler and the other the paying customer. Most people assume that the girl is going to play the hooker, but imagine how sexually empowering it would be for your lady to be the sexual aggressor, making you do what she wants. (And, hey, make sure she pays you at the end too!)

Once you make your way back to the room, the possibilities are endless. You should make it your goal to christen every conceivable surface in the hotel room. The bed is an obvious one, as is the shower. If there is a hot tub, it’s great for foreplay, but sex is difficult. The water will wash away your girlfriend’s natural lubrication, and the suction from the pump has been known to complicate things, by creating uncomfortable suction in other places as well. You’ve been warned.

Other places that may not be as obvious? After your shower together, lift her up onto the vanity counter with the mirror behind it. While you go down on her, you need only look up to get a view of her face as she enjoys your skills, and the mirror behind her can give you a great view of what you are both doing. If you enter her while she is sitting at the edge of the counter (waist height), you guys can experiment with angles to see if you can’t find that magic angle that pits the tip of your penis against the often-elusive G-spot. Again, you have a great view of your work in the mirror behind her.

Other piece of furniture to incorporate is the dresser with the mirror. To mix it up, bend your girl over and take her from behind. With her hands on the mirror and yours guiding the rhythm of her hips, you both have an excellent view of your action, as well as of each others’ faces. One reason some girls are more reluctant to get taken from behind is that they feel as though the lack of face-to-face contact means a break in your connection, and it is also a vulnerable position. This way you can look into each others’ eyes and you can both see what is going on.

Other great spot is a balcony if you have one. Depending on how private your balcony is, you may have to be more or less discrete. If you head out there during the day, then a chair and a towel should be sufficient to keep your privates private. Sit down on the chair with your shorts undone (or wearing a pair of boxers with a pee hole in the front). Have her straddle you with her back to you wearing a skirt with no panties. If you like, you can also throw a towel over her lap. Once you are inside her, have her clench and release the muscles in her vagina. She can also discretely rotate her hips. Grasping her hips, slowly move her forward and back. The amount of motion you will be able to manage will depend on how many people can see you. Sometimes less motion doesn’t matter when you have the thrill of discovery hanging over you.

If you are worried about overexposure, you can always save the balcony sex for late at night when there are fewer prying eyes around. If you are into a little exhibitionism, then give it a shot in the daylight. If you are really into exhibitionism, then leave your curtains open all night, so passers-by might catch a little bit of your show.

Two of the best features of hotel living are the room service and maid service. This means fun with food in bed that you don’t have to clean up. Hence the whipped cream and chocolate in your overnight bag. If you need a little refresher about how much fun food and nudity can be, rent a little film called 9 ½ Weeks, starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. They lick whipped cream and chocolate off of each others’ bodies, feeding each other and rolling around in everything in the fridge. Fun with ice cubes is also just a quick jaunt down the hall to the ice machine too (for god sakes, put on a robe to do it!). Why ruin your own sheets when you can get hotel sheets all sticky without having to worry about the clean up? Also, if your girlfriend isn’t into hardcore porn, a soft-core, more erotic movie might be just the thing to get her going.

Along with food fun, you can also bring a new toy (either pick one out together or each of you can bring one to try) to incorporate into your play. If you are both into it, rent a risky movie or two from pay-per-view. You probably won’t make it through the whole thing, but sometimes discreetly paying for a movie in a hotel room is less embarrassing for some than making the trek to an adult movie store.

Finally, when all is said and done, make sure you end off your weekend with a hearty meal. You’ll need to restore your strength before you get back to your non-hotel living life. Every good thing has to end sometime, but perhaps a weekend of concentrated play will give you a few ideas to take home (along with those stolen mini-shampoos).

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