Are You Intimidated By Strong, Smart Girls?

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Everyone’s seen the Pink video for her latest hit “Stupid Girls”. In it, she attacks all of the “stupid girls” in Hollywood, poking particular fun at Jessica Simpson, the Olsens, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Are guys more attracted to dumb girls, or girls who pretend to be dumb, rather than smart, strong women? You’ve heard the saying, “Nice guys finish last.” Maybe the same is true for smart girls.

Read on to find out more about how you can date a smart, strong woman instead of a stupid girl.

What’s A Stupid Girl?

Girls often put on heirs of being less intelligent than they really are in order to get attention from boys. This is because girls think that guys don’t like smart girls because they are intimidating. There are a million examples of this: think of Lindsay Lohan’s character in Mean Girls or Kellie Pickler from this season of American Idol. Playing dumb equates to sexiness in many girls’ minds because of the belief that men only like dumb, cute girls.

Stupid girls (usually girls who are pretending to be stupid) act that way in order to make you and your buddies feel smart, funny, and attractive. They laugh at things that aren’t funny; they dress provocatively all the time because they believe that that only (and best way) to get attention from guys is through “body language” rather than conversation or interests or personality.

Why Do Guys Date Dumb Girls?

Before you can really figure out if you are intimidated by strong, smart girls, we need to understand why guys date stupid girls. I did a quick poll of five close male friends and their responses to why guys date stupid girls are as follows:

  • “They listen to what you say, and they believe what you say!”
  • “Since you can’t have an intelligent conversation with them, you are pretty much guaranteed good sex, and lots of it.”
  • “They always think you are really smart and funny. That makes a guy feel good, even if you know they’re not the brightest girls around.”
  • “Dumb girls usually care more about their physical appearance than anything else. That translates into hot, sexy bodies, which is one thing any guy wants!”
  • “They don’t always want to talk and analyze everything to death. Instead, they are more interested in having a good time.”

Are You Intimidated By Strong, Smart Women?

While not all men are intimidated by strong, smart women, there are many men who are. If you’ve been stuck in short-term dead-end relationships with dumb girls and wonder why you have such bad relationship luck, you may want to reconsider the type of girls you are dating to determine if you’ve been setting yourself up for failure.

I asked the same group of guys what they thought about smart women and whether they would feel intimidated dating a “smart girl”. Here are their responses:

  • “I don’t have a problem dating smart girls, but I don’t know any. Where do they hang out? What are they doing on Saturday nights? I haven’t met any at the bar!”
  • “Smart girls are confident which can be a huge turn on. But I just think that smart, confident women don’t need me in their lives.”
  • “I would date a smart girl, but I’m not specifically looking for a smart girl. I just like girls.”
  • “I’ll admit it – I don’t really like dating girls who are out to prove how smart they are. I don’t want to talk about everything – I just want to have a good time.”
  • “There’s nothing I’d like more than to date a smart, sexy girl who looks great in a business suit and who wouldn’t mind having me around as a house-husband. I’ll take a sugar-mama any day!”

Chances are good that some of those comments will ring true for you or your buddies too. This is why there’s a mythology, true or false, about men preferring to date “dumb blondes” over women with brains. It’s a mistake to think that brains and beauty are opposites, and this mistaken idea is what causes many men to think that smart girls are ugly, boring, and uninterested in sex, while dumb girls only want to get drunk and get laid.

Meeting Smart Women

One complaint made by one of the guys polled (above) was that they don’t know where to meet smart women. The idea that smart women exist in a world of their own and only hang out together and in one mysterious location is ludicrous. Smart women are everywhere – you’ve probably just been too busy ogling their breasts to talk to them to discover how intelligent and interesting they really are.

But that said, there are some lifestyle habits that smart women may have that differ from those of “stupid girls.” For example, bookstores often hold interesting talks by authors and researchers. Grab a latte and a seat and check to see if there’s anyone who catches your eye. On the other hand, don’t assume that the hot chick who likes to go dancing with her girlfriends at a local club is stupid. Being smart and having fun don’t have to be opposites!

But most importantly, if you are trying to meet smart women, you have to remember that they are trying to meet smart men. If your sole interest is in getting laid and having a good time with the librarian who lets her hair down at night, ask yourself what she would see in you. If you are looking for the full package, she is too!

The most important piece of advice that anyone can offer to a man seeking a smart woman is to get to know her. Look for personality, intelligence, a sense of humor and not just physical appearance when you are on your next date.

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