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Picking up women can be difficult at the best of times, but when you are at the beach ogling groups of hot babes, it can be even more difficult! There is a certain code of beach etiquette that you should follow when trying to pick up the ladies, so read on to find out more about picking up women at the beach.

Dressing For The Beach And The Ladies

First, forget the Speedo, period. Women don’t want to be distracted by your dangling moose knuckles, so invest in a fashionable and attractive swimsuit before you head to the beach.

Second, bring the right stuff to the beach. This means that you should have good sun block, sunglasses, a book, a Frisbee or football and something to keep you hydrated. Don’t be the obnoxious guy who brings a radio and then cranks the tunes to everyone else’s annoyance. Sun block is very important because women aren’t going to find you attractive if you are covered in a third-degree sunburn. And, you must have something to keep yourself busy – reading or playing catch – so that you don’t appear as though you are desperately trying to pick up a girl.

Third, make sure that your back isn’t covered in unsightly hair. I don’t care if you wax it off, shave it off or burn it off with a lighter, but women aren’t really into men whose backs have more hair than their heads.

Getting Set Up At The Beach

First, you’ve got to pick the right beach. The last thing you need is to be surrounded by screaming children and young parents, so pick a beach that is known for its hard bodies and single women. When you arrive at the beach, walk around a bit in order to locate the best spot to set up camp for the day. You will want to be around a lot of women so position yourself accordingly. At the same time, you will want to be far enough away from the packs of women to fully evaluate the throngs of bathing beauties.

Beach Etiquette

As I mentioned above, there are several things you shouldn’t do to get a girl’s attention at the beach. First, asking her if she wants you to rub lotion on her back is just silly and it won’t work. Second, turn off any radio you may have brought along to the beach. No one wants to rock out to Queen with you. Third, don’t ogle – instead; you should play hard to get by acting aloof. Watch women while they are not watching you and then when they start to check you out, ignore them. It will pique their interest.

Talking To The Ladies

Unless you are getting definite signals from someone, you probably don’t want to just walk up to a girl on the beach and start talking to her. She might find you too aggressive and annoying to give you the time of day. Instead, bide your time and watch the women to see who might be interested in spending some time with you. And remember, it’s always easier to hit on a girl who is alone at the beach rather than a girl who is surrounded by a protective layer of her closest friends.

Walk Around And Get Active

Here’s what you don’t want to do. You don’t want to lie around all day like a beached whale. This is not attractive. What you do want to do is walk around so that you can check out the ladies to see who is receptive and to make yourself known to the ladies. Get in the water and cool down and then emerge from it like Daniel Craig in the latest Bond flick. If there’s a beach volleyball game happening, walk over and see if extra players are needed. Most of these games are just pick-up games so you don’t have to worry about knowing who the players are. It’s a great way to get the ladies to see you in action and to meet people.

Talking To Women

Like I said earlier, don’t randomly pick a woman and then hit on her, only to move on to the next when the she doesn’t respond to your advances. You must plan your attack carefully. Here are a few different ways to engage women in conversation at the beach:

  • When you are going for a swim, casually ask the woman beside you if she can watch your stuff while you are gone. She will either be happy to help you out or maybe she wants to go for a swim too. In either case, you have something to talk about with her. If she watches your stuff, you can thank her when you get back from the water. If she comes with you, she’s clearly interested.
  • If you notice she’s burning, you may want to offer her the use of your sunscreen. Don’t offer to rub it on her because that’s a bit too cheesy and forward. She may thank you for noticing that her skin was burning which may lead to an extended conversation.
  • Tell her that you are walking over to buy a drink and ask her to watch your stuff while you are gone. Then you can thank her by asking her if she wants a drink too.
  • If she’s receptive and talkative, ask her if she wants to play Frisbee or toss the football around by the edge of the water. This is always a good way to have a fun, casual time with someone you just met at the beach.

Picking up women at the beach is harder than lots of people think but if you follow the tips above, you may be lucky in love at the beach this summer.

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