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Truth or dare may be an old game that we all played as kids, but a lot of grown-ups play it and the Internet and digital pictures have taken it to a whole new level. Pretty much the first thing every guy does with his new digital camera is to take pictures of his new girlfriend – naked and clothed, but especially naked. Shortly after that the sex pictures begin, and that’s when things can get really interesting.

Creative couples are using their digital cameras (still and video) to do everything from digital documentation of their love life to homemade amateur porn movies. In fact, ex-girlfriend and ‘revenge’ pictures are fast becoming content for popular websites, as guys who get ‘burned’ by their exes teach them a lesson by posting the pics for everyone to view. But others use the sites like these to have a little fun, which is where the digital dare comes in. This article will explore the game by four people who have played it and want to share their stories: Jenn, Katie, Billi, and Sara.

Jenn (19, Brunette, Very Athletic)

“It all started with a stupid dare bet…which I lost! You see, my boyfriend and I are really into fitness. We’re not like vegans or anything like that, but we both like to play hard. I’m into everything – basketball, soccer, some volleyball, and I love to bike and run. Steve – my latest BF – is mainly into competitive sports, and he watches sports all the time. So, yeah, we are both in awesome shape, which is a total turn on. I’ll admit that I like to show off my bod, cuz’ I know it looks good. Steve takes pics of us all the time, but I’d totally kill him if he ever showed them to anyone. Anyway, one night we were just starting to watch hockey (again) and he noticed me looking bored. So he said ‘let’s make a bet on the game to make it more exciting for you. The winner picks a dare for the other person to do’. I said whatever, and chose Calgary to beat Anaheim in game 7. Oops. I lost the bet, and had to do the dare. Since I won’t let him show anyone our ‘nudies’, he dared me to serve him and his buddies snacks and beers during a playoff game. The catch was that I started off fully clothed, but I had to strip off one piece of clothing for every goal scored. There were nine goals scored! I was totally naked by the middle of the 3rd period, and they had me doing handstands and yoga to make up for it! It was pretty crazy, but everyone had a great time. I got to show off my bod, and the BF got to show off me. We fucked for hours after everyone left, and I’m sure his three buddies jerked off when they got home. And, yeah, I’d do it again.”

Katie (20, Brunette, Single, Self-declared Hottie)

“The thing about guys is they have no clue. (laughs). You see, girls LIKE sex. Remember – we’re the ones who got multiple orgasms, so we need it way more than you do. When I want to torment men, and I do it often, it could come out in many forms. Have you ever seen webcam shots of an amazing pussy? It might have been mine. Or beautiful breasts, not fake-pornstar tits, but beautiful breast that look to good to be true? Me and my friends do that shit all the time, just to fuck with the guys that are out there in virtual land. But every now and then we get a little freaky, and we like to take things out to the real world. We are always daring each other to do really weird shit. Like the time I had my sexy friend Brianna go into a shoe story wearing the tiniest skirt – thongless, of course. She ‘cammed’ the whole thing using a tiny digital camera in her purse. It was a riot. The guy helping her nearly died of a heart-attack – the dirty old bastard! His wife never knew what hit her that night! Anyway, the dare she threw back at me was to walk an entire city block totally naked. What the hell – I did it. I wore a mask over my eyes, cuz’ every sick perv was taking pictures of me with their cell-cams – even some chicks! But it was such a turn-on. Next time I do it –and there will be a next time – we’re going to do it as a group.”

Billi (18, Blonde, First Year Of College)

“I live in a dorm on campus. Not a sorority, but a dorm. It’s co-ed, so it can get a little crazy. It turns out that everybody here plays this weird dare game that I knew nothing about until I got here. It’s, like, so bizarre. We have a dorm blog that we all use to post pictures, and it is locked to everyone except those living in the dorm. So the dare started during frosh week. You post a picture of your..this is so embarrassing! Anyway, you show a picture of your boobs and your pussy, and the guys post a picture of their chest and their cock. It sounds totally weird, but it is so much fun. Anyway, you can post up until the end of November, and then everyone tries to match the tops to the bottoms. After exams, we post all the pictures in the common room and have a huge party. It is such a turn on! I am going to try it with my friends over the summer.”

Sara (25, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Big Breasts)

“My boyfriend dared me to answer the door naked. I do it all the time now. The best thing our pizza is always on time and it’s always hot! The delivery boys fight to bring food to our house. I like to tease them by bending over to get the money out of my purse – what the hell? That might be the most action any of these kids ever see! One day I’m going to play with their minds and send him to the door naked!”

The Last Word

Got any good digital dare stories? If you do, send them in to Men’s Forte so we can read them. We probably won’t post your pictures, but we promise to give them a good looking over!

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