Hunting The Big O. Five Must-Have Methods Of Pleasure

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Something has changed in your long term lover’s demeanor that you just can’t put your finger on. She seems down, reserved, apathetic, and non-committal. Could it be that she is now bored of you and your silly jokes? Probably not. Could it be that she is bored by your mind-numbing sex skills? Quite possibly so.

It’s difficult to keep your sex life spicy after months, or even years, together. However, there is one thing that will prevent her from becoming completely bored in your bedroom. It’s called the Big O. Believe it or not, flowers and chocolates will not keep her coming back for more. In fact, they will hardly keep her cum-ing at all. The best kept secret about women is that they don’t just want to have orgasms, they need to have them in order to remain enticed by their lovers.

So how do you go about delivering the Big O? If you’ve done it before, you’ll know that there is no one formula that works for all women. Nor do the same tricks work on the same woman from time to time. The female reproductive organs are more complex than a miniature 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. However, you can educate yourself on the best ways to find her Big O over and over again.

There are five methods by which to achieve the female orgasm. One of these methods is likely to work for you in the end, it is only a matter of time (and maybe the effects of some bubbly…). But before you go putting all this advice into practice remember that you must be patient with all your efforts. One sex-pert suggests the following: “Getting her to that place of no return is 95 percent determination and dedication and 5 percent talent.” Some women can achieve orgasms easily, while others take years. Some women report never achieving full orgasm in a lifetime. So read on, study up and practice until… perfect! Neither of you will be bored for a lifetime afterwards.

Achieving the Big O is a learned skill for both men and women. Women must be comfortable and aware of their bodies in order to reach full orgasm. Some report that their first Big O came as a complete shock to them. But after it came once, it was easy to come again – if you get the drift. Unlike men, women are able to achieve multiple orgasms (and all in a row). The Big O is considered to be the mind-blowing culmination of these events, better known as the climax.

The most commonly experienced type of Big O is the clitoral orgasm. Direct stimulation of the clitoris can occur manually, orally, or by way of intercourse. The best way to stimulate this important nerve ending, first of all, is to know its exact location. The clitoris is located above the vaginal opening, towards the top meeting point of the vaginal lips. It is a miniscule location on the female body; however, it is an important one that should not be overlooked.

The clitoris can be aroused by varying degrees of pressure – though most women prefer gentle touching that builds up to become more intense. In order to achieve a clitoral orgasm during intercourse, you need to exert force upon the clitoris by way of a grinding motion. The pressure of your torso upon her clitoris and her pubic bone equals delight!

The most coveted form of orgasm, the G-spot, is more difficult to achieve. The G-spot is located at the top of the inside of her vagina. Most men are intimidated by its renowned yet mysterious location; however, the G-spot is not hard to find – you only need to know what you are looking for. If you imagine deep inside the vagina as a clock with twelve located in the direction of her navel, the G-spot should be located somewhere between 10 and 2 o’clock.

The G-spot, in fact, should be considered a zone of pleasure rather than any one specific point inside of a woman. Don’t be afraid to try different ways of manipulating this area in order to achieve the coveted Big O. Some men report that once they have found the right area, a gentle scratching motion with the fingertip can drive a woman wild! In terms of intercourse, the best positions for achieving a G-Spot orgasm are: with the man from behind; with the woman on top facing towards the man’s feet; and with the man on top with the woman’s legs over his shoulders.

The most obvious type of orgasm, the vaginal orgasm, is the one that women find most difficult to achieve. The vagina needs to be stimulated by a massaging of the interior walls and cervix. In order to do this properly, the man must find the area inside the vagina where he encounters the highest degree of resistance. At the same time, women should be encouraged to train their vaginal muscles using localized contractions. The combination of well trained vagina muscles and a precisely directed penis should result in enormously pleasurable vaginal orgasms.

The remaining types of orgasm are somewhat more obscure than the previous. Don’t laugh now – some call this one the boobgasm. But seriously, intense stimulation of the breasts can result in the Big O. However, this is a rare event that happens more randomly than it does purposefully. Our best advice to you is to engage in an erotic massage of the area (along with others) and then focus in on the nipples. Also, introduce warming lotions, ice cubes or vibrators into the equation. Some women report that they have encountered orgasms while breast-feeding, suggesting that licking and sucking of the nipples may be your safest bet towards achieving boobgasm!

Good luck…

And finally, there is the everywhere orgasm. Does this exist, you ask? The everywhere orgasm is reported slightly more often than the boobgasm – but seems to be every bit, if not more, random. It is brought on by a combination of touching all over the body, along with direct stimulation of any one particular place. Because the Big O is associated with an all-over wave of pleasure, some experts believe that the everywhere orgasm is reported when no one other location can be identified as the source of orgasmic pleasure. So how can you achieve this unidentified, unattainable goal of all-over pleasure? Determination. Also, didn’t I previously mention the inductive effects of champagne? These are not to be discounted in your life-long search for the Big O.


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