A Girl’s Party He Can Enjoy!: How To Throw A Co-ed Sex Toy Party

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Everyone has heard of sex toy parties, but typically these parties are for women only. They’re often used for bachelor parties or other similar events and the women get to indulge in a world of lubricants, toys and creams while the men just get to hear about it later on. Why not invite men and women to a sex toy party? It has the potential to be a lot more interesting than just having a few women sit around talking about their favorite flavor of edible lubricant. So, if you are thinking of hosting a sex toy party, here are some tips on how to make it more fun by making it co-ed.

Start With The Guest List

Let’s face it – sex toy parties aren’t your typical get together, and this means that you have to plan your guest list very carefully. For example, it’s probably best not to invite Mom & Dad to your party because it may inhibit you or the other guests. Plan to invite guests that you know won’t be embarrassed about examining different sex toys, lotions and creams in front of other people.

It’s a good idea to invite some couples because they will be eager to see what they can buy that will make sex even better. But also invite some single people of both sexes – you never know, maybe the party will turn into something more once everyone has a few drinks and gets comfortable with each other. If you know any hot single people, make sure you invite them to see if they hook up with each other. It’s also wise not to invite people who all know each other. Anonymity makes people act less inhibited so try to invite friends from different circles.

Find A Good Host

At sex toy parties, there is generally a host of the evening which is the person who is selling the products. They tell you about each product, encourage you to take a closer look at (most) products, and then take your order at the end of the evening. Unfortunately, a lot of these hosts are dull. They take the whole business of selling sex toy and other accessories a little too seriously, so rather than having fun with it, they end up preaching the virtues of their products a little too much.

The host will do the majority of talking at the party, so it’s important to have someone who is fun and can make both men and women feel at ease. Try to get someone with a colorful past – maybe an ex-stripper or a drag queen. These kinds of hosts will make the evening a lot more fun!

Depending on how raunchy you want the party to be, you might even ask the host if guests can demonstrate the use of the sex toys. You may have willing guests who want to show the rest of the crowd exactly how to use anal beads or clitoral creams. If this is the case, then your sex toy party just went X-rated. Make sure you warn your guests about this before they arrive!

Alcohol & Music

A sex toy party is no fun at all unless there’s a lot of booze at the party. If you are holding the party at your place, make sure you have lots of liquor for your guests and arrange for cabs to take them home afterward. In fact, you can make the party even more fun by creating unique drinks that all relate to the theme of the party. For example, make sure you have ingredients to make ‘sex on the beach’ or ‘cum on my tits’ shooters. The guests will love that and the alcohol will only help them get rowdier.

The atmosphere of the party is also very important. To make it more party-like and less business-like, treat it as though it was just another party you are throwing. Get some good tunes and make sure you’ve got lots of food and drinks. Maybe invite people to come over earlier than the party host so that they can enjoy the food and drinks and get relaxed. And, it’s always a good idea to find out how long the “demonstrations” from the host will take. People have a hard time sitting still and listening for 2 hours straight so make sure the host knows this.

Another idea, not suitable for all parties, is to have music playing in the background and muted porn movies showing on the television. Of course, this really depends on your guest list, but it can really make the party a lot more fun. It will get people in the mood and may even encourage some of them to hook up with each other. Plus, it might give the guests some ideas as to what to do with the sex toys they buy at the end of the night.

Clothing Optional

When your guests arrive, you can tell them that the party is going to be clothing optional. Again, this really depends on your guest list but if you can get a group of people together that aren’t offended by this suggestion, your sex toy party will be even more fun. Just imagine all the men at the party comparing themselves to the dildos being passed around!


Another great twist on sex toy parties is to make them costume parties. Get everyone to dress in a sex-related costume. They can come as a dominatrix or a cowboy with buttless chaps or as a porn star. The possibilities are really endless and it will set the mood of the party right away. Plus, if some people are slightly embarrassed by the whole situation, they might feel more comfortable in a costume rather than coming to the party as themselves.

Whatever twists you end up throwing on your party, the result will be the same – everyone will drink, laugh and be merry – and go home with a new toy in their pocket!

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