How to Get Your Mojo Back

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Have you been experiencing a decline in your mojo motor? Well, you are not alone. Even Austin Powers – a sexual dynamo – has had his setbacks, but the truth is that loss of sex drive can hit anyone at just about any age. But before you rush out to buy some Viagra, you might want to check out some simple, non-medicinal ways to fix your problem. Everything from herbs to exercises will be examined, so read on if you want to get it (back) on. And trust us; we won’t try to sell you some ground up rhino horn at the end of the article.

What the hell is wrong with me?

That might be the first question you want to ask your doctor, if you have the nerve to even bring it up. Most men are too embarrassed to discuss a lagging libido, and it might take years of suffering before they say anything. Well, there are a few things you can do at home to try and remedy the situation before you result to medicine.


Lifestyle changes can have a major impact on your sex drive, and they are usually easy to modify in order to restore it. Fatigue and stress are the two biggest elements to affect your performance, so learning how to control these factors can have a major impact on your ability to perform when you want to. If fatigue is plaguing your life, get more rest. Nothing works well when your batteries are low. If you have a high stress job, then you need to learn how to defuse yourself after work. This means leaving the work at the office, and getting some exercise to wash out the anxiety.

Alcohol – drinking will also take its toll on your body, particularly on your performance level. Even though you might get an initial increase in sexual desire, or your inhibitions might get lowered, too much alcohol can physically impede your ability to fully function in bed.

Tobacco – smoking actually decreases blood flow, increases blood pressure, and starves the body of oxygen, all of which have long term implications for your ability to maintain and achieve an erection.

Diet – the healthier the diet, the better you will feel – and the more desire you will have to make love.

Drugs – there are many prescription and non-prescription drugs that can have short and long term effects on sexual drive and performance. Make sure you take an inventory of any medications that you are consuming, and read all of the adverse side effects.

Same old, same old

Lots of guys complain that they lose their passion because they are with the same partner year after year. If this is the case, you need to learn how to spice things up. Some simple tricks are to try out new locations, new games, new sex toys, and new positions – anything to bring some “newness” into the bedroom. We have articles in here every month that give you tips, so read them and try them out.

Don’t dwell on it

Erectile dysfunction is amplified when you start to worry and dread about the possibility of not getting an erection. Just like an athlete who trains to think of a positive shot or play before he does a similar play in a new situation, you have to train yourself to remember success, not failures. And remember – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. If your partner cares about you, she will help you. It might take a few ‘kicks at the kitty’ before you erase those negative thoughts, so make sure she doesn’t add to the problem by getting upset or frustrated. Fantasize about positive sexual experiences or sexual encounters you want to have, and you will start to notice a difference in your mood.

Non-Medicinal Solutions

There are some natural aphrodisiacs out there that can help, and you would be surprised at how easy they are to come by. However, most aphrodisiacs have little or no scientific evidence to back up the claims they make. Here are a few that are known to work:


Testosterone is often given to people who have lost their sex drive, and it does work. But you can also increase your testosterone level by increasing your physical activity.

Rhodiola Rosea

This plant has been attributed to increasing sexual performance, but it might be hard to come by. It grows in arctic regions.

Ginkgo Biloba

You may have heard of Ginkgo before, since it is a favorite with health food and natural remedy stores. It is normally associated with boosting mental function, but it is apparently also good for the libido. It increases blood flow and sexual desire.


Ginseng is available in many forms, and you have probably tried it in tea or gum. Similar to Ginkgo Bilboa, it is also supposed to help sexual performance by increasing blood flow and desire.

Other Options

The key to solving your problem is to eliminate the factors that might be causing you to experience dysfunction. Before you dig into your wallet and start buying every herbal remedy on the market, try the lifestyle changes first. Eliminating things one at a time (such as diet, drugs you are taking, etc.) might help you to eliminate potential causes of your problem.

When looking for herbal remedies to enhance libido and sexual performance we recommend the tried and tested formula from MaleExtra. It is specifically designed to help you get the most out of your sexual relationship.

If things do not improve there may be more serious issues involved and you might want to consider going to a sexual therapist. A sexual therapist is not necessarily a psychologist, so don’t worry, but beware that some get very involved with their patients. This is not to be mistaken for prostitution, but it might be the solution you have been waiting for.

Furthermore, many sexual therapists will encourage you to bring your partner in with you, so that they can give your sexual relationship a proper analysis. A good therapist knows a lot about sex, and they might be able to come up with some great strategies to get you back in peak performance.

The important thing is to find out what is causing your problem as soon as you can. Dwelling on performance issues will only make things worse, so finding a solution quickly is good for the body, and the mind.

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