Happy New Year’s For Your Sex Life!

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It’s New Year’s Eve – the night you unreasonably attach high expectations to, year in and year out. Besides finding somewhere cool to go, something fun to do, and fun people to party with, you’re also under pressure to find… the dreaded and revered… New Year’s Eve date! No one wants to be one of those bachelors with no one to kiss on New Year’s – these characters usually slap each other on the back all evening and proceed to get supremely sloshed on over-priced shooters. So how can you land a hottie to kiss (and hopefully more…) this New Year’s Eve, and maybe for the rest of the year? It’s a lot easier than you might think.

The potential for a fabulous New Year’s Eve party and date is completely in your hands, and is only as great as you make it. So don’t be afraid to be the guy who coordinates, plans and organizes an event or party. Women love “that guy” who is in control – so if you don’t already have a date, you should have no trouble finding one at the evening you plan for yourself and your friends. Alternately, if your evening is already organized, plan to make it your own somehow – be the one who dresses up in a funny costume, or who dresses others up with New Year’s Eve props. Or your New Year’s fame could be attached to a party favor – why not surprise your friends with some champagne and strawberries, or with unique martinis to start things off? What it comes down to is making yourself the life of the party. If you are too shy for that, than just be the guy who brings some life to the party – so that other people, especially women, take notice of you.

Once you have established the first step towards your New Year’s Eve sexual success – getting noticed – it’s time to make your interest in ladies known. Establish eye contact, laugh and smile in her direction, and most importantly, make friends with her friends. Most people, men and women included, travel in groups of close friends on New Year’s Eve, so getting friendly with her will require that you meet their approval first. It’s important that these people genuinely like you so don’t move in too soon, and pick your moment and approach wisely.

Having won over her friends and established a sense of herself within her “territory”, now it’s time to make contact. How you initiate contact depends on the venue and environment. If you are at an intimate gathering where everyone is sipping wine, eating cheese and enjoying each other’s company, then you will have to come up with a way to strike up a good conversation (no pressure!). However, if you’re lucky enough to be at a party with loud music, a dance floor and a fun, engaging atmosphere, then approaching your New Year’s Eve target becomes that much easier for you!

Regardless of the atmosphere, just remember that New Year’s only comes once a year, and that you really have nothing to lose. Having initiated contact with this New Year’s woman of your dreams, it’s time to ask yourself another important question – what time is it?!? Chances are, the night is flying by and the ball drop is approaching soon. The kiss that you have been working towards all evening is only within reach at the strike of midnight, so stay on target! Remember to watch the clock and stay near her as midnight approaches. Even if you are not always talking to her, you need to stay in close proximity so that she becomes very comfortable with your presence. If you feel like you need to reassure her of your interest, you might have to use a fairly direct approach (without seeming desperate). For example, walk up to her, compliment her, say something nice, and then back off. Be confident, maybe suggest that your New Year’s Resolution is to get to know her better! Gauge her interest in you, and her openness to getting physically close, and then go from there…

In the end, a New Year’s Eve kiss is just a kiss. You might get more than one, or you might land none at all. If you don’t get the kiss you were hoping for, then it just becomes like any other night of the year – except that you may end up drinking way too many shooters with the boys, and being way more hungover than you planned! But chances are, if you set your mind to it, and genuinely communicate your interest to a woman, you will not fail on New Year’s. Be aware that most women are die hard romantics, and they are looking for a New Year’s kiss more than you! Women spend hours, days, even weeks, picking the right outfit, the perfect hairdo, or the sexiest shade of lipstick. They are just begging for attention from men, so all you might have to do is show up, look good, show interest, and your problems will be solved!

If you are really lucky, you’ll hit it off with a girl and get even more than a kiss. But if it is someone you have never met before, this remains somewhat unlikely. Besides, you are better off to proceed with caution. If you have any authentic interest in pursuing a relationship with a girl, you are best advised to give her a great New Year’s kiss, get her number, give her yours, and end it there. She will respect your tact and patience and be very eager to see you again!

If your night goes well, remember never to discount a great kiss on New Year’s. Get her number and start the year off with a friendly post-New Year’s Eve phone call that expresses your interest in seeing her again. Forget about making a list of New Year’s Resolutions, and get started with New Year’s sexual success asap – It’s time to say Happy New Year… to your sex life!

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