Improve Your Bedroom Performance

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Think you’ve read enough articles on how to improve your sex life? Well, there’s always room for more improvement, and you know that guys (and girls alike) would try just about any new technique that they think might improve their sex lives. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on becoming a god in the bedroom.

10 – Shave Your Pubic Hair

Lots of men are embracing their metrosexuality by getting their chests and backs waxed, their eyebrows plucked and their hair dyed. Gone are the days of the days of excessive and unwelcome hair, so why not trim down below as well? There are many advantages to shaving or at least trimming your pubic hair. Think of it as an access issue – she will find it a lot more attractive because going down on you won’t have her coming up with a mouthful of hair!

Another reason that shaving your pubic hair will improve your bedroom performance is that a shaved or well-trimmed pubic area will enhance the look of your penis – or, to make it simple, shaving your pubes will make your cock look bigger, guys! With all that unnecessary hair of the way, all that’s left for her to feast her eyes (and mouth) on is your penis!

9 – Masturbate Before Sex

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? You thought you could stop masturbating now that you have started having actual sex, right? Well, there’s a time and a place for everything! Let’s say you are someone who tends to come too soon, or whose partner can last a lot longer than you, and wants to keep going long after you’re done. One way to prevent yourself from coming too soon is to masturbate before you have sex. I don’t mean you should masturbate immediately before you jump in the sack, but you may want to do it earlier in the day.

8 – Don’t Wait For The Bedroom

Variety is the spice of life, so make sure that variety spices up your sex life! Don’t get stuck in rut, waiting for her to come to bed at night before getting randy. Have sex anywhere in your house and at anytime! She’ll feel wanted when you express your desire to get her in the sack at any opportunity, and that will make her lose her inhibitions and become a wild woman in the bedroom, or the kitchen, or in the bathroom shower…

7 – Make Sure You Smell Good

There are some types of cologne that just make women want to rip off a man’s clothes, and then there’s sweat and body odor that makes a woman want to run for the hills. Make sure that you smell good in the bedroom – it’s very important! If you just got back from work and aren’t feeling as fresh as you can, make sure you take a quick shower and then seduce her while dinner bubbles on the stove.

6 – Get Rid Of Those Socks!

Consider the way you undress when you are her and going to have sex. Are you ripping off her clothes? Is she ripping off yours? Are you undressing yourselves? It’s a good idea to take your socks off before you remove your pants. A naked man wearing only socks isn’t an attractive sight and conjures up images of old men, something that won’t enhance your foreplay at all!

5 – Kissing Before And After Oral Sex

Do you think it is okay to refuse to kiss her after she’s gone down on you? A lot of guys think it’s “gross” to kiss after she’s just given you a blow job. Regardless of whether she swallows or not, it’s important to continue being intimate after sex by cuddling and kissing. After all, maybe she thinks going down on your isn’t the best sexual experience she’s ever had, but does it because she knows you love it. Give her the same courtesy by kissing her whenever she wants to be kissed.

4 – Know Her Speed

By this, I mean that you should get to know how she likes her sex, slow or fast. Of course it shouldn’t be the same thing all of the time, but if you think that all women like it hard and fast like you see in your porn collection, then think again. Sometimes slow and soft is much better, but there’s always a time and place for hard and fast too, but it’s up for you to figure out!

3 – Stay Harder Longer

For some guys, staying hard for more than about 15-20 minutes is difficult, but you need to stay hard for longer than that if you are going to satisfy your partner. A good way to keep yourself hard when the action isn’t focused on your penis, is to keep a hand on it. Ever find yourself going down on her for a while and when you come up for air your penis has softened a little? Grab it and stroke it to stiffen it up before you continue. She might even be turned on by the sight of you stroking yourself!

2 – Be Prepared

When you’ve got a girl over for the night and you’re pretty sure that you’re going to get some action, make sure you are prepared. That means clean sheets and condoms in the bedside drawer. You don’t have to keep a huge box of 60 condoms beside the bed because that will give her the wrong idea – it suggests that you are either having sex with a lot of women or you’ve had the box for ages and never get to use it. Instead, place 2 or 3 in the drawer beside your bed so that they’re within easy reach.

1 – Don’t Share Toys

I’ve heard stories from girlfriends who’ve gone home with a guy, made out with him and then when the time came for sex, he hauled out a dildo or vibrator for some fun. Now, it’s not that vibrators or dildos aren’t lots of fun and it’s likely that she has several at home as well, but no one wants to share toys! If you’ve got a collection of vibrators/dildos, chances are very good that you’ve tested them out on other lovers, and no amount of anti-bacterial soap will make sharing them with another partner okay!

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