Good Foot Health

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Ever heard that the way to man’s heart is through the stomach? Well then consider this – the way to a woman’s heart is through the feet. Good foot health is more important than you know. It is important for your comfort, posture, and all of your daily needs. Furthermore, a good healthy set of feet on a man send a great message to women – that you know how to take care of yourself. It takes a little effort to maintain a healthy set of kickers, but the payback is well worth the trouble. So stop neglecting your feet and toes and follow these important steps to good foot health.

First of all, your feet need to be clean. You should wash your feet daily with soap and water because bacteria build up on your feet and toes can lead to various problems, including infections and bad odours. It is also a good idea to soak your feet in hot water for 5 minutes once a week. This will help to loosen any dead skin that can be removed with a pumice stone. If you are a virgin to pedicures, you might not know that a pumice stone is a small, abrasive stone used to scrub the foot. It encourages circulation and removes dead skin cells, improving the appearance and feel of your feet.

It is also important to keep all of your nails clean and tidy on your feet. Not only do short, trimmed nails look better in your favorite pair of sandals, they prevent dirt from getting underneath the nails, and causing an infection. He best idea is to cut nails straight across – not down at the corners because this can lead to ingrown nails. It is also a good idea to apply moisturizing cream to your feet at least once a week. This will prevent cracked heels and other foot problems caused by extreme moisture or dryness.

If the rituals involved in maintaining good foot health sound like way to much effort to you, consider scheduling a pedicure for yourself once a month. The effects of a professional pedicure last for weeks, and ensure that your feet are in great condition. Another reason to seek profession help for your feet is for any skin problems that you have. For example, corns, calluses, bunions or recurring blistering can be treated by over the counter medications, or by a doctor of podiatry.

The most important way to maintain good foot health is to invest in sensible shoes. Shoes that are not comfortable the first time you wear them will not be good for your feet in the end, no matter how convincing the salesperson is that you just need to “wear them in.” Ideally, shoes that have a low, broad heel are the best for your feet, hips and back. You should also look for shoes that have some sort of cushioning material on the sole, and that have rubber along the bottom for grip.

The best material for shoes is leather because it is flexible and allows the foot to breath. While shoes made of synthetic materials might feel the most comfortable (i.e. your favorite pair of sneakers), they are not contributing to your good foot health. You should also pay some attention to the type of socks that you wear. A lot of socks are made up of cotton, combined with lycra and/or other types of materials. Socks that are 100% cotton are by far the best for your feet, and will help prolong the life and condition of your shoes as well.

Good foot health and proper shoes can help to prevent injuries to your ankles, lower legs, spine and even your neck, in addition to your feet. The most localized effects of poorly made or poor fitting shoes are strains and sprains to ligaments, shin splints or stress fractures. If you are active and exercise regularly, it is important to have proper shoes that are designed and suited to your discipline. Sneakers that are designed for long distance runners, for example, are made very differently than those for tennis or basketball. It is important to maintain good circulation in your feet, as with the rest of your body, so avoid shoes, socks and clothing that is tight or constrictive.

Many people believe that injuries to the foot do not require medical attention, because the bones in the foot are too small to treat. This myth prevents most people from getting the attention they may need. In truth, a toe fracture or a sprain to the foot or ankle should be treated to prevent further harm to the bones or ligaments, and to avoid re-injury. Foot pain should not be ignored, because daily wear on your feet can prevent the successful maintenance of good foot health in the long term.

Foot problems are more common than most people think because they are subject to great pressure, and are often neglected by their owners. A podiatrist is trained to deal with problems associated with the foot and ankle, and is familiar with the dozens of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments that are included in the structure of the foot and lower leg.

Use good sense when it comes to your feet. There are more bones in them than in any other part of your body, and they are the only thing getting you around the day. So practice good foot health, invest in proper shoes and socks, and don’t be shy about seeking professional advice or maintenance for any problems that you may have.

Remember, most girls look at two things when they want to get a first impression from a man – his eyes, and his feet. So maintain a good foot regiment and be proud of it, unless your friends won’t shut up about it – then just make sure to tell them about all the foot rubs you will be receiving from women that you meet. That should solve your foot and friend problems in no time at all.

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