Holiday Time is Great for Dating – Find Out Why!

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Every year when the holiday season rolls around, people without partners tend to feel lonely and depressed because it seems like the rest of the world is happily coupled. Lots of people tend to think that the holiday season is the worst time to meet people too because it’s awkward to have to buy a token gift for a new girlfriend or boyfriend and it can be tough to find time to spend with each other during the busiest family-gathering time of the year. But, there are many benefits to holiday dating as well, and it’s time those were highlighted so that the myth that everyone is already hooked up during the holiday season can be dispelled.

Meeting girls during the Holiday Season

Too often people stop looking for that special someone during the holiday season because it seems like a lost cause and everyone’s pretty busy with shopping and family activities. But, the holiday season can be the best time to pick up women because the season is romantic and there are lots of holiday parties where you can work the room!

Your office party is one such place. Maybe you don’t want to start dating someone in your office, particularly if it is small, but at a large company party, there’s always the chance that you could meet someone that works for the same company that you’ve never even met. If you’ve got your eye on that girl standing by the eggnog, go over and ask her if she’s interested in going out for a hot chocolate and some window-shopping. During the holidays, there are lots of displays to see and it’s a casual way to get to know someone during a very special time of year.

Of course there are lots of other ways to meet girls during the pre-holiday rush. One great way is through casual Christmas parties thrown by friends. There are always some single girls at holiday parties, and like you, they are hoping to meet some interesting single people too! So, don’t turn down holiday party invitations just because you think that the there will only be happily coupled people there feeling sorry for you because you have no significant other to spend the holidays with – chances are, your coupled friends have lots of attractive single friends too, so you may just get lucky!

And, don’t write off shopping as another great way to meet girls. Sounds crazy, since people hate the shopping mall during the busy season, but there are lots of specialty shops, such as bookstores, that provide a cozy atmosphere for shoppers who like to browse while enjoying a cappuccino. Good news is that lots of women love this too, so there are ample opportunities to strike up a conversation with a woman, particularly if you happen to both be browsing in the same section of a store.

Benefits of dating during the holiday season

Now that you’ve hooked up with a girl during the holiday season, it’s time you found out all the benefits of dating someone new during this time of year:

You get to enjoy the fun of the season without the pressures – When you’ve been dating someone for a while, it’s commonplace to invite them to your family’s gatherings and vice versa. However, when you’ve just started dating someone a few weeks before Christmas, you may worry that she’ll want to come to your gathering and that she’ll invite you to hers. The good news is that the short time you’ve been dating each other will dictate that meeting each other’s families probably isn’t appropriate. So, rather than having to think up some hair-brained excuse not to meet her parents, you’re in luck because the conversation will probably not even come up!

You’ve got someone to kiss on New Year’s Eve – Attending New Year’s parties wherever everyone has someone special to snog at midnight isn’t all that fun when you’re the guy left in the corner nursing his beer. Dating someone during the holidays means that you’ve got a date for New Year’s Eve and better yet, someone to slobber all over come midnight!

You’ve got someone to help you pick out gifts – Take your new date shopping because she’ll likely have some great ideas as to what to buy your mother or your sister, even if she’s never met them. Her keen female eye will hone in on great gifts that the other women in your life will really appreciate!

Your friends will stop calling you Scrooge – When you start dating someone you’ve met at a holiday party or while shopping, your attitude toward the season will improve and you’ll suddenly see why so many people that the season is “magical” and you’ll stop cursing those Christmas carols you keep hearing on the radio!

You’ve got someone to keep your warm when it’s cold outside – Another benefit of dating someone during the holiday season is that you don’t have to spend those cold winter nights alone! If it’s cold outside, grab your new date, pick up a movie and a bottle of wine and your night is set. Plus, the cold weather may even encourage her to spend the night so that you can keep each other warm in the bedroom too…

You don’t have to buy lavish gifts – When you’ve just started dating someone, there’s a lot less pressure to buy really expensive and meaningful gifts. So, for the new holiday romance, just spring for a nice scarf or that new CD she was eyeing when you were window shopping. Basically, if you start dating someone just a few weeks before the holidays start, you’ve got the best of both worlds. You get to spend time with a special someone during one of the most romantic seasons of the year and you don’t have to worry about buying her lavish gifts or introducing her to your family!

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