Love At First Sight – Chemistry Or Soul Mates?

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love at first sight

Love at first sight is known as an emotional condition whereby a person feels romantic attraction for a stranger on the first encounter with the stranger. The term may be used to refer to a mere sexual attraction or crush, but it usually refer to falling in love with someone literally the first time one sees her or him, along with the deep desire to have intimate relationship with that person.

The stranger may or not may be aware that the other person has such notion, and may not even be aware of the person’s presence. But there are times when two people experience this phenomenon towards each other at the same time, usually when their eyes meet.

Classical authors explained the phenomenon of “love at first sight” through an elaborate metaphoric psychological schema. The image of the beautiful loved object, in particular the sight of his or her eyes, was said to be like arrows; if these arrows were to arrive at the lover’s eyes, they would then travel to and ‘pierce’ and ‘wound’ his or her heart and overwhelm him/her with desire.

If the love object was cruel or interested, this would lead the lover into a state of depression, causing lamentation and illness.

The sources of “arrows” were sometimes translated through the mythological image of Cupid.

Does “love at first sight” really exist?

There are some scientific dates that prove that it exists. A study, which was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships showed that the first few minutes of meeting someone has a huge influence on the course the relationship will ultimately take.

The author of the study said that it doesn’t take minutes to fall it love, that this happens within minutes and that romantic relationships begin with people making judgement very quickly.

There are a lot of people who claimed that it happened to them, and it was like raising your head, meeting those eyes and tells yourself “It’s He/ She!” Psychologists say that love at first sight depends on our psychological state at the moment.

In some cases, we won’t even notice those charming eyes, and in another they can make a lasting impression on us. They also say that it only takes 30 seconds to fall in love, or precisely speaking, to estimate whether the person is worth falling in love with. Psychologists also claim the fact that men fall in love first.

Very many factors act in the situation of falling in love from the first sight. These are our ideals, intuition or “fast logic”, imagination etc. When you fall in love at the first sight you are usually ready and willing to fall in love.

Less possibility that it will happen if you are tired, stressed, solving problems in you mind. Of cause the main part in falling in love is given to the appearance, voice, gestures, smell.

One person intuitively searches in the other the qualities and the feature to complete him/her. Of causes beautiful people attract attention the most, but sometimes it’s wrong to fall in love with them easily because those people are experiencing much attention from the people of the other sex all the time and your delightful reaction may simply have no answers.

But if you suddenly fall in love with quiet unknown person and see that it’s mutual that may mean even that mother-nature has chosen a partner that genetically suits you a lot. In this case it is like “aha, match!” when someone happens to fill up all the necessary categories like “tall, blond, blue-eyed, looks good, has a style and nice manners, likes me”.

Still the cases when people really had fallen in love from the first sight and lived long and happily after are quite often. You may dream of a beautiful stranger that waits for you just around the corner but it’s wrong to name every slight sympathy and interest to a person the love at first sight.

Maybe you’re just a little tired of everything that surrounds you or trying to fill the emptiness inside, yet it doesn’t mean everyone who looks nice will do. Sometimes it takes patience and time to find out the true nature of your feelings, mind that wonders do happen but not as often as we would like them too.

If you suddenly have felt the wings behind you back still try to keep your feet on the ground because if it’s really love at first sight nothing will happen to it but if you’re taking illusions for reality falling back on the ground can be really hurtful.

Some theories say that we fall in love not from the first sight but from the first smell. Scientist claim that we pay much attention to what our eyes and ears tell us but on the subconscious level the way the person smells play a very big part in his or her expression on us although we don’t recognize it.

Is love at first sight pure chemistry or do people really meet their soul mates?

Chemistry in terms of relationships is that spark between two people that attracts them to each other for reasons they won’t probably understand themselves, as the spark that triggers the flames of romantic love. But what is this chemistry? What causes it? And what is its impact on a relationship?

Certainly, romance novels are very, very big on the idea of chemistry. Romance heroes and heroines typically fall for each other with a POW! They may realize they’ve fallen, or admit it to themselves – it may even manifest itself in conflict initially – but it’s definitely there.

Chemistry is an unpredictable mystery that is created between two people. Hundreds of perfectly good looking, quite acceptably nice men can move through a woman’s life. Only a few trigger that sense of connection, that romantic spark.

Why is that? What exactly IS it? Pheromones? Personality mesh? Some kind of supernatural meeting of souls? And could any dating service, no matter the sophistication of their screening service, ever successfully predict which two people will feel it with each other?

I do believe that chemistry exists and I do believe it’s important to a successful romantic relationship. It’s the thing that separates a romance from a friendship. I don’t believe that chemistry alone is (romance novels notwithstanding!) a guarantee of a successfully long term relationship. But I wonder how often that compelling gut instinct is correct.

On the other hand, what is a soul mate? Most of us will say that a soul mate is a life partner, someone we are in love with, or someone with whom we are connected spiritually and sexually.

The dictionary definition of soul mate is “One of two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity” and “someone for whom you have a deep affinity.” This broader definition opens up the possibility of applying the soul mate principle to a variety of people in your life.

According to Greek mythology, our ancestors originally had two heads and four arms until they angered the gods and were split in two, condemning humans to a lifelong search for their soul mates. Maybe that’s why so many of us are looking for someone to make us feel complete.

Does destiny play a role in finding soul mates? Perhaps. Some people believe that everything in life happens for a reason, that things are pre-ordained and that there is no such thing as coincidence.

Others believe that we are all reincarnated and that our strongest spiritual connections are with people we’ve known in previous lives. It’s often said that opposites attract, but true soul mates seem to think alike, share the same interests and have common values.

You must consider yourself lucky if you find several people throughout your life that make you feel complete and, if one day you realize that you have actually found the ideal soul mate, congratulations.

So, even if it is chemistry or soul mates, love at first sight is a wonderful feeling. Try to believe in it and it might happen to you too.

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