Is She Too Good For You? How To Date Outside Your League?

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Ever wonder how so many short stocky men end up with tall, beautiful women? Or how so many hot girls think nerdy or geeky guys are “cute”? The truth is that getting pretty girls to date you is easier than you think. Once you get over the intimidation factor and teach yourself to talk to women and make them laugh, you’ll be successfully dating in the big league in no time at all.

The key to kicking off a relationship with an outstanding woman is to become friends with her first. Yes, its sounds monotonous, but it is as simple as this – if she really is out of your league, you will need to win her over with your personality and charm. Women adore men who pay attention to their feelings, engage them in interesting conversation, smile a lot, and make them laugh. If you successfully start dating a big league lady, it is important to maintain the friendship base of your relationship. This will improve your chances of success as a couple. Furthermore, if the relationship fails, the friendship will allow you to stay in contact in the future… and maybe hook up with her hot friends.

In order to allow yourself the opportunity to meet and socialize with fantastic woman, you need to put yourself in a variety of social settings and situations. Pay attention to the people you meet around you, and always pick up on new opportunities to meet people. Say, for example, your very geeky boss has invited you over for a bbq. You are sure that he has limited success with women, but he is funny and friendly guy, and nice enough to people in the workplace. This is the type of situation that you must make the most of! You never know when geeky office guy will have a hot younger sister, or cool female friends or neighbours! When you are at an event such as this, you will need to make an effort to meet people and talk to strangers. Most people will warm up to you if you initially make the conversation all about them, especially women.

Being friendly, chatty and charismatic with woman is an art that does not always come naturally to men, but it is a skill that you can acquire with a little patience. There is a reason, after all, why they call very charming men who are successful with women “pick up artists.” Your objective, however, is to acquire the skills of an artist, without gaining the reputation.

So how do you go about the art? First of all, it is important to look and feel your best. You should also pay attention to body language in social groups and only approach beautiful women if they have friendly body language. No matter how beautiful some woman are, they can still be downright nasty – so watch her for a while first before you take the plunge. If she seems open to talking to people around her, chances are you’re good to go.

In order to perfect the art of meeting women, you should also always take note of the funniest and most flirtatious guy in the room, he as figured out the recipe for success. You don’t want to jump into direct competition with him, but at the same time, there is no reason not to share his turf! If you are going to imitate him or copy is jokes, however, make sure that you do it within a different social setting – you never want to be discovered as the cool guy copy cat!

A big part of learning to approach woman who are out of your league is to get over the intimidation factor. The fear of being denied is what keeps many men from approaching very attractive women. In fact, many super hot women complain that they wish more men would approach them, as they would like to meet men just as much as the next girl. The intimidation that many men feel about big league women may actually work in your favour. If you can ignore the fear of getting turned down, and think about the opportunity as one in which you really have nothing to lose, you are already doing better than they guy who plays it cool and makes no effort towards attractive women at all.

Some people believe strongly in the “class” system approach to dating, which puts all people into leagues according to their level of physical attractiveness. This system is by no means fool proof, and it really depends on who is doing the categorizing. For the most part, there is little to gain from this approach. If you are attracted to another person and you feel inclined to approach them, then no one should stop you. So the next time you feel drawn to a beautiful woman who others say is “way out of your league” – ignore them!

Just pay attention to detail before you swoop in on the woman of your dreams. Watch her, and try to learn from your powers of observation. Be prepared to be charming and witty and funny right off the bat when you approach her, because no one wants to experience awkward silences when they first meet new people. Most importantly, try to make friends with her and make her laugh – this way she will not be able to forget or resist you.

In the end, going to bat outside your league should really not be very difficult at all as long as you are feeling confident, you are in the appropriate social setting, and you have paid attention to all the factors mentioned above. Also, remember never to judge others for how they might “appear” to be. If you are friendly and approachable to women, whether there are they are beautiful or just mediocre, you will be generally successful with women in your lifetime. Oh, and always be prepared to step up the plate at any time, because the most beautiful woman of your dreams may be only one inning away…

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