Maintaining Your Mojo For Years To Come

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Wondering if you’re going to hit your midlife crisis and lose your sexual mojo? If you hit your sexual peak at 18, is it all downhill from there? Do not despair. Although your sexual energy will go through many changes during your lifetime, you will never lose it. However, in order to successfully navigate the changes in your age and sexuality, there are several important factors to consider.

First of all, you must determine your own level of sexual maturity. Ask yourself this – on a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate you current sexuality? In other words, do you think that you are performing and experiencing sex at its highest level? Or is there still some room for improvement?

Your sexual maturity is a very personal matter, no matter what your age. Various factors contribute to your state of maturity, including the age you lost your virginity, and the extent of your sexual experience. If you’ve been doing it regularly (a couple of times a week, or day if you’re lucky), and you have been doing it for years, you are likely quite confident with your sexual mojo.

However, depending on your experience with quality vs. quantity, your level of sexual maturity might be less that someone who has fostered long-term or ongoing sexual relations with women. For most men, sexual maturity or growth develops with regular sexual partners – this is where the “practice makes perfect” approach comes into play. With the right partner your comfort level increases, and you might find that your mojo rating skyrockets from a mediocre “7” to a toe-curling “10”!

Many men report that sexual relations with more sexually experienced women also improve their level of maturity and confidence. Regular partners and partners with more experience generally result in more creativity and confidence in the bedroom. However, your level of sexual maturity also requires that you take your own age into consideration. Most people believe that men reach their sexual peak at the age of 18.

This is not entirely true. Men might reach the peak of their sexual energy at 18, but most have not reached their peak of performance until around the age of 30, or even later. Levels of maturity and performance vary, however, and range with age and experience. An early starter might peak at 25, while a late bloomer might peak 10 years later than that.

When it comes to how women feel about age and male sexuality, the truth is that men have little to worry about. Many women can sense male mojo – so if you got it, flaunt it, no matter what your age. A man who is confident with his sexuality is a chick magnet!

Sexual confidence is not reserved for the young and buff. Into their senior years, men can enjoy a healthy sex life. According to Harvard Men’s Health Watch, men who practice a healthy lifestyle protect themselves from a decline in sexual performance. Furthermore, reports indicate that men retain a high level of testosterone as they age: levels remain in the normal range in approximately 75% of males aged 55 and up.

So if sexual interest, maturity, and testosterone are not performance issues, only one question remains – the mechanics of your mojo. This problem, however, is now easily overcome thanks to the most recent developments in the pharmaceutical industry. Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Lavitra allow the most inexperienced and immature lovers to reach a whole new modicum of mojo.

These drugs must be prescribed by a doctor, but are generally quite accessible to those that desire them. Viagra has become widely advertised as the purple pill that fulfills every housewives’ fantasy, and the reality is that it has changed the sexual satisfaction of thousands, if not, millions of men and women.

Levitra and Cialis are newer drugs that have been developed to improve sexual performance, and require smaller dosages than that of Viagra, and a faster reaction time. Basically, Viagra, LeVitra and Cialis work by relaxing smooth muscle cells and widening blood vessels. They do not automatically produce an erection, but they make it possible to achieve and maintain sexual arousal. However, these drugs may cause several side effects. Always consult your doctor prior taking these kind of drugs.

Regardless of your chose of substances, you should be warned that most of them come attached with a label that suggests erectile or sexual “dysfunction”. Don’t be scared off by this label, a range of men use or require these drugs for a variety of reasons. Besides, if the end result is pleasure and lots of it, than who really cares what they call it! You will find that most women encourage the use of performance-enhancing drugs, knowing that it will benefit both partners’ sexual experience in the end.

If you feel that your mojo is waning as you age, and you prefer not to turn to performance-improving substances, there are some lifestyle changes that may help to improve your sexuality. Most doctors agree that both drinking and smoking diminish sexual capacity in both men and women.

Maintaining an active lifestyle that includes exercise and a healthy diet can also preserve your sexual vigour and energy as you age. If you feel that the matter of your mojo is not a personal or physical issue, it may have more to do with your choice in partners. As you age and your sexual maturity develops, you will likely develop an interest in different types of women. For example, you may become more attuned to the confidence that women exhibit as they age and take an interest in women that you never previously interested you.

Alternately, you might decide to cultivate your mojo by expanding your sexual horizons. For example, read books about sex and sexuality, and try new things in the bedroom, whether or not you have a partner with you. Regardless of your age, it is never to late to take up new interests – try a sex toy you never have before, a new position, or a different venue. Maintaining your mojo requires that you be creative and actively pursue a regular rating of “10” in the bedroom, no matter what age you may be.

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