Join the Mile High Club: How to Have Sex in an Airplane

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Let’s face it: everyone who has ever flown on a plane has wondered how they would go about having sex in it. We’ve all fantasized about the various positions that a regular airplane would make possible (or impossible) with only the cramped bathroom is available as a discreet location for airline intimacy. But, to make it fun, let’s see if we can suggest some creative positions, even if the tiny bathroom stall is all you have available to you.

What is the Mile High Club?

If you thrive on having sex in public places, then you probably already know what the Mile High Club is all about, and what you have to do in order to be considered a member. But for those of you who may just be embarking on your journey into interesting and exciting sex, here’s the lowdown on the Mile High Club.

In order to be considered a member of the Mile High Club, you must have sex (with another person) in an airplane—specifically at an altitude of one mile above the earth (or higher). You’ve seen the movies of characters engaged in sexual shenanigans in a small airplane bathroom, but if you aren’t shooting a scene for a film, getting laid in a plane might be a little harder than you think. Try sneaking from coach, with your partner, to the bathroom. Not only will everyone on the plane see the two of you heading to the bathroom together, but the flight attendant might as well, and will likely stop you from entering the bathroom together.

But, don’t fret! There are still ways that you can join the Mile High Club without offending other passengers and airline employees. Because of the demand for sex in high places, a few different airlines, including Virgin Airlines, have established flights for those people who want to pay the money to go up and have sex. These airlines don’t make you have sex in the tiny cubicle bathroom either; they’ve got custom-made luxury rooms with beds and bathrooms of their own.

Backdoor in the bathroom

If you can manage to sneak to an unused bathroom with your partner, you are already ahead of the game. Since airplane bathrooms are so small and there is really no reason, other than sex, for people to enter the bathroom in pairs, other airline passengers and employees can become rather suspicious. Think about it: you wouldn’t want to use the bathroom after someone just had sex in it, and neither would they.

But, that aside, here is a good position for the airplane bathroom. Your girlfriend (or the woman you convinced to have sex with you on the airplane) should ideally be wearing a skirt for ease of access. Have her lean forward over the toilet with her arms against the back wall of the bathroom. Your job is to enter her from behind, which you may have already figured out. This position is for hot and quick sex, which is perfect for anyone wanting to join the Mile High Club. Plus, you can tease her nipples and clitoris, which will make her very happy. You aren’t going to have a lot of time in the bathroom, so make sure that you are fast…or there may be a line of people waiting to use it.

Seat sex

Having sex in your seat is obviously a lot trickier, since there are often people in very close vicinity. So, having said that, it’s pretty clear that this position works best when you are aboard a plane that isn’t full to capacity. Find a row of 2 or 3 seats that are unoccupied and away from other passengers. Again, if your partner happens to be wearing a skirt, that’s good. If not, use a complimentary airplane blanket to cover up. With you sitting, she should straddle your legs and mount you, with her back towards you. This allows you to grip her hips to control speed and depth of movement, and she can use her legs to control this as well. Plus, she can use her fingers to touch her clitoris. And, if the attendant starts walking towards you, she can simply hop off your lap into her own seat beside you.

Oral sex

While simply engaging in oral sex may not make you a member of the Mile High Club technically speaking, it’s still going to be fun, so why not try it? And lucky for you men, oral sex in public places is quite easily performed on men, due to the nature of their very accessible “tools.” An erect penis is quite easily manipulated and oral sex can be performed without the need for anyone to get undressed or draw unwanted attention to themselves.

An airline blanket might be useful in this situation too. Your girlfriend can rest her head on your lap as though she is taking a nap (obviously you won’t want there to be people right beside you for this maneuver either). Using the blanket to cover up, if need be, your partner can proceed to give you the world’s fastest blow job…because you may not have much time.

Or just live vicariously…

Perhaps you would rather live vicariously through other people’s adventures. If so, then you may enjoy reading about more Mile High Club adventures on a website devoted to the topic, From questions to stories to booking your flight, this site has everything you ever wanted to know about having sex in an airplane. And, if you are already a member of the Mile High Club, feel free to share your story on their site too. A few hardcore clubbers on this site have even taken having sex in the sky to an extreme, by doing while skydiving.

There you have it! Book yourself and your partner on a cheap flight and try making these sexual positions work for you. But first find a partner who is willing to do this with you, or you will simply be stuck masturbating in an airplane bathroom, rather than having sex in one. Talk about flying solo!

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