Holiday Sex Scenarios For You & Your Lover

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With the holiday season among us, it is easy to get caught up in parties, shopping and family activities, and it’s easy to forget one very important thing – your sex life! The good news is that there are lots of ways to incorporate holiday cheer into the bedroom as well, making the season even more special for you and your lover. Check out a few randy holiday sex scenarios that are perfect for staying warm on those cold winter nights.

Scenario 1: If The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

Whether you live in a climate where blizzards are commonplace or not, you can still try out this scenario to heat up your sex life. Pretend there’s a snowstorm outside which forces you and your lover to stay home and inside all day long. Consider calling in sick to work if you need to in order to make this scenario as realistic as possible!

Now that you’ve decided to stay inside to avoid the bad weather, turn up the heat. You want your place to be warm and steamy! Place a log on the fireplace for more effect. The warm temperatures will force you and your honey to take off some layers, leaving you only in your skivvies.

Turn off the lights, light some candles and put on some holiday tunes for background noise. And this is where things really start to heat up! Get under the blankets and keep warm the old fashioned way. Undress your girlfriend slowly, and spend the rest of the day in bed, snuggling and making love!

Scenario 2: The 12 Days Of Christmas

This scenario is the most versatile because it requires you to personalize your own 12 days of Christmas which is great for surprising your girlfriend. Start by making a schedule of the sexual activity you want to try each day of the 12 days of Christmas. So, instead of giving your girlfriend a partridge in a pear tree, give her a quickie on the kitchen table.

Skip the two turtledoves and replace them with sexy lingerie. And, instead of three French hens, get her a French maid uniform for some bedroom games. On the fifth day of Christmas, you don’t have to spring for 5 golden rings; instead, get a cock ring for yourself so that you can keep up with her all night long.

Whatever you decide on for your 12 days of Christmas sex extravaganza, make sure to surprise your girlfriend. Every morning you can show her what’s she in for later that night, but don’t reveal the whole set of activities at once. The suspense will just increase her sex drive which means that you’ll get have a horny girlfriend waiting for you when you come home

Scenario 3: Santa’s Ho

In this scenario, it’s up to you and your girlfriend to make this as realistic as possible. You, of course, should dress up as Santa and she’s your Ho! But, to make sure that your girlfriend goes along with this festive holiday role playing game, you’ve got to get her costume ready for her.

To dress her up as Santa’s Ho, you will need a short red skirt, white thigh-high stockings and a crop top that ties up just under her breasts. Oh, and don’t forget the crotchless panties! When it comes to your costume, all you will need is a Santa hat and a stocking – to hide your erection!

The rest of the scenario is simple – how does Santa find out what you want for Christmas? Well, you’ve got to take a seat on his lap and tell him all about your favorite wishes and fantasies.

Once your girlfriend sits down on your lap, the rest of this scenario is simple. Ask her what she wants for Christmas, and when she acts shy and coy, playfully slap her on the bum. While your hand is there, slowly place your hand under her itty-bitty skirt and suggest that what she needs for Christmas is new underwear since the ones she’s wearing don’t leave much to the imagination! Then tell her that she’ll get whatever she wants for Christmas if she just does you one little favor – she’s got to remove the stocking from your swollen member and then…well, the rest is up to you!

Scenario 4: Family Dinner Stress Relief

Have you got family coming over for a holiday dinner and you and your girlfriend are responsible for making sure the dinner’s a success? That’s a lot of stress, especially if this is the first time you’ve hosted the big event, and maybe your girlfriend doesn’t even know your family that well! Are you wondering how this stressful situation could have anything to do with heating up your sex life? You’ve got to be creative and know that stressful situations are actually terrific for one’s sex drive.

So, just when your girlfriend is running around making sure that the turkey and the stuffing are all in order grab her and drag her to the bedroom. She’ll resist because she’ll be stressed out, but it’s for the best! You won’t have much time to spend in the bedroom before your guests arrive, which is another added bonus.

She’s worried that the turkey is overcooking and that your parents will catch the two of you in bed, so her stress levels will translate into hot sex for both of you! She’ll be in a hurry so she’ll gladly take charge by climbing on top and grinding away. Once she has her first orgasm, there will be no stopping her and then it will be up to you to keep an open out for the turkey!

There are just a few ideas to get you in the holiday spirit, gentlemen! Next time your girlfriend complains that you are acting like Scrooge, just try one of these holiday sex scenarios on her and she’ll change her tune pretty quickly! Just another reason to look forward to the upcoming holiday season…

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